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Tunable temperature behaviour of water-soluble polyamidhydroxyurethane 2006
Surface modification of polymethylmetacrylate films using dielectric barrier discharge 2006
Light absorption in meta-dinitrobenzene and benzyl crystalline films 2006
Optical properties of polycarbonate organic matrix/cadmium sulphide clusters composite material 2006
Optical and photoelectrical properties of GaS and CdTe thin FILMS, components of GaS/CdTe heterojunctions 2006
Spring-block type models for capillarity-driven self-organized nanostructures 2006
Numerical simulations of heat transport in photothermal measurement techniques 2006
Critical behavior of a spring-block model for magnetization 2006
Spin wave spectrum in disordered Heisenberg spin systems 2006
Local dynamic spin-fluctuations in YCo2 compound 2006
EPR and IR structural investigations on xMnO center dot(1-x)[3P(2)O(5)center dot CaO] glass system 2006
Structural study of the Fe2O3-B2O3-BaO glass system by FTIR spectroscopy 2006
Comparative structural investigation of B2O3-MO-CuO glasses (MO -> TeO2 or AS(2)O(3)) by FTIR and Raman spectroscopies 2006
Structural investigation of the xV(2)O(5)(1-X)[(Bi2O3B2O3)-B-center dot] glasses by IR absorbtion, EPR and NMR 2006
Spectroscopic investigation on some calcium-phosphate glasses 2006
Nanostructured phases in bismuthate glasses containing rare earth ions 2006
Spectral and theoretical studies of 2-naphthalenol: an organic nonlinear optical crystalline material 2006
Transport and magnetic properties on MgB2 thin films 2006
Two band superconductivity in Eliashberg model for MgB2 2006
Photodynamic therapy in oncology 2006
Optical properties of PbS-CdS multilayers and mixed (CdS plus PbS) thin films deposited on glass substrate by spray pyrolysis 2006
QSAR analysis of a series of imidazole derivatives acting on the H-3 receptor 2006
Effect of the mobile phase composition on the retention behavior of polydisperse ethoxylated nonylphenols in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography 2006
Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy as experimental probe of free volume concepts in network glasses 2006
Nanostructural configurations in As2S3 glass 2006
Composite membranes based on gellan and poly(N-vinylimidazole). Synthesis and characterization 2006
Influence of the metal nature (Ni, Cu, Mg) on the surface acid-base properties of mixed oxides elaborated from LDH 2006
Fe3C nanopowder synthesized by laser pyrolysis and its annealing behaviour 2006
Electron microscopy of gamma-irradiated polyethylene 2006
Metal complexes as second-sphere ligands 2006
An original 1D Cu-Co heterometallic compound: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties 2006
The influence of the magnetic field on the electrical magneto resistance of magneto rheological suspensions 2006
Determination of the Landau-Lifshitz damping parameter by means of complex susceptibility measurements 2006
Retention and selectivity tests of silica-based and metal-oxide bonded stationary phases for RP-HPLC 2006
Role of chemical structure in stereoselective recognition of beta-blockers and H-1-antihistamines by human serum transferrin in capillary zone electrophoresis 2006
EDXRF versus INAA in a pollution control of soil 2006
Siloxane surfactants in polymer nanoparticles formulation 2006
Speciation studies of iron(III) with (poly)phosphonate ligands: The case of EDTMP (ethylenediamine-tetramethylene phosphonic acid) 2006
New heterocyclic polyurethane-ureas based on 4,4 '-dibenzyl diisocyanate, Part 1: Influence of oxadiazole structure on mechanical properties 2006
Radical copolymerization of functional N-substituted maleimides with N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone 2006
Model of the interband nonlinear absorption in amorphous chalcogenides: Quasi-linear analytical solutions 2006
Low temperature CL investigation of BN1 vibronic structure in c-BN 2006
Simulations results of some diamond on insulator nano-MISFETs 2006
Effects of Ti- and Zr-based interlayer coatings on hot-filament chemical vapor deposition of diamond on high-speed steel 2006
New solutions for perpendicular magnetic recording media 2006
Investigation of chemical and grain boundary effects in highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6: XPS and Mossbauer studies 2006
The magnetic effects in Sr2FeMoO6 perovskite type compound obtained by soft chemistry 2006
Structural and magnetic properties of Al doped Y2CaMn3O9 perovskites 2006
Metal-insulator transition induced by oxygen in nanoscale Bi : 2201 thin films and in bulk Y : 123 superconductiong materials 2006
Magnetic properties of DyxU1-xCo2 system 2006

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