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Molecular orbital calculations of beryllium insertion in C-n fullerene cages: Be@C-n (n=20, 60, 70, 80) by nuclear recoil after particle capture 2006
Hydroacridines XXV. First synthesis of (4a alpha,8a alpha,9a beta,10a beta)-tetradecahydroacridine and new syntheses of (4a alpha,8a alpha,9a alpha,10a beta)- and (4a alpha,8a beta,9a alpha,10a beta)-tetradecahydroacridine 2006
Copper ferrite obtained by two "soft chemistry" routes 2006
Study and evaluation of fretting critical slip conditions by applying the design of experiments method 2006
IR wavelength-selective laser desorption via O-H and C-H stretching modes 2006
Contribution to the chemistry of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction products of the ferriin-bromomalonic acid and the ferriin-malonic acid reactions 2006
Gold films deposited over regular arrays of polystyrene nanospheres as highly effective SERS substrates from visible to NIR 2006
Retro-leapfrog and related retro map operations 2006
Segmental dynamic heterogeneity of short-chain grafted-poly(dimethylsiloxane) by H-1 spin-diffusion NMR 2006
Electronic and structural shell closure in AgCu and AuCu nanoclusters 2006
Raman and in situ FTIR-ATR characterization of polyazulene films and its derivate 2006
Effect of sliding wear on tribocorrosion behaviour of stainless steels in a Ringer's solution 2006
Comparison of asymmetric and thin-film composite membranes having Matrimid 5218 selective layer 2006
The use of advanced calorimetric techniques in polymer synthesis and characterization 2006
Polyelectrolyte complex dispersions with a high colloidal stability controlled by the polyion structure and titrant addition rate 2006
Electrochemical chlorination of azulene derivatives - Insight into the mechanism of anodic oxidative chlorination 2006
Exact solution of the discrete Schrodinger equation for ferromagnetic chains 2006
Characterization of {111} planar defects induced in silicon by hydrogen plasma treatments 2006
Synthesis and characterization of new phenanthrolinetriether copolymers with rotaxane architecture 2006
Phosphavinylidene(oxo)phosphorane Mes*P(O)=C=PMes*: A diphosphaallene featuring lambda(5)sigma(3)- and lambda(3)sigma(2)-phosphorus atoms 2006
Silicon-containing heterocyclic polymers and thin films made therefrom 2006
Fractional wavelet analysis for the simultaneous quantitative analysis of lacidipine and its photodegradation product by continuous wavelet transform and multilinear regression calibration 2006
Generalized operations on maps 2006
Omega polynomial in tubular nanostructures 2006
QSAR modeling of antifungal activity of some heterocyclic compounds 2006
Full analytic progress curves of enzymic reactions in vitro 2006
Design of anti-HIV Ligands by means of minimal topological difference (MTD) method 2006
Phosphorylation of polysaccharides: New results on synthesis and characterisation of phosphorylated cellulose 2006
Preparation and investigation of a glass in the system Al(2)O(3)-SiO(2)-CaO for dental applications 2006
Study of the crystal violet mineralization in water by the electro-Fenton method 2006
Spectral studies of some Ni(II), Pd(II), Cu(II) azo-dye complexes in a polymeric matrix of polyvinyl alcohol 2006
FT-IR, FT-RAMAN and TLC densitometry analysis of some plane tree extracts concerning their content in betulinic acid and betulin 2006
The influence of the pH on the apparent dissociation constant for Zn2+- carbonic anhydrase izoenzyme II 2006
Study of the obtaining reaction for N,N '-diphthalimidylcarbonate starting from triphosgene and N-hydroxyphthalimide in the presence of triethylamine 2006
Computational study of maleamic acid cyclo dehydration with acetic anhydride 2006
Multiobjective tabu search method used in chemistry 2006
Multipole moments and polarizability of molecular systems with D-3h symmetry in orbitally degenerate states 2006
Neural network-based modeling for semi-batch and nonisothermal free radical polymerization 2006
Theoretical study of some verapamil derivatives 2006
The effect of Er(III) on the thermal behavior of azo (-N=N-) and azomethinic (-CH=N-) chromophores 2006
Comparative study of serum proteins analysis by aragose gel electrophoresis and paper electrophoresis 2006
Obtaining and characterization of cyclical octamers within the calixarenes class II. The calix[8] arene-p-octasulphonic acids 2006
Hydration and hardening processes in lime-pozzolana binders 2006
Solid-electrolyte interface phenomenology IV. Solid-electrolyte interface under dynamic conditions 2006
Separation study by DAF technique of a La-III and Y-III from aqueous systems 2006
Viscosity and thermodynamics of viscous flow of the binary solutions of 2,5,8-trioxanonane with 1-propanol and 1-butanol 2006
The analysis of the main mineral elements in foliar buds of some medicinal plants 2006
Degradation by corrosion of steel rebar's reinforced concrete structures. 4. The pH and chemical composition modifications of concrete caused by stray currents 2006
Corrosion of steels and alloys in sodium chloride solutions 2006
Specific aspects concerning the electrochemical behaviour of austenitic stainless steel obtained by powder metallurgy 2006

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