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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Numerical advanced characterization of magnetic recording media 2006
Development and validation of a second derivative spectrometric method for the determination of mercury(II) using 3,4,5-trimethoxycinammoylthioamide 2006
Influence of solvents in polarographic behavior of palladium ion 2006
Hardening processes of binding systems free of Portland cement 2006
DSC study of the sucrose hydrolysis kinetic on synthetic cationites 1. Carboxylic catalysts 2006
Chloroalkylesters hydrolysis of some chloroalkylphosphonic acids in hydrofluoric acid water solutions 2006
Influence of ascorbic acid, thiamine and riboflavine on starch hydrolysis reaction with endogene amilase, using laser interferometer techniques 2006
Synthesis of glycosyl sulphone in PTC conditions 2006
Researches concerning the bonding of cured non-polar elastomers supports with adhesive compound based on non-cured non-polar elastomers 2006
Wavelet transform and artificial neutral network for the quantitative resolution of ternary mixtures 2006
`Thermo-gasdynamics of the spark ignition engine fuelled with gasoline and hydrogen addition 2006
Study on aromatic enrichment of FCC slurry for synthesizing COPNA 2006
Influence of the ligands on the thermal behaviour of solid coordination compounds 2006
Anew 1-D hydrogen bond polymer constructed from a trinuclear 3d-4f tecton and 4,4 '-bipyridine-N,N '-dioxide 2006
Ni(II) ternary complexes containing diimine and cysteine 2006
Synthesis and characterization of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles coated with dehydrocholate anions 2006
Desorption kinetics in the ZO/O-2 system 2006
Removal of Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions on corn cobs 2006
A Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic ordering in ising ferrites of formula 5fe(2)o(3).3y(2)o(3) with garnet structure 2006
Proposal for multiple-valued logic in gated semiconducting carbon nanotubes 2006
Synthesis of DLC films by PECVD combined with hollow cathode sputtering 2006
Synthesis of nitrogen-rich carbon nitride thin films via magnetic field-assisted inductively coupled plasma sputtering 2006
New organometallic polymers by polycondensation of ferrocene and siloxane derivatives 2006
Microarc plasma treatment of titanium and aluminum surfaces in electrolytes 2006
Magnetron plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of diamond-like carbon thin films 2006
Electronic transport in Si-SiO2 nanocomposite films 2006
Hydrogen storage in Mg-Ni-Fe compounds prepared by melt spinning and ball milling 2006
Miscibility and properties of linear poly(L-lactide)/branched poly(L-lactide) copolyester blends 2006
Novel UV assay for protein determination and the characterization of copper-protein complexes by mass spectrometry 2006
Catalytic abatement of volatile organic compounds assisted by non-thermal plasma - Part 1. A novel dielectric barrier discharge reactor containing catalytic electrode 2006
Numerical studies concerning the dependence of the impurity distribution on the pulling rate and on the radius of the capillary channel in the case of a thin rod grown from the melt by edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) method 2006
Synthesis, properties and fluorescence quenching in a polycation based on polyetherurethane with pyrene fluorophore 2006
Growth and characterization of high density stoichiometric SiO2 dot arrays on Si through an anodic porous alumina template 2006
Photoexcitation and relaxation dynamics of catecholato-iron(III) spin-crossover complexes 2006
IR, Raman and surface-enhanced Raman study of desferrioxamine B and its Fe(III) complex, ferrioxamine B 2006
Analysis of some steroids by thin-layer chromatography using optimum mobile phases 2006
Efficient and green access to functionalized and highly constrained heteropolycyclic derivatives via a microwave-accelerated Diels-Alder cycloaddition and heterogeneous hydrogenation sequence 2006
Thermal investigations of nickel-zinc ferrites formation from malate coordination compounds 2006
Optimized procedure for clay pillaring with aluminum species used in depollution 2006
Photonic properties of silicon-coated monolayers of colloidal silica microspheres 2006
Polyimide asymmetric membranes for hydrogen separation: Influence of formation conditions on gas transport properties 2006
Reaction of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl with HO(center dot), O2(center dot-), HO(-), and HOO(-) radicals and anions 2006
`NO(x) removal in forced unsteady-state chromatographic reactors 2006
Radiation modification of functional properties in PVC/mica electrical insulations 2006
Optimized digestion method for blood sample followed by mercury determination by atomic absorption spectometry at 184,9 nm 2006
Evaluation of degradation of parchment and leather by FT-IR and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy 2006
Wavelet transform with chemometrics techniques for quantitative multiresolution analysis of a ternary mixture consisting of paracetamol, ascorbic acid and acetylsalicylic acid in effervescent tablets 2006
The reaction of o, m, and p-toluyl chlorides with ultrasonically and thermally activated nitrobenzene - II. Reaction of m-toluyl chloride with nitrobenzene 2006
Kinetic study of the thermal decomposition of some aromatic ortho-chlorinated azomonoethers. 1 - Decomposition of 4-[(2-chlorobenzyl)oxi]-4 '-triflouromethyl-azobenzene 2006
Nickel aluminate spinel by thermal decomposition of polynuclear malate complexes 2006

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