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Atomistic simulations of cantilevered single-walled carbon nanotubes as nanomechanical resonators 2011
Carbon monoliths for CO2 adsorption 2011
Casein - nanosized nucleator for in vitro mineralization 2011
Catalyst FeNi supported on nanometric mezoporous oxide for PEMFC applications 2011
Chirped pulse amplification beam correction using computer generated holograms 2011
Compression behaviour of nanostructured NANOPERM alloy at 500 degrees C 2011
D-5(0) luminescence in europium-doped langanite 2011
Effects of the thermal treatment on the luminescence of YVO4:Er3+ nanocrystals 2011
Electrical properties of new organo-inorganic layered perovskites 2011
Estimation of ambient dose equivalent from environmental radiation using a (LiF)-Li-7:Mg,Cu,P thermoluminescence dosemeter 2011
Experimental approach concerning the selective catalytic reduction of NOx for diesel engines of Romanian railway transport 2011
Experimental comparative results of main pollutants monitoring for a spark ignition cogeneration engine fuelled with LPG and petrol 2011
Fabrication of high reflectivity chirped fiber Bragg gratings and its sensing applications 2011
High frequency EEG signals 2011
Insulation properties of degrading LDPE modified with metallic oxides 2011
Microstructural studies of platinum nanoparticles dispersed in Nafion membrane 2011
New Gd(III) complexes based on Succinimide, N- hydroxysuccinimide and N- hydroxyphtalimide with possible applications in optoelectronics and medical imaging 2011
Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 spinel nanoparticles obtained by complexation method using dimethylaminoethanol 2011
Optimum stacking in a multi-ply laminate used for the skin of adaptive wings 2011
Passive nonspecific labeling of cyanobacteria in natural samples using quantum dots 2011
Photoacoustic assessment of oxidative stress in dialysis and radiotherapy by LPAS system 2011
Pt supported on nanosized oxides for electrocatalyst used in polymer electrolyte fuel cells 2011
Pure, smooth and dense W films obtained by an anodic arc plasma 2011
Pyrometer calibration, sample mounting, and sample processing for Silicon (111)-7x7 reconstruction 2011
Structural and magnetic behaviour of DC sputtered Alnico type thin films 2011
Structural investigation of the graphite oxide and thermal reduced graphite oxide with terahertz spectroscopy 2011
Study of flame development in 12% methane-air mixture ignited by laser 2011
Sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) - activated polypyrrole composite membranes for fuel cells 2011
Synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy of nematic liquid crystals in polymeric micro cavities 2011
Synthesis and characterization of magnetite - titanium dioxide-4-Benzene-azo-alpha-naphthylamine and methylene blue composites 2011
Synthesis of superhydrophobic montmorillonite by edge covalent bonding with monofunctional alkoxysilane 2011
Temperature dependence of magnetization of a nanosize Heisenberg ferromagnet 2011
Upconversion luminescence of Er, Yb - doped nanolanganite powders synthesized by a citrate sol-gel method 2011
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) studies of initial stages of copper deposition from bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonato)copper(II) (Cu(hfac)(2)) on Si(111)-7x7 at room temperature. Part C 2011
Improving the Properties of CdS Nanoparticles by Adding Polymers 2011
Kinetic Determination of Drug Particles Concentration via Enzyme-Catalyzed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide 2011
Robustness based structural design: an integrated approach for multi-hazard risk mitigation 2011
Design and optimization of some collagen-minocycline based hydrogels potentially applicable for the treatment of cutaneous wound infections 2011
Magnon gas and deviation from the Bloch law in a nanoscale Heisenberg ferromagnet 2011
Polaronic transport in TiO2 thin films with increasing Nb content 2011
Deriving currents on the one-dimensional lattice in the regime of dynamic localization 2011
Electronic and optical properties of ZnCr2Se4 as explored by first principles and crystal field calculations 2011
Silver doped As2S3 chalcogenide films: A diffusion study 2011
Optical investigation of medicine solutions in micro-droplets form at interaction with laser radiation 2011
Curcumin and a Morus alba Extract Reduce Pro-Inflammatory Effects of Resistin in Human Endothelial Cells 2011
DBD Surface Modification of Polymers in Relation to the Spatial Distribution of Reactive Oxygen Species 2011
Surface modified cellulose obtained by acetylation without solvents of bleached and unbleached kraft pulps 2011
Metastable states at low temperature in spin crossover compounds in the framework of the atom-phonon coupling model 2011
Some new Cu(II) complexes containing an ON donor Schiff base: Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity 2011

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