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Selective oxidation of a pyrimidine thioether using supported tantalum catalysts 2005
Temperature distribution in dc Joule-heated amorphous ribbons 2005
Synthesis and characterization of TiN, TiAIN and TiN/TiAIN biocompatible coatings 2005
Properties of arc plasma deposited TiCN/ZrCN superlattice coatings 2005
Properties of DLC thin films produced by RF PE-CVD from pyrrole monomer 2005
Nanostructured carbon growth by expanding RF plasma assisted CVD on Ni-coated silicon substrate 2005
Formation of nanostructured Re-Cr-Ni diffusion barrier coatings on Nb superalloys by TVA method 2005
Modification of polyester track membranes by plasma treatments 2005
Effect of the oxygen plasma treatment parameters on the carbon nanotubes surface properties 2005
In situ investigation of the internal stress within the nc-Ti2N/nc-TiN nanocomposite coatings produced by a combined magnetron sputtering and ion implantation method 2005
Fe-Cu granular thin films with giant magnetoresistance by thermionic vacuum arc method: Preparation and structural characterization 2005
NMR relaxation study of molecular dynamics in columnar and smectic phases of a PAMAM liquid-crystalline co-dendrimer 2005
Activity and selectivity control in reductive amination of butyraldehyde over noble metal catalysts 2005
Su-8 micro-mosensor based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer 2005
Optical and electronic properties of the aluminophosphate glasses doped with 3d-transition metal ions 2005
Computer-Aided Drug Design for Typical and Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs: A Review of Application of QSAR and Combinatorial Chemistry Methods - Tools for New Antipsychotics Design 2005
PAN composite membrane with different solvent affinities controlled by surface modification methods 2005
Thermal and thermo-oxidative behaviour of butadiene-styrene copolymers with different architectures 2005
Kinetics of plasma-assisted boriding 2005
Strain mapping around dislocations in diamond and cBN 2005
Electrochemical, chemical and enzymatic oxidations of phenothiazines 2005
New precursor for the post-synthesis preparation of Fe-ZSM-5 zeolites with low iron content 2005
The hepatoprotective action of ten herbal extracts in CCI4 intoxicated liver 2005
Optical properties of poly(vinyl-g-dimethylsiloxane) copolymers 2005
From self-assembly of platinum nanoparticles to nanostructured materials 2005
The mathematical modelling of the electrodialysis process of ammonium sulfate solutions 2005
The influence of the biological active molecules on the in vitro corrosion of the 316L stainless steel 2005
Study of fluorinated poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-amide)s 2005
Thermoelectronic emission of tungsten carbide activated tungsten filament 2005
First row metal directed Schiff condensation 2005
Studies on N-(2-thienylmethylidene)-2-aminothiophenol complexes of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) 2005
Electroanalytical applications of some mixed complex combinations with Schiff base 2005
Modelling of cold extrusion with experimental verification 2005
Determination of atomic nitrogen concentrations using titration with molecular oxygen 2005
Experimental and DFT study of pyrazinamide 2005
Structure elucidation and DFT-study on substrate-selective formation of chalcones containing ferrocene and phenothiazine units. Study on ferrocenes, Part 17 2005
On the crystallization mechanism of ETS-10 titanosilicate synthesized in gels containing TAABr 2005
Growth of concentrated GaInSb alloys with improved chemical, homogeneity at low and variable pulling rates 2005
Modelling the effects of the pressure changes in the case of the growth of a thin sheet in an edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) System 2005
Aldol condensation of aldehydes over semicrystalline zeolitic-mesoporous UL-ZSM-5 2005
Field effects and surface states in second harmonic generation at n-GaAs(h k l) electrodes 2005
Chemical synthesis of cholesteryl beta-D-galactofurano side and -pyranoside 2005
Saving energy by "unorthodox" placement of heat pumps - II. Supplementary criteria for heat pumps placement 2005
Studies on the electronic transport properties of some new chelate compounds containing siloxane 2005
Six-membered ring spiranes: Carbocycles and heterocycles with oxygen 2005
Catalytic activity of a dihydrogen-bonded complex 2005
Electrical and optical properties of polycrystalline CdO thin films 2005
On the electrical and optical characteristics of CdO thin films 2005
New di-heterocyclic benzofurane and benzimidazole derivatives 2005
Synthesis of polyurethane cationomers with anil groups: intramolecular proton transfer in salicylideneanil structures 2005

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