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Yagi-Uda antennas fabricated on thin GaAs membrane for millimeter wave applications 2005
Ultrasound and visual examination of wood based products 2005
Nondestructive examination of fuel channels in PHWR nuclear power plants 2005
Eddy current examination of carbon fibres in carbon-epoxy composites and KEVLAR 2005
Poly(methylsilsesquioxane) with encapsulated Ru(III) complex 2005
Effect of conformational rigidity on physical properties of some poly(imide-amide)s containing dimethylsilane units 2005
The enthalpies of combustion and formation of L-a-glutamic and 6-aminohexanoic acids 2005
Thermal stability of some new complex compounds with allylacetoacetate as ligand 2005
Thiocyanatochrome complexes in analytical chemistry. Determination of osmium(III) 2005
A sorption study of Pd(II) on aminomethylphosphonic purolite resin S-940 2005
Benzazole derivatives. IV. Reaction of 1,2,3-trimethylbenzimidazolium salts with aromatic aldehydes 2005
Liquid membrane ion-selective electrodes for potentiometric dosage of coper and nickel 2005
Photosynthetic membranes - Part 74 - Solar energy driven photocatalytic membrane modules for water reuse in agricultural and food industries. Pre-industrial experience using s-triazines as model molecules 2005
Physico-chemical processes taking place at the interaction between traumatized living human tissues, chemical colagenic products and ultrasounds 2005
The study of strains and deformations in the joining areas of spherical and cylindrical shells. I. The effect of the welding belt in the joining is not taken into account 2005
The influence of the geometrical parameters of fittings on the tightness of flanged joints 2005
Lubrification - Process equipment maintenance basic element 2005
The evaluation of specific energy in deformation processes 2005
Evaluation of H2S working environment effects on installation components 2005
Some aspects concerning the design of active elements in impact impeller-grinding mills 2005
Stress distribution in expansion lens joints 2005
The liquid - Vapour equilibrium. IX. Installation for experimental determinations of monomers binary mixtures and data for the vinyl acetate - Benzene system 2005
Bee's pollen moisture determination by halogen lamp infrared drying method 2005
The main subject and the department of process engineering 2005
Study regarding the evolution of qualitative parameters in honey following the decontamination by iradiation 2005
The synthesis and characterization of some Ni(II) complexes with asymetric a-dioximes 2005
Methods of ruthenium separation from used catalysts 2005
Voltage modelling at the ends of a lead-acid accumulator 2005
Polyhydroxyetheresters from resin acids 2005
Aromatic polyamides containing chalconyl substituted m-phenylenediamine segments 2005
On the hypso-type electronic spectra of the d(8) ions complexes of meso-tetra(p-tolyl)porphin 2005
1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of diazomethane with 3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy-containing chalcones 2005
Alginate-metal ion interactions: Influence of cationic surfactants 2005
Modelling of filtration of aluminium melt through porous pressed filtering sheets 2005
Correlation between hydrodynamic volume, density in solution and unperturbed dimensions of poly(ester urethane)s with different hard segments 2005
The preparation and the thermal characterization of some epoxy resins mixtures with polyaminobismalimides 2005
The configuration optimization of a glass fibre reinforced laminate 2005
EVA copolymers - Waxes mixtures 2005
Aspects concerning the reaction of polyvinyl alcohol with the phosphorous acid 2005
Degaradable polymers. Siloxanes in hydrolitically degradable polymeric structures 2005
Advanced materials based on epoxy resins - 3. Liquid crystalline polymers with biphenyl mesogen 2005
Polyfunctional plasticizers and lubricants of sebacic type 2005
Synthesis of new aromatic aldehydes useful for the preparation of azomethine mesogens 2005
Studies regarding the release of codeine from metacrylic polymer matrices 2005
The study of the secondary products influence resulting in the 4,4 '-bismaleidodiphenylmetane synthesis on its thermal behaviour, as well as on the resulting polyaminobismaleimidic resins 2005
Functional bismaleimides containing salicylic acid derivatives 2005
Atom transfer radical polymerization I. Fundamentals 2005
Netlike polyesters 2005
Posibilities of flow rating increase by extruders with screwes of a given geometry 2005
Various techniques of optimization applied to the radical polymerization of styrene 2005

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