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Corannulene and corazulene tiling of nanostructures 2005
A new copper(II) complex with the N,N '-tetra(antipyryl-4-methyl)-1,2-ethanediamine (TAMEN) ligand: [Cu(TAMEN)](ClO4)(2)center dot H2O center dot DMF 2005
Electron-phonon coupling in the (4)T(2)g excited electron state of Cs2GeF6 : Mn4+ 2005
Role of the pH on hyaluronan behavior in aqueous solution 2005
A new insight into the risk of gaseous release assessment based on a Minimax approach 2005
Is DPPH stable free radical a good scavenger for oxygen active species? 2005
Recoilless fraction of tin-doped hematite nanoparticles obtained by hydrothermal synthesis 2005
Some results on the spatial behaviour in linear porous elasticity 2005
Yield criteria in anisotropic finite elasto-plasticity 2005
The corrosive behaviour of petroliferous waters on metallic components of extraction downhole pumps 2005
Immobilisation of lactate dehidrogenase on electro-polymerised Meldola blue matrix 2005
The synthesis and characterization of some complex combinations of Cu(I) and Cu(II) with new N,N-disubstituted thiourea 2005
Fractal analysis of zircaloy-4 fracture surface 2005
A non-extracting procedure for the determination of meloxicam in plasma samples by HPLC-diode array detection 2005
Copolymerization of the pair maleic anhydride-dicyclopentadiene: I. Copolymerization and postcopolymerization at high conversion 2005
Equilibrium and kinetic study of reactive dye Brilliant Red HE-3B adsorption by activated charcoal 2005
Synthesis and auxinic behavior of 3-ethyl-2-isopropyl-3,5-dimethyl-1,4,2-diazaphosphorine 2-oxide 2005
ATR/FTIR study on silica prepared using beta-cyclodextrine and urea as template 2005
Heteropolymetallic supramolecular solid-state architectures constructed from [Cr(AA)(C2O4)(2)](-) tectons, and sustained by coordinative, hydrogen bond and pi(-)pi stacking interactions (AA=2,2 '-Bipyridine; 1,10-phenanthroline) 2005
Extended structures constructed from alkoxo-bridged binuclear complexes as nodes and bis(4-pyridyl) ethylene as a spacer 2005
TiO2 based films prepared by sol-gel method for advanced water treatment 2005
Chlorophylls a and b content development in wheat treated with a phosphonium compound 2005
The study of copper ruby glass 2005
Performance of SiC Cascode Switches with Si MOS Gate 2005
Annealing behaviour of Fe-C-N nanopowder: formation of iron/graphite core-shell structured nanoparticles 2005
Effect of laser process parameters on the surface abosorbtivity 2005
Iron/graphite core-shell structured nanoparticles prepared by annealing of nanopowder 2005
Electric charge trapping and transport at medium fields in low-density polyethylene 2005
The analysis of space charge behavior in nylon 11 2005
Triangular geometrical and magnetic motifs uniquely linked on a spherical capsule surface 2005
Structure - LC properties relationship in siloxane-azomethine compounds 2005
Liquid crystalline epoxy thermoset obtained from biphenyl mesogen 2005
New siloxane-azomethine alternating copolymers 2005
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering studies on C-60 fullerene self-assemblies 2005
Diameter and morphology dependence on experimental conditions of carbon nanotube arrays grown by spray pyrolysis 2005
The comparative study of the liquid-liquid and vapor-liquid interfacial polycondensation of cyclohexylphosphonic dichloride with bisphenol A 2005
The kinetics of the catalytic oxidation of phenols with molecular oxygen in the presence of some coordinative compounds of Mn with Schiff bases 2005
Radiation effect on LDPE in hazardous environment 2005
Degradation of stabilized LDPE on radiation sterilization dose range 2005
The synthesis and characterization of some p-aminophenol/aniline resinic acids/formaldehydic resins 2005
Polyaminobismaleimide prepolymers-modified epoxy resins to be used as thermally stable compositions 2005
Preliminary studies regarding the obtaining and characterizing of polymers with azoic substituents 2005
Multi layered polythiophene-polypyrrole thin films deposited by plasma polymerization 2005
Organic coatings based on powder dyes. VII. The influence of flow modifiers on the characteristics of epoxy-polyesteric powder dyes 2005
Organic coverings based on powder dyes. VIII. The influence of splice agents 2005
Organic coatings based on powder dyes. VI. Polymers selection for epoxy-polyesteric powder dyes 2005
Wittig Horner reactions on styrene-divinylbenzene type supports during the catalysis by interphase transfer. 2 The utilization of functionalized phosphonates 2005
Turpentine as the raw chemicals for the polymerization processes 2005
Macromolecular ligands prepared by functionalising of chloromethylated S-DVB copolymers with aromatic ammines 2005

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