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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Band structure and magnetic properties of RNi4B compounds with R=Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er 2006
Vibrational investigation of sintered titanium biomaterials 2006
Formation and properties of some antimony-doped strontium titanate ceramics 2006
Studies on PZT-Nb modified piezoceramic materials 2006
Structural investigation of calcium-soda-phosphate glasses with small content of silver oxide 2006
Rheological investigations of a polymeric precursor for ceramic materials: experiments and theoretical modeling 2006
Use of the polysulfone polymer in NOx detection 2006
Hydroxiapatite-zirconia composites for biomedical applications 2006
Influence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ as twinned ions on zirconia powder stability 2006
Copolymers based on poly(vinyl alcohol) and acrylamide 2006
Determination of some mechanical properties of TiNi (50.6 at. % Ni) shape memory alloy using dynamic mechanical analysis and tensile tests 2006
Texture of electrolytic Mo deposition from molten alkali halide 2006
Bioactive vitroceramic utilized in modern reparatory medicine 2006
FIDAP simulation of the F color centers formation in alkali halides crystals using additive method of crystals coloring 2006
Fabrication and characterisation of GaAs Gunn diode chips for applications at 77 GHz in automotive industry 2006
The behaviour of the simple lipides in an electrical field 2006
Study of radical-ion species formed by the radiolysis of polycrystalline samples of chromium oxides 2006
Reactive extraction of uranium from ores having high content of organic substances 2006
Comparative study of essential oils of lavender obtained by hydrodistillation and supercritical fluid extraction 2006
Radiological impact of C-14 2006
Spectrophotometric determination of acetaminophen and chlorzoxazone in tablets by multivariate calibration techniques 2006
Degradations by corrosion of steel rebar reinforced concrete structures - 3. Contributions to study of physical degradation of reinforced concrete caused by stray currents 2006
The flue gas recirculation to suppress nitrogen monoxide formation in combustion installations 2006
Optical properties of bismuth oxide thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering 2006
Optical and electronic properties of (Fe+Sb): PVA for real time holography 2006
Fractal structures of gold obtained by diffusion limited aggregation in alkali halide crystals 2006
Preparation and structural characterization of nickel/alumina nano-particles composite coatings 2006
Determination of propagation constants in a buried ionexchanged glass optical waveguide by using finite element method 2006
Modification of the sperconducting parameters of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O by iodine intercalation 2006
The M-effect in A.C/DC discharges in He+O-2/Cl-2 gas mixtures 2006
Effect of soft-segment chemistry on polyurethane biocompatibility 2006
New hema-based polymeric microbeads for drug delivery systems 2006
Optical properties of low-dimensional PbI2 particles embedded in polyacrylamide matrix 2006
TiO2 thin films doped by Ce, Nb, Fe, deposited onto ITO/glass substrates 2006
Electronic transport and photoconductivity of polycrystalline CdSe thin films 2006
On the structural and optical characteristics of zinc telluride thin films 2006
Fundamental absorption edge in thin films of Cd1-xMnxTe solid solutions 2006
Structural, electronic transport and optical properties of Zn-doped CdTe thin films 2006
Preparation and structural characterization of thin-film CdTe/CdS heterojunctions 2006
Band-pass filters with (Zr-0.8, Sn-0.2)TiO4 dielectric resonators 2006
Relaxor properties of Ba(Zr,Ti)O-3 ceramics 2006
The distribution of the relaxation times and the thermally stimulated depolarization currents 2006
Characterization of dielectric mixtures by the time domain reflectometry (TDR) 2006
Plasma experiments with relevance for nano-science 2006
The cavity perturbation method for the measurement of the relative dielectric permittivity in the microwave range 2006
Induced residual stresses in the preparation process of the glass-covered amorphous magnetic microwires 2006
Modeling of viscosity phenomena in models of hysteresis with local memory 2006
Synthesis and characterization of some ferrite nanoparticles 2006
Microstructure and magnetic behaviour of Ni-Zn-Co ferrites 2006
Quantitative structure-retention relationships (QSRR) for chromatographic separation of disazo and trisazo 4,4 '-diaminobenzanilide-based dyes 2006

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