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Basic phenomenological modelling of rheological behaviour of ternary phase in phase polymer composite systems II. Uniform stress approach 2005
The gas-hold up in bubble columns. III. The influence of tensioactive substances admixture in continuous phase 2005
Some aspects concerning the storage capacity increase of filtering media 2005
The recovery of a galvanic waste in glass industry 2005
Thermodynamic data for the complex formation of alkylamines and their hydrochlorides with alpha-cyclodextrin in aqueous solution 2005
Development and evaluation of electrochemical glucose enzyme biosensors based on carbon film electrodes 2005
The use of differential scanning calorimetry to study the effects of gentamycin on fibrous collageneous membranes 2005
The first evidence for a transient stibaallene ArSb = C = CR2 2005
An application of derivative and continuous wavelet transforms to the overlapping ratio spectra for the quantitative multiresolution of a ternary mixture of paracetamol, acetylsalicylic acid and caffeine in tablets 2005
Effect of UV radiation on the semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and epoxy maleate of bisphenol A 2005
Theoretical study of hydrogen bonds between acetylene and selected proton donor systems 2005
Local interactions and electronic phenomena in substituted LaFeO3 perovskites 2005
Thermodynamic characterization of the interaction behavior of a hydrophobically modified polyelectrolyte and oppositely charged surfactants in aqueous solution: Effect of surfactant alkyl chain length 2005
Structural phase transition induced in Fe50Rh50 alloys by high pressure 2005
Preparation of tetrahedral Pt nanoparticles having {111} facet on their surface 2005
Influence of spectator ions on the reactivity of divalent metal salts in molten alkali metal nitrates morphology of the resulting metal oxides 2005
Investigations into the utility of high-surface area silica pellets as potential solid-phase synthesis supports 2005
Influence of degree of substitution to the optical properties of chloromethylated polysulfone 2005
Micro-domain structure of the siloxane-sulfone segmented polyesters: Statistical investigations 2005
Radiometric method for the study of the corrosion reactions of steel samples in strongly acidic media 2005
Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of hyperbranched aliphatic polyesters 2005
A novel coupling 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition sequence as a three-component approach to highly fluorescent indolizines 2005
4-methyl- and 4-(halophenyl)pyrimidinium (4-halobenzoyl)methylides. Correlation of structure, stability, reactivity, and biological activity 2005
Composition influence on the properties of titanium-doped gamma iron oxide nanoparticles prepared by laser pyrolysis method 2005
Thermal stability of gamma irradiated ethylene-propylene-diene monomer divinyl benzene systems 2005
Nonequilibrium charge carrier generation - Recombination mechanisms in CdMnTe thin films 2005
Radiation effects and defects in cubic boron nitride. A promising multifunctional material for severe environment conditions. 2005
Kinetic aspects associated with the lean reduction of No with C3H6 over well-structured Pt nanocrystals 2005
Kinetics of thermal decomposition of alkaline phosphates 2005
Influence of zirconium on the crystallization of ETS-10 molecular sieve 2005
Processing of non-isothermal TG data - Comparative kinetic analysis with NPK method 2005
Thermoanalytical investigation of tin and cerium salt mixtures 2005
Synthesis of lead magnesium niobate and La-modified lead magnesium niobate using different Mg precursors 2005
Some new acrylate complexes as a criterion in their selection for further co-polymerization reaction 2005
About compensation effect by thermal decomposition of some catalyst precursors 2005
Synthesis of new polyimidosulfides by Michael addition of bis(1-mercapto-2-ethylether) and amido thiosulfide oligomers 2005
Poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-amide)s with pendant acetoxybenzamide or imide groups 2005
Polyethers and polythioethers containing 1,4-dithiin-2,3;5,6-tetrayl diimide 2005
Synthesis and properties of new polyamides based on 2 '-(4-dimethylaminocinnamoyloxy)ethyl-3,5-diaminobenzoate 2005
Liquid crystalline epoxy thermosets with naphthyl mesogen 2005
Electrochemical deposition of titanium oxide on boron-doped diamond electrodes 2005
Divalent transition metal complexes - 4-(4-ethoxy-phenylhydrazono)-1-phenyl-3-methyl-1H-pyrazolin-5(4H)-one 2005
Polynuclear coordination precursor compounds for M3Fe5O12 garnets (M = Y, Eu, Gd and Er). Part I. Synthesis of the precursors 2005
Viscosities of binary mixtures of toluene with butan-1-ol and 2-methylpropan-2-ol 2005
A study by non-isothermal thermal methods of spruce wood bark materialss after their application for dye removal 2005
Oxidative dehydrogenation of isobutane over a titanium pyrophosphate catalyst 2005
Electrochemical behaviour of titanium alloys in artificial saliva 2005
Phase transfer catalysis in the synthesis of phosphorus-containing polymers 2005
A new method for the synthesis of triaryl phosphates 2005
Photosynthetic membranes - Part 73 - Laboratory-scale photomineralisation of n-alkanes in aqueous solution, by photocatalytic membranes immobilising titanium dioxide 2005

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