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Kinetic study of adsorption of some biocompounds at the oil/water interface 2005
Fine-grained MgCu ferrite with ionic substitutions used as humidity sensor 2005
Temperature effect on the MI ratio of Co68.15Fe4.35Si12.5B15 amorphous wires 2005
Magnetic properties of amorphous wires with different diameters 2005
Magnetic properties of bulk nanocomposite permanent magnets based on NdDyFeB alloys with additions 2005
Magnetic properties of new glassy Fe-Au(Cu)-B alloys 2005
Magnetic and structural behaviour of xEu(2)O(3)(1-x) (3Bi(2)O(3) PbO) glasses 2005
Soft ferrite materials for magnetic temperature transducers and applications 2005
Soft magnetic composite based on mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline Ni3Fe phase 2005
Magnetic and structural properties of the Supermalloy powders produced by mechanical alloying and annealing 2005
Magnetic properties of iron/graphite core-shell nanoparticles prepared by annealing of Fe-G-N-based nanocomposite 2005
New Preisach model for structured particulate ferromagnetic media 2005
Exchange interactions in R2M17 (M = Fe, Co, Ni) heavy rare-earth compounds 2005
Surface magnetic anisotropy in nearly zero magnetostrictive CAW and GCAW by FMR measurements 2005
Magnetic and structural behaviour of the sol-gel-derived iron aluminosilicate glass-ceramics 2005
Magnetic and electronic properties of NdNi5-xCux compounds 2005
The effective anisotropy constant of particles within magnetic fluids as measured by magnetic resonance 2005
The influence of the Neel rotation on the magnetic induced dichroism in magnetic fluids 2005
The light-induced structuralization in magnetic fluids with negative Soret constant 2005
Microorganisms growth with magnetic fluids 2005
Ferrofluid effect on Pseudomonas pyoverdine 2005
LHC II system sensitivity to magnetic fluids 2005
Chromosomal aberrations in plants under magnetic fluid influence 2005
Ferrofluid and cellulolytic fungi 2005
Concentrated magnetic fluids on water and short chain length organic carriers 2005
Microwave absorption of composite magnetic fluids 2005
Physical investigations of a ferrofluid based on hydrocarbons 2005
Morphology and phase modification of HVOF-sprayed MCrAlY-coatings remelted by electron beam irradiation 2005
Polyelectrolytes derived from electron beam-induced polymerization 2005
SO2 and NOx removal by electron beam and electrical discharge induced non-thermal plasmas 2005
Application of accelerated electron beam and microwave irradiation to biological waste treatment 2005
Piezoresponse force microscopy for imaging of GaN surfaces 2005
Structure and in vitro antibacterial activity of BuSnCl3-n[(OPPh2)(SPPh2)N](n) (n=1, 2) 2005
Inner-eddy-current transducer with rotating magnetic field, experimental results: Application to nondestructive examination of pressure tubes in PHWR nuclear power plants 2005
Determination of hydrogen peroxide and ampicillin using a flow injection analysis method with chemiluminescence detection 2005
The lyoluminescence of some irradiated alkalyne halides with ionizing radiations 2005
The enthalpy of formation of 2-keto-glutaric acid 2005
The synthesis and characterization of some heteroleptic complex combinations of Co(II) and Ni(II) with phenylhydrazine and acetate anions 2005
The gravimetric and spectrophotometric assay of ofloxacin using ammonium reineckate 2005
The synthesis and the analysis of ionic association complexes of atenolol 2005
New alkylated diquinoxaline-piperazine dicarboxylic acids obtained by synthesis 2005
The correlation between the dyeing remission and the colorants concentration in the case of the tinctorial system wool - Acid colorants 2005
The modelling and the simulation of pantolactone extraction using ChemCAD software 2005
The modelling of some polymeric compounds: from synthesis to mechanical properties and finite elements calculation 2005
Studies in laser field of some irradiated fatty acids in liquid crystal state 2005
The study of inter-conversion of some olefins on sulfur catalysts and mixed supported oxides 2005
The analysis of the relations between the migration speed of liquid oil pollutants, soil properties and pollutants composition 2005
The study of some polyphenols of Rhododendron kotschyi 2005
The analysis of the time series associated to SEM microfractographies of Zircaloy-4 2005
Competitive equilibria in the cryptate series of Ag+, Pb2+, Ba2+, Sr2+, Ca2+, Li+ cations with hexaoxa-diazabicyclohexacosane (Kryptofix 2.2.2) 2005

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