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Poly(epsilon-caprolactam) as support for some biocidal polymers - I. Structural characterization by FT-IR spectroscopy 2005
Some approaches regarding the organic coatings based on colored powder dyes 2005
Polymer liquid crystals. Terminology and concepts 2005
Polyurethane coatings for corrosive protection 2005
Organic coatings based on powder dyes. IX. The influence of texture agents on the epoxy-polyesteric powder dyes characteristics 2005
Advanced materials based on epoxy resins - 2. Interpenetrating polymer networks 2005
Wittig-Horner reactions on styrene-divinylbenzene type supports during the phase transfer catalysis. 1. The utilization of grafted aldehydes 2005
Influence of the hard segment contents on mechanical behavior of some poly(ether-urethane-urea)s 2005
The synthesis and study of some new polyhydrazide and poly-1,3,4-oxadiazoles with acetyloxy-benzamido groups in ther lateral chain 2005
The shapes of hypoelectronic six-vertex anionic bare boron clusters: Effects of the countercations 2005
Differential pulse voltammetric determination of 8-aminoquinoline using carbon paste electrode 2005
Spectrophotometric determination of cadmium(II) using p,p'-dinitro-SYM-diphenylcarbazid in aqueous solutions 2005
The characteristics of gold films deposited on ceramic substrate 2005
Thin film composites of nanocarbons-polyaniline obtained by plasma polymerization technique 2005
Plasma polymerized ferocenne-pyrrole copolymer films 2005
Comparative study of copper electrodeposition from sulphate acidic electrolytes in the presence of IT-85 and of its components 2005
Synthesis of new active o-nitrophenyl carbamates 2005
Microstructural investigation of complex doped PT-type ceramics 2005
Effect of lead titanate-zirconate additions into barium titanate ceramics on the dielectric and piezoelectric properties of mixed compounds 2005
Polymer-Titanium hybrids obtained by radical polymerization and Sol-Gel process 2005
Aromatic lambda(3) heterocycles XIV. Fosfinine-ether macrocycles 2005
Thermal behavior of some aromatic copolyethers containing a propylenic spacer 2005
Spin-labelled cyclodextrins as hosts for large supramolecular assemblies 2005
Study on new ceramic coated metal powders: microstructure and properties 2005
The role of non-collinear spins on the magnetic properties of uncoupled nanometer-size particles 2005
Surface energies acting at the interfaces of ceramics and glasses while in contact with organic and biological liquids 2005
In vitro behavior of yttrium silica sol-gel microspheres 2005
Qualitative and quantitative analysis by hyphenated (HP)TLC-FTIR technique 2005
A new application of chemometric techniques to HPLC data for the simultaneous analysis of a two-component mixture 2005
Separation of U(VI) and Th(IV) from some rare earths by thin layer chromatography with di-(2-ethylhexyl)-dithiophosphoric acid on silica gel 2005
Separation and identification of eight hydrophilic vitamins using a new TLC method and Raman spectroscopy 2005
Determination of phenolic compounds from Geranium sanguineum by HPLC 2005
Retention behavior of metformin and related impurities in ion-pairing liquid chromatography 2005
Deposition and characterisation of bismuth oxide thin films 2005
Processing and characterization of ferroelectric thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2005
Effect of iron and nickel substitution on the piezoelectric properties of PZT type ceramics 2005
PZT-type materials with improved radial piezoelectric properties 2005
Preparation and characterisation of Pb(Zr(0.52)Ti(0.48))(0.975)Nb(0.025)O(3) ceramics - Modelling the device 2005
Raman and AFM piezoresponse study of dense BaTiO3 nanocrystalline ceramics 2005
Terahertz continuous wave amplification in semiconductor carbon nanotubes 2005
On polynuclear complexes in 3d-4f system 2005
Nanoparticles from a gold complex with sulfite ion as ligand: Preparation and characterization 2005
A procedure to monitor sulfonation of macroporous styrene-divinylbenzene resins 2005
Vapor-liquid equilibria in the binary system (-)-beta-pinene+(+)-fenchone - Analysis in terms of group contributions models of some binary systems containing terpenoids 2005
An improved analytical description of orthotropy in metallic sheets 2005
Dynamic modeling and nonlinear model predictive control of a fluid catalytic cracking unit 2005
Advanced process control of pantolactone synthesis using nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) 2005
Modelling and simulation of operation for the TAEE synthesis by catalytic distillation 2005
Optimal control of a continuous perfectly mixed hybridoma bioreactor 2005
Nano-structured materials for a hydrogen economy 2005

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