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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Preparation and IR-spectroscopic characterisation of Cd2InNbO6 perovskite oxide 2006
Effect of ultrasounds sonication on surface microstructure of the electrodeposited Ni-Zn thin films 2006
Ar rf plasma treatment of PET films for Si films adhesion improvement 2006
Structure and texture of some Keggin type heteropolyacids supported on silica and titania [bis] 2006
Surface treatment of natural and synthetic textiles using a dielectric barrier discharge 2006
Thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies on the phase transition of BaHf(PO4)(2) 2006
Multi-mode vibronic interactions in the five lowest electronic states of the fluorobenzene radical cation 2006
Electrosynthesis of the poly(N-vinyl carbazole)/carbon nanotubes composite for applications in the supercapacitors field 2006
Chemical and physicochemical characterizations of ionomers 2006
Nondestructive examination of fuel channels in PHWR nuclear power plants 2 2006
Eddy current examination of carbon fibres in carbon-epoxy composites and Kevlar 2 2006
Accumulation of copper, cadmium, iron, magnesium and zinc in three development stages of red pepper 2006
Aspects of eutrophication as a chemical pollution with implications on marine biota at the Romanian Black Sea shore 2006
Atomic force microscopy in the study of ferrofluids - art. no. 60361U 2006
Concentration and temperature effect in microstructure of ferrofluids 2006
Detection of heavy metals and organic pollutants from Black Sea marine organisms 2006
Determination of cyanides from distilled alcoholic drinks 2006
Determination of organochlorine and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons pesticides in honey from different regions in Romania 2006
Development of a pesticides biosensor using carbon-based electrode systems 2006
Dinuclear coordinative complexes of Cu(II) with derivates bis(3-R-1, 4-R-4, 5-Br, alpha-R-alpha salicyl) 1,5 penthylene diamine (R-1 = H, Br, R-2 = H, -CH3, R-alpha = H, CH3,-CH2-CH3) 2006
Electromagnetic modelling of GaAs membrane supported mm-wave receivers 2006
Environmental protection and public health projects - Educational and training programs 2006
Environmental risk assessment 2006
Europe as a source of pollution - The main factor for the eutrophication of the Danube Delta and Black Sea 2006
Evaluation of biocide-free antifouling systems 2006
Fano interference in mesoscopic rings with quantum dots 2006
First-principles electronic structure and magnetic properties of M/GaAs/M (001) heterostructures with M = Fe or Co 2006
Fluorescent bacteria for colloidal iron biosensors - art. no. 60361V 2006
Heavy metals concentrations in aquatic environment and living organisms in the Danube Delta, Romania 2006
Investigation of the Constanta surface water's pollution sources 2006
Nanocomposites based on functionalized nanotubes in polyaniline matrix by plasma polymerization 2006
Peroxidase activity in magnetically exposed cellulolytic fungi 2006
Pollutants effects on human body - Toxicological approach 2006
Sampling and sample pretreatment for environmental analysis 2006
Study of Si/SiO2 nanoparticles produced by laser ablation - art. no. 61951A 2006
Threats on the seaside lakes water and their acute and long-term consequences 2006
Carbon mesophase/carbon nanotubes nanocomposite - Functional filler for conductive pastes 2 2005
Markovian approach of the electron localization functions 2005
Border surface changes on the edge of the castings with nodular graphite 2005
A novel rotating magnetic field eddy current transducer for the examination of fuel channels in PHWR nuclear power plants 2005
Bridgman growth of concentrated GaInSb alloys with improved compositional uniformity under alternating magnetic fields 2005
Co2MnX (X=Si, Ge, Sn, SbSn) thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition 2005
Complex rare earth substituted lead titanate piezoceramics. II 2005
Detection and measurement of fatigue in ferromagnetic and austenitic steels using eddy current sensors array 2005
Experimental and numerical results in hydrothermal synthesis of CuInS2 compound semiconductor nanocrystals 2005
Fluid flow and solute segregation in EFG crystal growth process 2005
Heusler bulk materials as targets for pulsed laser deposition: growth and characterisation 2005
High-K ZST material for microwave and millimeter wave applications 2005
Magnetic anisotropy and magnetotransport properties of nanostructured Fe-Pt thin films 2005

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