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Aspects of the rheologic behaviour of the o-sec-butyl-phenoxyacetic acid esters 2005
Polyamide 6/calcium carbonate composites obtained by rotational molding via the anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam 2005
Polymer liquid crystals with mesogen in the main chain. Structure-thermotropic properties correlations 2005
The simulation of the injection moulding of the prothesis cup using the finite elements analysis 2005
Liquid crystalline thermosets from 4,4 '-biphenol 2005
Studies on some viscosity improvers for multi-grade oils - 1. Solubility parameters 2005
Composites based on thermoplastic matrices and on thermosensitive reinforcement materials 2005
Vitreous transitions in polymer mixtures based on polystyrene/polysulphone and their chloromethylated derivatives 2005
Influence of conformational parameters on physical properties of heterocyclic polymers containing pendent bulky groups 2005
Rheological aspects for the plastic materials preparation by injection. The fill-in phase 2005
A new synthesis method of bismaleimides with an aliphatic-aromatic structure with amide or ester linkages 2005
Alternating copolymerization of styrene with N-phenylmaleimide in solution in the presence of peroxydic initiators 2005
Some considerations regarding the constitutive equations used during the study of mincing rubber waste without insertion 2005
The study of the reactions of 2,4-dihydroxybenzophenone with mono- and di-isocyanates 2005
New polymer processing aids of the phtalic class 2005
Evaluation of the mechanical properties of precipitated polyurethane films in reactive agents medium 2005
The simulation of the mechanical behaviour of engineering structures on models made of plastic materials with special properties 2005
Styrene-butadiene block-copolymers used in the recycling of recovered high-density polyethylene 2005
Limits in the ultrasonic activation of polymeric materials in injection and extrusion processes 2005
Thermogravimetry and chemical investigation on the oak tree wood from the north-east of Romania 2005
The effect of the preparation conditions of chitosan particles on their behaviours in the retention and release processes of some drugs 2005
Kinetics of controlled release of chloramphenicol coupling on chitosan by ionic bonds 2005
New organotin derivatives of trilacunary keggin polyanions 2005
European experiences with wood and natural fibre composites 2005
Study of polymer laser grooving using a complete factorial experiment 2005
Structure of the acylation products from 3,6-disubstituted and 3,6,7-trisubstituted 1H-pyrazolo[5,1-c][1,2,4] triazoles 2005
Cholesteryl derivatives with a sulfonyl moiety 2005
Azulenic beta diketones. Synthesis, properties and reactions to form five membered aromatic heterocycles 2005
Optimisation of refractory coatings realised with cored wire addition using a high-power diode laser 2005
Separation of small nonferrous particles using an angular rotary drum eddy-current separator with permanent magnets 2005
Electrical conductivity of some cationic polysaccharides. I. Effects of polyelectrolyte concentration, charge density, substituent at the ionic group, and solvent polarity 2005
Optimization of polyurethane membranes - Morphology and structure studies 2005
Direct mediatorless electron transport between the monolayer of photosystem II and poly (mercapto-p-benzoquinone) modified gold electrode-new design of biosensor for herbicide detection 2005
SERS, FT-IR and photoluminescence studies on single-walled carbon nanotubes/conducting polymers composites 2005
Polymers from a levopimaric acid-acrylonitrile Diels-Alder adduct: Synthesis and characterization 2005
Laser processing of advanced bioceramics 2005
An experimental investigation of electroactive polyurethane 2005
In vitro degradation and erosion of degradable lactate segmented polyurethanes 2005
Characterization of water-soluble polyamidhydroxyurethane for biological applications 2005
Optical and surface properties of acrylic copolymers for crystalline lens implants 2005
Local structure and biological effects of vitreous calcium-sodium-phosphate system containing iron 2005
Thermal and infrared analyses of aluminosilicate glass systems for dental implants 2005
X-ray photoemission study of yttrium contained in radiotherapy systems 2005
Synthesis and rheological properties of an aqueous ferrofluid 2005
Preliminary AFM investigation on magnetic fluid dimensional analysis 2005
Synthesis of hydrotalcite-type anionic clays containing biomolecules 2005
Characterization of poly[9,9-bis(2-ethylhexyl)-fluorene-co-9-ethylcapronate-fluorene-2,7 diyl] conducting polymer 2005
Application of self made scanned laser system for low level laser therapy in dermatological and rheumatic affections 2005
Computational approach of optoelectronic transduction in the compound eye 2005
Optoelectronic approach of Drosophila vision 2005

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