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Mechanical properties of short fiber reinforced thermoplastic blends 2005
Insecticide identification using a flow injection analysis system with biosensors based on various cholinesterases 2005
Accelerated electron effects on EVA based compound 2005
Synthesis and characterization of ET(P)S-4 and ET(P)S-10 2005
Optical spectra of quantum dots: A non-adiabatic approach 2005
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition of the cytosolic and tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isozymes I, II, and IX with a series of 1,3,4-thiadiazole- and 1,2,4-triazole-thiols 2005
Electrocatalytic oxidation of NADH at carbon paste electrodes modified with Meldola Blue adsorbed on zirconium phosphate: effect of Ca2+ and polyethyleneimine 2005
Characterization of cobalt- and copper hexacyanoferrate-modified carbon film electrodes for redox-mediated biosensors 2005
Optimization of front surface texturing processes for high-efficiency silicon solar cells 2005
Complex compounds of nickel(II) with bidentate heterocyclic ligands using both S and N as donor atoms 2005
Thermal stability of food additives of glutamate and benzoate type 2005
Thermal behavior, spectroscopic and biological characterization of Co(II), Zn(II), Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes with N,N-dimethylbiguanide 2005
Synthesis of linear bis-thiazolo[2,3-d][8,9-d]trans-quinacridone 2005
1-Octene metathesis on silica supported Zr-doped NiMoO4 catalysts 2005
Electrostatically and electrosterically stabilized latices of acrylic copolymers used as pressure-sensitive adhesives 2005
Study of the corrosion inhibition of carbon-steel in dilute ammoniacal media using N-ciclohexil-benzothiazole-sulphenamida 2005
LPCVD-silicon oxynitride films: interface properties 2005
Polyelectrolyte capsules made of two biocompatible natural polymers 2005
The influence of the post-deposition treatment on some physical properties of Sb2S3 thin films 2005
Amorphous magnetic microspheres for biomedical applications 2005
Structural and magnetic properties of CaO-P2O5-SiO2-Fe2O3 glass-ceramics for hyperthermia 2005
Antitumor effect of magnetite nanoparticles in cat mammary adenocarcinoma 2005
Proton NMR relaxivity of blood samples in the presence of iron, gadolinium and dysprosium compounds 2005
An immunomagnetic separator for concentration of pathogenic micro-organisms from large volume samples 2005
Magnetic GMI sensor for detection of biomolecules 2005
Chemical polymerization of aniline in phenylphosphinic acid 2005
Stabilization of Ti-molecular sieve catalysts used in selective sulfoxidation reactions by ionic liquids 2005
Pharmacokinetics and comparative bioavailability of two vinpocetine tablet formulations in healthy volunteers by using the metabolite apovincaminic acid as pharmacokinetic parameter 2005
Solid-state NMR characterization of cross-linking in EPDM/PP blends from H-1-C-13 polarization transfer dynamics 2005
Major, trace, and natural radioactive elements in bituminous coal from Australia, Romania, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine: A comparative study 2005
Spectroscopic investigation of several uranium(IV) polyoxometalate complexes 2005
The thermal behavior in non-isothermal conditions of some aromatic copolyethers with a tetramethylenic spacer 2005
Human osteoblast response to pulsed laser deposited calcium phosphate coatings 2005
Chelate polymers. IV. Siloxanes functionalized with chelating groups derived from hydroxy-ketones, their metal complexes and some polymers 2005
Diarylamines and phenylen diamines as thermal stabilizers for polyethylene 2005
Crystal structure of dimethylthallium(III) complexes with methyl and ethyl esters of 6-mercaptonicotinic acid: Supramolecular arrangements through Tl...S interactions 2005
Potentiometric speciation of iron(II) and iron(III) in fertilizers by titration with cobalt(II) chloride 2005
Chemometric calibration based on the wavelet transform for the quantitative resolution of two-colorant mixtures 2005
Studies about the electrochemical oxidation of triphenylphosphine in the presence of AgNO3 2005
Marangoni flow and convective diffusion on a free drop 2005
Characterization and catalytic properties of glucose isomerase from Streptomyces griseus strain MIUG 4.46 2005
Specificity in biochemical interactions and reliability of biological systems 2 2005
Considerations on the stereochemistry of alkylidenecyclohexanes and their heterocyclic analogs 2005
Synthesis and properties of bis-dinitrophenyl derivatives of 1,7,10,16-tetraoxa-4,13-diazacyclooctadecane - (Kryptofix 22) 2005
Synthesis and properties of dinitrobenzamido-TEMPO derivatives 2005
Complexes of tin(IV) and zirconium(IV) with Schiff bases derived from isatin and diamines 2005
Regression model of alpha-methylstyrene anionic solution polymerization with n-butyllithium based initiator 2005
One-pot synthesis of new imidazo[1,2-a] pyridine and imidazo[1,2-a]pyrimidine derivatives 2005
Dimethyl sulphide photo-oxidation at various NO2 concentrations. 1 Product study and mechanistic investigation 2005
Atomic force microscopy studies of Langmuir-Blodgett films. 2 Phase behavior of stearic acid monolayers 2005

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