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Filtering the roughness of a sanded wood surface 2006
Humidity calibration system used for calibration of the hygrometers which measure the dew point between (-50.0...20.0)degrees C 2006
Chemical control of calcium carbonate deposition appeared at thermal water utilization 2006
A correlation index for high and low value classes with applications to QSAR studies 2006
Rhubarb's (Rheum rhabarbarum) stalk study through H-1-NMR spectroscopy method 2006
Aminophosphonoic acids and derivatives - Antioxidant activity ranking 2006
Direct derivative dyes of 4,4-diaminobenzanilide III. Obtaining, characterization and toxicity evaluation of some new symmetrical disazo dyes 2006
Corrosion behaviour of Ti alloys and their welded joints in saline media 2006
3-(Aryl and heteroaryl)-4-arylisoxazoles as valdecoxib analogues 2006
Coal refined solution, a product of coal dissolution in the autoclave 2006
Influence of carbon and nitrogen concentration on the friction welding of steels 2006
Determination of glyphosat herbicide and its main metabolite, amino-methyl-phosphonic acid (AMPA) in water using HPLC 2006
Solution properties of poly(amic acid)s and polyimides 2006
Study of the electrostatic interactions between peptides and lipids at the membrane interface by molecular dynamics simulation 2006
Fibres acryliques biocides - Biocide acrylic febres 2006
Thermal decomposition of some copper-iron polynuclear coordination compounds containing glycine as ligand, precursors of copper ferrite 2006
Synthesis of poly(methyl methacrylate-co-styrene)-block-polysulfide-block-poly(methyl methacrylate-co-styrene) copolymers by free radical polymerization combined with oxidative coupling 2006
Effective wood diffusion coeficients 2006
Experimental and theoretical study of 3-carboxy-5,6-benzocoumarin 2006
Thioethers oxidation on dispersed Ta-silica mesoporous catalysts in ionic liquids 2006
In situ structural changes during toluene complete oxidation on supported EuCoO3 monitored with Eu-151 Mossbauer spectroscopy 2006
Catalyst excitation by radio frequency for improved carbon nanotubes synthesis 2006
Study of crystallization processes in Gd-substituted Finemet alloys 2006
Transition event statistics in genetics and disordered kinetics. Theoretical approaches for extracting rate distributions from experimental data 2006
Phlorizin- and 6-ketocholestanol-mediated antagonistic modulation of alamethicin activity in phospholipid planar membranes 2006
Organophosphorus insecticides extraction and heterogeneous oxidation on column for analysis with an acetylcholine sterase (AChE) biosensor 2006
Technological process for a new silicon solar cell structure with honeycomb textured front surface 2006
Enthalpy and entropy contributions to solvent quality and inversions of heat effects with polymer concentration 2006
Occurrence of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in soils and sediments from Eastern Romania 2006
Magnetic field effects on surface morphology and magnetic properties of Co-Ni-P films prepared by electrodeposition 2006
Comparative study of magnetism and interface composition in Fe/GaAs(100) and Fe/InAs(100) 2006
Studies of MnS cluster formation in laumontite zeolite 2006
Characterization of titania thin films prepared by reactive pulsed-laser ablation 2006
Iron(III) protoporphyrin IX - single-wall carbon nanotubes modified electrodes for hydrogen peroxide and nitrite detection 2006
Kinetic analysis of isothermal decomposition of 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine using differential scanning calorimetry 2006
Synthesis and properties of new photosensitive triazene polyacrylates 2006
Synthesis and properties of brominate bismaleimide monomers 2006
Lithiation directed by amino alkoxides. Application to the synthesis of new disubstituted dihydrodipyridopyrazines 2006
Role of the adsorption phenomenon on the ionic equilibrium distribution and on the transient effects in electrolytic cells 2006
New low symmetry low energy structures of 11-atom bare germanium clusters: A density functional theory study 2006
Structural features and photocatalytic behaviour of titania deposited within the pores of SBA-15 2006
Novel synthesis of phosphorus containing polymers under inverse phase transfer catalysis 2006
Photodegradation of some 14,15-bisnorlabdene-13-ones, derived from larixol. Synthesis of drimanic dienes with functional groups at C-6 2006
Heterotopic helicand for designing heterometallic helicates 2006
Growth and type-I noncritical phase-matching second-harmonic-generation of Gd1-xRxCa4O(BO3)(3) (R3+ = Sc3+ or Lu3+) crystals 2006
New siloxane-organic polyesters with azobenzene side chains. Synthesis, thermotropic behavior and surface properties 2006
Variable morphologies of poly(vinyl acetate)-montmorillonite nanocomposites obtained by emulsion polymerization in the presence of poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) 2006
New developments and applications in titration calorimetry and reaction calorimetry 2006
Shallow energy levels induced by gamma rays in standard and oxygenated floating zone silicon 2006
Decrease of luminol chemiluminescence upon exposure of human blood serum to 50Hz electric fields 2006

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