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Mass spectral studies of pyrazinamide and its complex combination with copper (II) benzoate 2006
Numerical pattern of the contamination process of two petroleum products sequencially transported through same pipeline 2006
Removal of benzene from C6 fraction through Ni/Al2O3-SiO2 catalysts hydrogenation 2006
'Host-Guest' supramolecular systems (encapsulated porphyrins in macronets) with biomedical applications 2006
Wine aging chemistry. An economic fundamentation of wine storage period 2006
The action of reactive species of the oxygen on frozen bull biological material (BM) 2006
Inhibition of carbon steel corrosion in HCL solution using poly(O-2-hydroxyethyl) starch 2006
A new approach of flow graph theory applied in physical chemistry 2006
alpha-(3,7-Dioxa-r-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]oct-c-5-ylmethoxy)-diazines. Part 1: Synthesis and stereochemistry. Extension to s-triazine series 2006
alpha-(3,7-Dioxa-r-1-azabicyclo[3.3.0]oct-c-5-ylmethoxy)-diazines. Part 2: Functionalisation via directed ortho-metallation and cross-coupling reactions 2006
Study of resonance effects in copper phthalocyanines 2006
Characterization by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR correlation spectroscopy of PAMAM dendrimer 2006
TiO(2) thin layers with controlled morphology for ETA (extremely thin absorber) solar cells 2006
Synthesis and nanostructural characterization of TiO(2) aerogels for photovoltaic devices 2006
Studying the sol-gel transition of styrene-divinyl benzene crosslinking co-polymerization via excimer forming dye molecules 2006
Electrical properties of the CdS/InP hetero structures for photovoltaic applications 2006
Structural organization of cetyltrimethylammonium sulfate in aqueous solution: The effect of Na2SO4 2006
Increasing surface hydrophilicity of titania thin films by doping 2006
Alkaline treatment of cotton in different reagent mixtures with reduced water content. II. Influence of finishing procedure 2006
Solid base catalysts obtained from hydrotalcite precursors, for Knoevenagel synthesis of cinamic acid and coumarin derivatives 2006
Synthesis, structure and properties of heterotrinuclear carboxylate complexes [Fe2M(Ca, Sr, Ba)O(CCl3COO)(6)(THF)n] 2006
Rational design of supramolecular gridlike layers and zigzag chains through a unique interplay of d(10)-d(10) and pi-pi stacking interactions 2006
Low-temperature restructuring processes in polyhydrosilanes 2006
Influence of the degree of substitution on the solution properties of chloromethylated polysulfone 2006
Bismaleimide monomers with amide units: Synthesis and properties 2006
Electric dipole moments of the spectrally active molecules estimated from the solvent influence on the electronic spectra 2006
The combustion of pulverised low grade lignite 2006
Coordination compounds of cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc with thiosemicarbazone and 3-phenylpropenal semicarbazone 2006
Nephelauxetic effect for the isoelectronic 3d(3)-ions (Cr3+, Mn4+, Fe5+) in SrTiO3 2006
Removal of UO22+ ions from simulated wastewater onto Romanian aluminium pillared clays 2006
Measurement statistics and compensation of counting errors in the radioactivity evaluation for organic solvents waste 2006
Viscosity and density of binary and ternary systems with water, 1,4-dioxane and diethylene glycol at 303.15K 2006
Kinetics of transesterification reaction of the sunflower oil 2006
Correlation structure-antioxidant activity of some polyphenols of vegetal origin 2006
Removal of copper and cobalt ions from aqueous solutions by biosorbtion process 2006
Bulk and surface ultrasonic waves generated in metallic solids by pulse shaped sources 2006
The influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone on furosemide complexation with randomly-methylated-beta-cyclodextrin 2006
Complex salts of oxotetrabromomolybdenum (V) - 1. Complex compounds with pyridazone derivatives 2006
Lower explosion limits, lower explosion points and flash points of (1-octanol plus n-amyl acetate) mixtures 2006
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds 24 pyrolysis of two dibenzocycloalkanols and their corresponding acetates 2006
D-SORBITOL based organogelators with nitrogen groups 2006
Crystal and density functional theory molecular structure of the cyclobutanone resulted from the cycloaddition of t-butylcyanoketene (Moore's ketene) with indene 2006
Silver-tin mediated allylations in aqueous media 2006
New pyrrolo[2, 1-a]phthalazine derivatives by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddtion reactions 2006
New thermotropic azomethines containing sulfonyl group 2006
The oxidative activity of riboflavin studied by luminescence methods: The effect of cysteine, arginine, lysine and histidine amino acids 2006
Aromatic polyimides containing polar nitrile groups 2006
Spinelic ferrites from polynuclear compounds as precursors 2006
Extrapolations by multiple regressions of the retention parameters for several aromatic hydrocarbons in reversed-phase liquid chromatography 2006
Effects of ammonium dichromate additions on electrochemical behaviour of lead and its alloys in H2SO4 concentrated solutions 2006

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