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QSAR studies on amino-succinamic acid derivatives sweeteners 2006
Rearrangement of a 3-acyloxyamino-1,5-diketone into enamine and pyrrole: a mechanistic study 2006
ESR observation of the formation of an Au(II) complex in zeolite Y 2006
Formation of a "less stable" polyanion directed and protected by electrophilic internal surface functionalities of a capsule in growth: [{Mo(6)O(19)}(2-)subset of{Mo(72)(VI)Fe(30)(III)O(252)(ac)(20)(H(2)O)(92)}](4-) 2006
Laboratory-scale photomineralization of n-alkanes in gaseous phase by photocatalytic membranes immobilizing titanium dioxide 2006
Navier-Stokes equations in presence of Laplace forces in the aluminum reduction cell 2006
New generations of resorbable biomaterials with textile structures 2006
New generation of vascular prostheses accomplished through weaving technologies 2006
Predictions and measurement of mass loading effects on quartz bulk acoustic wave resonators 2006
The greatest lower bound of two semantic schemas 2006
Synthesis and evaluation of hydrophobically-modified polysaccharides as oral delivery vehicles for poorly water-soluble drugs 2006
Synthesis and properties of polyurethane cationomers with urethane-cholesteryl and dodecylmethylammonium moieties 2006
Versatile preparation of ester bismaleimides by dehydrochlorination-condensation reactions 2006
Heavy metals contents in some food from Romania 2006
Variations of the plasmatic and salivary concentrations of different bivalent cations in oromaxillo-facial area bacterial infections 2006
The Influence of Bipolar Disorders treatment on plasmatic and erythrocyte levels of some cations 2006
Thermal behavior of some new complexes bearing ligands with polymerisable groups 2006
Thermal behaviour of new N,N-dimethylbiguanide complexes having selective and effective antibacterial activity 2006
The synthesis and characterisation of some ortho-substituted phenoxyalkanoic acids and their derivatives 2006
Stuides on a Pb2+-selective electrode with a macrocyclic liquid membrane. Potentiometric determination of Pb2+ ions 2006
Study of the influence of temperature the venting depollution process of soils contaminated with volatile organic compounds 2006
About implementing a Monte Carlo simulation algorithm for enzymatic reactions in crowded media 2006
Azocoupling products. V-1. Electronic spectroscopy study of two azocoupling products of 1-(4-hydroxy-6-methyl-pyrimidin-2-yl)-3-methyl-pyrazolin-5-one 2006
Synthesis, structure and spectral properties of [Ni(TAMEN)](ClO4)(2)center dot DMF (TAMEN = N,N '-tetra(4-antipyryl-methyl)-1,2-diaminoethane), a Mannich base complex of biological relevance 2006
Analysis of the racemization of tryptophan 2006
Aniline anodic oxidation and autocatalytic polymerization on different electrodes 2006
Environment protection - Modeling water quality in drinking water distribution systems 2006
Spectrofluorometric studies on organophosphate compounds influence over membrane potential of human lymphocytes and K562 lymphoblastic cells 2006
Assessment of antioxidative activity of vegetal extracts and the gel type products obtained with them 2006
A stoichiometric method for establishing the water transport in the electrolytic cells with ion exchange membranes 2006
Traceability in chemical measurement. Definitions. Reference documents. Elements and principles (for crediting labs) 2006
Spectral and kinetic characteristics of parchment natural and accelerated ageing (II) 2006
Spectral and chemiluminescent characteristics of antidiabetic plants 2006
A method of measuring teflon membane surface potential for electret microphones 2006
Influence of interferents in natural waters on voltammetric determination of nitrate at conductive diamond electrodes 2006
Synthesis and electrochemical characteristics of dyes based upon 1H-3-phenyl-6-methyl-7-aril-azo-pyrazolo[5,1-c][,2,4]triazole 2006
Cyclization of some new N-1-aroyl N-4-aryl-thiosemicarbazides 2006
Azocoupling in orto-position, a linear-relationship approach to mechanism 2006
Rheological behaviour of the structure of products containing hydrocarbons with high molecular weight 2006
Methds for the estimation of the equivalent thermal conductivity for a fluid saturated porous 2006
Space charge studies in XLPE from power cables using combined isothermal ans thermostimulated current measurements 2006
Study of electrical properties of natural cork and two derivative products 2006
FT-IR Spectrophotometric analysis of acetylsalicylic acid and its pharmaceutical formulations 2006
Kinetics of the curing reaction of selected epoxy resin-amine systems 2006
Comparative study on starch modification with lactic acid and poly(lactic acid) 2006
The effect of compatibilization in the reactive processing of the low density polyethylene/polyamide 6/EPDM blends 2006
Mixed ligand complexes of iron(II), iron(III) and cobalt(II) with pyrazolonic and pyridine ligands 2006
Synthesis of 1-[N-(aryl)methylcarbamoyl]-1,10-phenanthrolinium iodides with potential biological activity 2006
Aromatic polyethers containing 1,3,4-oxadiazole rings 2006
Kinetic study on the preparation reaction of carbanion monosubstituted phtalazinium ylides 2006

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