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Influence of the Pd distribution in a Pd/H-ZSM-5 catalyst on acetone conversion to methyl isobutyl ketone 2006
Diffusional system based on tolazoline hydrochloride included in a reticulated carboxymethylcellulose hydrogel 2006
Thermotropic liquid cristalline polymers. Thermal stability control 2006
Polyethilene pipe durability for liquid hydrocarbons contaminated natural gas pipes 2006
Poly-1,3,4,-oxadiazole-ethers thin films 2006
Surface characteristics of some thin films based on poly(azoarylene)s 2006
Alternant maleimide functionalised copolymers 2006
New lubricating oils obtained from mixtures of vegetable oils and di-2-ethylhexyl-adipate 2006
Numerical study regarding the behaviour of some thermoplastic materials during calendering 2006
Study of some silicon-containing polyoxadiazole amide 2006
Bismaleimide and biscitraconimide monomers with SO2 groups 2006
Two stages grain refining of 6082 aluminium alloy 2006
Manufacturing of ABS P400 solid cellular structures with closed cells by fused deposition modeling as rapid prototyping process 2006
Considerations on factors influencing the hardness of cylindres used for rubber wastes grinding 2006
Researches concerning the bonding of cured polar elastomers supports with adhesive compound based on non-cured polar elastomers 2006
Applications of silicone rubber for spin casting of ZnAl alloys 2006
Tridimensional model of the propeller for mixing the substances used for generating wet foam into liquids 2006
Thermoanalytical study regarding the effect of some organophosphoric insecticide on the diglycidil ether-bisphenol a epoxy resin 2006
Sulfonated aromatic polymer 2006
Unsteady phenomena within the natural gas polyethilene pipeline networks 2006
Optimization model for heated tool butt welding hydro-carbon chemistry transporting pipelines 2006
Considerations on constituent equations used in study of mincing rubber waste reinforced with metalic insertion 2006
Studies on some viscosity improvers for multi-grade oils - 2. Rheological behaviour of concentrated solutions 2006
HLB values in practical application of polydimethylsiloxane-polyethylleneoxide graft copolymers 2006
Water vapour permeability method applied for porous hydrophylic materials 2006
Polymers melts pressure drop for non-isothermal flow through channels 2006
Aspects regarding the synthesis and characterization of some types of thermoplastic polyurethanes 2006
Atom transfer radical polymerization - II. Applications 2006
The flow rate of corotating twin screw extruder 2006
Investigation on the possibilities to control the alcoholysis reaction of polyvinyl acetate in suspension 2006
Comparative study between polyethilene and steel repartition pipelines regarding transient regime behaviour 2006
Study of local heat transfer at the melting of single spherical particle 2006
Formaldehyde resins containing resin acids/aniline p-nonyl phenol. Synthesis and characterization 2006
Thermotropic crystal liquids. Types of mesogenic groups 2006
Thermal behaviour of polysilanes and their turning into ceramic material 2006
Polyamide 6/bronzepowder composites obtained in situ via anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam in presence of bronze powder 2006
Synthesis and characterization of silanes with -CHO functional groups 2006
Considerations on the relationship between product quality and milling system in plastic recycling 2006
Modifying polymers for the decrease in road bitumen penetration 2006
The role of the multilayer polymeric photoselective foils in modifying optimal microclimate for technical cultures I 2006
Problems associated with PEHD welding 2006
Practical application of atactic polypropylene in hydroinsulation membranes and bitumen 2006
Finite element model validation of a polymeric impact energy absorber 2006
Flow modelling of thermosetting resins through porous medium of a composite structure 2006
Polymers applications in electromagnetic depollution removal 2006
Investigation of the metallocene catalyst-type influence on the crystallinity degree of polyethylene 2006
Polyaminobismaleimides with amide units synthesis and properties 2006
A comparative numerical study regarding the behaviour of some biocompatible plastic materials to injection moulding 2006
Study of rheological Behavior for acrylic polymer used in textile coating 2006
Experimental research regarding processing rubber waste with metallic insertions 2006

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