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Connection between biocompatibility and electrochemical stability of a Co-Cr-Mo alloy 2006
Capacity of Mg salts to form polyphenols out of vegetals 2006
Obtaining and separation of F-18 from (H2O)-O-18; Obtaining of TEP images 2006
The reaction of o, m and p-toluyl chlorides with nitrobenzene ultrasonically and thermally activated - III. Reaction of p-toluyl chloride with nitrobenzene 2006
Comparative analysis of polyphenols content from birch tree foliar buds and leaves by HPLC-UV-MS 2006
Synthesis of La and Nb doped PZT powder by the gel-combustion method 2006
Photoexcitation and relaxation properties of a spin-crossover solid in the case of a stable high-spin state 2006
Semiconducting gas sensor for acetone based on the fine grained nickel ferrite 2006
Outdoor absorbed dose rate in air in relation to airborne natural radioactivity and meteorological conditions at Bucharest (Romania) 2006
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 23. Pyrolysis of t-butyl-tetrazolo[1,5-a]dibenzo[c,g]azocines as synthesis method of substituted5H-and 6H-indolo[2,3-b]quinolines 2006
Structural effects and intermolecular interactions in homologous series of organic systems evidenced by thermodynamic properties in the frame of DISQUAC model 2006
Enthalpies of combustion and formation of isomers of the amino-benzoic acid 2006
Characterization of multi-signals analytical outcome by means of the information entropy and energy 2006
Spectroelectrochemical study of the redox behaviour of questiomycin drugs in aprotic media 2006
Electrochemical behaviour of dimethyl ether in alkaline solutions at 298 K 2006
The fractal dimension of oscillations in SnO2/humid O-2 system 2006
4-(3-(phthalhydrazide) azo)N-phenylaza-15-crown-5. Syntesis and properties 2006
New pyrazoles by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions between sydnones and activated alkynes 2006
Competitive amide hydrolysis in mono- and diformylated ethylenediamines 2006
Photooxidative dehydrogenation of Delta(8)-drimen- and Delta(8)-11-homodrimen-7-ones into alpha,alpha '-dienones 2006
National legislation in the field of dangerous chemical substances harmonized with environmental specific directions in communitary acquis 2006
Experimental studies on the thermal conductivity of an oil reservoir 2006
Characterization of concrete roof tiles obtained from complex binding mass 2006
New pyrrolo[ 1,2-b] pyridazine by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions 2006
Kinetic study on the reaction of NH3 thermal decomposition 2006
The effect of heat treatments on the behaviour of welded joints by stress corrosion cracking 2006
New epoxy coating systems which contain multipurpose additives based on organophilic montmorillonite 2006
Magnetic resonance studies on amorphous and crystalline lanthanum aluminoborates 2006
The B2O3/SrO ratio influence on the structural and magnetic properties of the CuO-B2O3-SrO glasses 2006
Analysis of effluent gases during the CCVD growth of multi-wall carbon nanotubes from acetylene 2006
Synthesis of poly(Schiff-base)s by organometallic processes 2006
Synthesis and structural characteristics of carbon aerogels with a high content of Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and Pd 2006
Comparative study on the effects of n-dodecane addition on oxygen transfer in stirred bioreactors for simulated, bacterial and yeasts broths 2006
Amphiphilic sorbents based on polysiloxanes crosslinked by an N,N'-heterocycle 2006
Electrochemically functionalized carbon nanotubes and their application to rechargeable lithium batteries 2006
Thermal Behavior of aromatic polysulfones with pendent viologen groups 2006
Study of yttrium containing bioactive glasses behaviour in simulated body fluid 2006
Understanding the role of nitridation in butan-1-ol and butan-2-ol dehydration mechanisms over oxynitrides 2006
Nonlinear plane strain of elastic materials with voids 2006
Desorption induced by femtosecond laser: nonlinear regime through indirect coupling 2006
EPR and magnetic investigation of calcium-phosphate glasses containing iron ions 2006
A new ionization process in the afterglow of pulsed hollow cathode discharge 2006
Ultrasonic studies of n-Ge sample by buffer-rod 2006
Electrochemical and EQCM investigation of a selenium derivatized carotenoid in the self-assembled state at a gold electrode 2006
Synthesis and characterization of some cosmetic dyes 2006
Flotation separation of Ni(II) from diluted aqueous systems with alpha-benzoinoxime collector 2006
Reactions of 1H-3-methyl-4-ethoxycarbonyl-5-benzylidenehydrazino-pyrazole in nonaqueous media under conditions of undivided and divided-cell electrolysis 2006
Corrosion dependency of some metallic materials on acidity of corrosive environment 2006
New substituted benzamides with potential antipsychotic action 2006
A convenient and efficient synthesis of the blood coagulation factor Xa inhibitor (+/-)DX-9065a 2006

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