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Compounds formation in the MeO-Al2O3 (Me (2+)= Mg2+, Ca2+) systems by unconventional methods 2005
Alcali-aggregate reactions in mortars with andesitic and dolomitic aggregates 2005
Biocompatible thin films obtained by laser ablation (PLD) 2005
Electrocrystallization and texture of Mo in NaCl-KCl-NaF molten electrolyte containing K2MoO4 2005
On the photolysis of Dichlorvos 2005
Sediment sample preparation for the determination of Pu and Am isotopes 2005
Density functional study of 8-and 11-vertex polyhedral borane structures: Comparison with bare germanium clusters 2005
The influence of manganese cations on the structure of lead high bismuthate glasses and glass ceramics 2005
Raman and surface-enhanced Raman study of thiamine at different pH values 2005
Plasma-assisted catalysis for volatile organic compounds abatement 2005
Incorporation of carotenoid esters into liposomes 2005
Interpolymer complex between hydroxypropyl cellulose and maleic acid-styrene copolymer: Phase behavior of semi-dilute solutions 2005
Preparation and characterisation of thermoresponsive poly [(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylamide-co(hydroxyethyl acrylate)] microspheres as a matrix for the pulsed release of drugs 2005
Interaction of chitosan with natural or synthetic anionic polyelectrolytes. 1. The chitosan-carboxymethylcellulose complex 2005
Water permeability of poly(ethylene terephthalate) track membranes modified by DC discharge plasma polymerization of dimethylaniline 2005
On the electronic transport properties of pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,10]phenanthroline derivatives in thin films 2005
Effect of supports on the activity of nickel catalysts in acetonitrile hydrogenation 2005
An investigation of the acid properties of UL-ZSM-5 by FTIR of adsorbed 2,6-ditertbutylpyridine and aromatic transalkylation test reaction 2005
Metallation of pyridin-2-yldiazines. Use of pyridine ring as ortho-directing group. Diazines. Part 45 2005
Photocatalytic degradation of acetone by Ni-doped titania thin films prepared by dc reactive sputtering 2005
Laser sensors for trace gases in human breath 2005
Fluorescent bacteria detecting iron loading 2005
Integration of an equilibrium system in an enhanced theory of bending of elastic plates 2005
Binuclear complexes as tectons in designing supramolecular solid-state architectures 2005
Formation, thermal stability and deformation behavior of high-strength Cu-based bulk glassy and nanostructured alloys 2005
Optical photoinduced phenomena and holographic recording in amorphous As-Se thin films 2005
Quantum confinement in nanocrystalline silicon 2005
Properties of high-porosity sol-gel derived indium-tin oxide films 2005
Negative corona discharge in flowing N2O and its mixtures with N-2 and O-2 2005
New data concerning the nitrogen 2(+) and 1(-) bands systems excitation in a cylindrical hollow cathode plasma in He+N-2 gase mixtures 2005
Radiative Gaunt factors 2005
Complex atoms modelling for plasma diagnostics. 2005
New investigations on the dynamics of externally perturbed states of a chaotic discharge-plasma double layer 2005
Excimer emission from thick microhollow cathode discharges in xenon 2005
Electrical and optical diagnosis of a cavity hollow-cathode post-discharge used as a sputtering source 2005
On the secondary electron emission in DC magnetron discharge 2005
Spectral characteristics of a radiofrequency nitrogen plasma jet continuously passing from low to atmospheric pressure 2005
Preionised pulsed magnetron discharges for ionised physical vapour deposition 2005
Thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) - Carbon thin film deposition 2005
Studies on the thermionic vacuum arc discharges in the vapors of Cu-Ag and Cu-Sn alloys 2005
Study on Termionic Vacuum Arc - A novel and advanced technology for surface coating 2005
Depollution experiments with repetitive pulsed corona plasmas 2005
Giant magnetoresistance effects in correlation with local magnetic interactions in Fe-Cu and Co-Cu granular thin films prepared by thermionic vacuum arc method 2005
Influence of Re on the thermo-electron emission from thoriated W cathode during Re deposition by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) method 2005
Improvement of polyurethane surface biocompatibility by plasma and ton beam techniques 2005
Argon rf plasma treatment of pet films for silicon films adhesion improvement 2005
Influence of dielectric barrier discharge treatments on the surface properties of polyamide-6 films 2005
Surface chemistry of plasma deposited ZrC hard coatings 2005
Correlation between surface modifications induced on PET/TiO2 sample by DBD plasma produced in He/N-2 gas mixture and plasma parameters 2005
Optical and structural characterization of periodic silver-polystyrene nanocomposites 2005

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