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Plane rectangular tritium target response to excitation by uniform distributed normal accelerated deuteron beam 2005
Heterogeneous electron-transfer kinetics of nitro compounds in room-temperature ionic liquids 2005
Kinetics of tert amyl ethyl ether liquid phase synthesis catalyzed by ion exchange resin 2005
Process identification and model-based operating policies for an enzymatic fed-batch reactor of rare sugar production 2005
Co-utilization of biomass and natural gas in steam injected gas turbines through primary steam reforming of the natural gas 2005
Free-time optimal control of a batch distillation column through genetic algorithms 2005
Dimethylthallium(III) complexes with nicotinic acid and hydroxy-derivates - Crystal structure and NMR study 2005
Adsorption of alkyl polyglucosides non-ionic surfactant on cotton 2005
The effect of nikel from stainless steels with 13% chromium and 0.10% carbon on the resistance of erosion by cavitation 2005
Chemiluminescence of gluten 2005
The study of the electrochemical oxidation reaction of the malachite green leuco base 2005
New heterocyclic compounds obtained from the hydrazides of the 4-substituted-benzenesulphonyl-benzoic acids 2005
Electrical properties of some new high resistivity organic semiconductors in thin films 2005
Efficient synthesis of onoceranediol from 12-hydroperoxy-8 alpha, 12-epoxy-11-bishomodrimane 2005
Cucurbit[6]uril as ligand for the complexation of diamines, diazacrown ethers and cryptands in aqueous formic acid 2005
Polarisation behaviour of pure titanium in different media of chloride 2005
Corrosion kinetics and protection of pure zinc in aqueous NH4Cl solutions in the presence of some organic inhibitors 2005
Lithium ferrite from polynuclear coordination compounds with glycine as ligand 2005
Formation and sintering ability of aluminium titanate in the presence of MgO and Fe2O3 additives 2005
Peculiarities of ceramic powders synthesis using the combustion method 2005
Chemical and structural features of the neolithic ceramics from Vinca, Lumea Noua and Petresti cultures (Roumania) 2005
Effects of the oxygen nonstoichiometry and Mn valence conversion on the thermodynamic properties of LaMnO3 +/-delta perovskite-type compounds 2005
The electrochemical features of sol-gel monoliths and films incorporating Cu(II)-cyclam complexes 2005
Thermokinetic oscillations in the catalytic oxidation of methanol 2005
Critical temperature-pressure data for ignition of stagnant propylene-air mixtures on platinum filaments 2005
Delocalization of spin projection in weak exchange linear chains, evidenced by multi-frequency HF-EPR spectroscopy 2005
Aryl-aryl bonds formation in pyridine and diazine series. Diazines part 41 2005
Synthesis and characterization of new polyesters with enhanced phosphorus content 2005
From the cube to the Dyck and Klein tessellations: Implications for the structures of zeolite-like carbon and boron nitride allotropes 2005
Mossbauer study of LaNiSn and NdNiSn compounds and their deuterides 2005
Grafted styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers containing benzaldehydes and their wittig reactions with various phosphonium salts 2005
Immunoliposomes directed toward VCAM-1 interact specifically with activated endothelial cells - A potential tool for specific drug delivery 2005
Biodistribution and antitumor activity induced by carboxymethylcellulose conjugates 2005
A comparative study of the lipophilicity of benzimidazole and benztriazole derivatives by RPTLC 2005
Multiplicity analysis of a nonisothermal finite slab catalyst pellet 2005
Multiphase flow modelling of three-phase fixed bed reactors 2005
The influence of the compartmentalization way on the reactor performances for the manufacturing of LDPE 2005
The modelling and simulation of the ammonia regeneration process from soda ash production technology 2005
Interaction of lead and cadmium ions with some components from detergent formulations in washing conditions 3. Interaction with sodium perborate 2005
Studies on the processing of organic liquid wastes of the type organic solvents and liquid scintillation mixtures generated at the Cernavoda nuclear-electric station 2005
The relationship between the viscosity and the basicity weight in the temary sistem Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 2005
The synthesis and characterization of some new N-1-[(arylsulphony])benzoyl]-N-4-arylthiosemicarbazides and of their cyclization products 2005
The study of the distribution of mixing intensity in bioreactors with mechanic stirring. 1. Simulated fermentation liquids 2005
The legislation of the European Union concerning the environment 2005
Vapor-liquid equilibrium predictions using neural networks in ternary system (+)-fenchone plus methyl chavicol plus trans anethole 2005
Prediction of the volumetric properties for aqueous NaCl-KBr and NaCl-CaCl2 mixtures 2005
Thiosulphate complex compounds raw materials for CuxSy. I Synthesis and characterization of precursors 2005
Thiosulphate complex compounds raw materials for CuxSy. IIICuxSy obtained from thiosulphate complex compounds 2005
Synthesis of lanthanum based perovskite nanomaterials obtained by the combustion method 2005
Composite materials based on hydroxyapatite 2005

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