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CoFe2O4 thin films deposited by PLD with in situ heating and post annealing 2011
Composite right/left-handed metamaterial resonant antennas 2011
Electronic structure and magnetic properties of Ni1-xMnxAl alloys 2011
Experimental configuration for the simultaneous study of magnetization reversal and giant magnetoresitance effects in exchange coupled spin valve structures 2011
Experimental procedures to determine the viscoelastic parameters of laminated composites 2011
Gradualism in sintered porous materials obtained by powders sedimentation 2011
Growth and characterization of chemical bath deposited zinc sulphide thin films 2011
Influence of defects on the switching speed of Ge2Sb2Te5 2011
Mass-spectrometric studies of vitreous As2S3 2011
Materials characterization and tribological parameters determination of its worn surfaces 2011
Microwave antennas based on Ba1-xPbxNd2Ti5O14 2011
Multisensor satellite remote sensing data for heat waves assessment in metropolitan region 2011
Nanocarbon embedded chalcogenides. Onion-like model 2011
Nanostructured phenomena during the aniline polymerization in water 2011
Nanostructures with liposomes and carbon nanotubes 2011
On the adhesion features of Ag nanolayers on differently-passivated Si(001)(2x1) substrates 2011
On the preparation of zinc sulphide powders from single-source molecular precursors: thermal descomposition of zinc diethyldithiocarbamate 2011
Optical properties of phase change memory Ge1Sb2Te4 glasses 2011
Phtalocyanine and meso-tetraphenylporphine effects on TiO2/CdS nanocomposites photoactivity 2011
Potassium phosphate glasses used as agro-fertilizers with controlled solubility 2011
Preliminary testing of corrosion characteristics of NiTi alloy coated with various polymers 2011
Preparation in situ and characterization of zeolite enclosed nanoparticles 2011
Recent trends in micro- and nanophotonics: A personal selection 2011
Solid state diffusion welding of Cu-Fe/Al/Ag and Al-Ni dissimilar metals 2011
Spark plasma sintering studies of nanosize lanthanide-doped ceria obtained by sot-gel method 2011
Structural properties of undoped and doped with Er3+ ions ZnGa2O4 nanomaterials obtained by hydrothermal method 2011
Study of electrodeposition of (Bi,Sb)(2)Te-3 nanowires by voltammetric methods and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy 2011
Synthesis and characterization of cyclodextrin polyurethane with scavenging properties 2011
The amount of ionic character - measure for oxide basicity 2011
TL and OSL dosimetric properties of Ge30As4S66 chalcogenic glass system doped with DY 2011
XAS a new computer package program for X-ray absorption spectroscopy data analysis 2011
New Link between Conceptual Density Functional Theory and Electron Delocalization 2011
Novel Graphene-Gold Nanoparticle Modified Electrodes for the High Sensitivity Electrochemical Spectroscopy Detection and Analysis of Carbamazepine 2011
A new approach for patterning epiclon-based polyimide precursor films using a lyotropic liquid crystal template 2011
Inulin mixed esters crosslinked with 2-ethyl-hexyl-acrylate and their promotion as bio-based materials 2011
Maleic acid-2-vinylnaphthalene copolymer in aqueous solution: investigation of the dissociation and fluorescence quenching 2011
Molecular dynamics, thermo-mechanical and optical studies on benzidine chain extended polyurethane-urea 2011
Synthesis and properties of novel aromatic polyamides with non-conjugated bichromophoric units in the main chains 2011
Development of lutetium bisphthalocyanine/carbon nanotube Langmuir-Blodgett films. Sensing properties 2011
New Method for Theoretical Spinodals Corresponding to Ternary Solutions with an Amphiphile Component 2011
Synthesis and Characterization of Ag Nanoparticles and Ag-Loaded TiO2 Photocatalysts 2011
Assessment of the Molecular Expression and Structure of Gangliosides in Brain Metastasis of Lung Adenocarcinoma by an Advanced Approach Based on Fully Automated Chip-Nanoelectrospray Mass Spectrometry 2011
Thermal and chemical stability of Romanian bentonite 2011
Thermal and microstructural analysis of Cu(II) 2,2 '-dihydroxy azobenzene and thin films deposition by MAPLE technique 2011
Annealing temperature dependence of Ohmic contact resistance and morphology on InAlN/GaN high electron mobility transistor structures 2011
Electronic and field emission properties of two-dimensional nanotori 2011
Selective Reductions of the Carbonyl Compounds and Aryl Halides with Ni-Al Alloy in Aqueous Alkali Medium 2011
Studies and researches concerning the presence of iron in secondary aluminium meltings and valorification of some aluminium waste 2011
Studies and researches concerning utilization of some Al-Ni alloys with high concentration of Ni content as catalytic agents in hydrogenation reactions of the organic compound 2011

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