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Novel debromination method for flame-retardant high impact polystyrene (HIPS-Br) by ammonia treatment 2006
Arsenic exposure in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia 2006
Disperse dyes' derivatives from compact condensed system 2-aminothiazolo [5,4-c]pyridine: Synthesis and characterization 2006
The 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of 1-methylphthalazinium ylides to non-symmetrically activated alkynes on a solid support under microwave irradiation 2006
Synthesis, characterization and correlative biological effects in wheat of a benzoxaza- and a diaza-phosphorus(V) heterocycles 2006
The influence of the nature and textural properties of different supports on the thermal behavior of Keggin type heteropolyacids 2006
The influence of the nature and textural properties of different supports on the thermal behavior of Keggin type heteropolyacids Synthesis of new trifluoromethyl-containing 1-(3,5-dialkyl-4-hydroxybenzyl)-pyrazole and -pyrazol-5-one deriatives and their corresponding aroxyls 2006
Kinetics of the formation of hemicyanine dyes by the condensation of Fischer's base aldehyde with anilines 2006
Anisotropy of Na0.35CoO2 center dot 1.3H(2)O superconductor 2006
Core-shell effects in granular perovskite manganites 2006
Differing coordination modes of (O-alkyl)-p-ethoxyphenyldithiophosphonato ligands in copper(I), silver(I) and gold(I) triphenylphosphine complexes 2006
Application of modified homotopy perturbation method to nonlinear oscillations 2006
On stability of equilibrium in linear thermoviscoelasticity 2006
Flow of a micropolar fluid on a continuous moving surface 2006
Biodistribution and antitumor activity of some carboxymethylcellulose conjugates 2006
Discrete and continuous wavelet transforms for the multicomponent determination of sunset Yellow and tartrazine in their soft drink powders 2006
Growth of titanium dioxide thin laters by Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition and by Chemical Vapour Infiltration for photocatalysis applications 2006
The behavoiur of co-DOPED PbO2 electrode in add media containing glucose of cysteine 2006
Competitive rearrangements VI - The reaction of 7-carbetoxy-1,4-dibromodibenzo[b,e]bicyclo [2.2.2]octa-2,5,7-triene with bromine 2006
Ethanol extracts of Lonicera caerulea and Sambucus nigra berries exhibit antifungal properties upon heat-stressed Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells 2006
Organic contaminants removal from wastewater using pillared clays 2006
Transitional metals sulphonated ptalocyanines, catalysts for the demercaptanization of gasolines 2006
QSAR modeling of steroid hormones 2006
Optical properties of some newly synthesized organic semiconductors in thin films 2006
Theoretical study of an effective field plate termination for SiC devices based on high-k dielectrics 2006
The combined effect of modifier and grain refiner AlTiBSr master alloy on microstructure and porosity of aluminum alloys 2006
Comparative studies of textured pulsed laser deposition and sol-gel growth of thin hydroxyapatite layers on titanium substrates 2006
The effect of grain refiners for aluminium alloy containing Mn-Ti-Sr dispersoid 2006
Boron nitride supported metal catalysts: Influence of the metal and preparation method 2006
Structural, electrical and dielectric properties of uranium doped barium titanate 2006
EPR and TEM characterization of electrolurninescent Alq(3) 2006
On the possibility to observe a compensation effect around the glass transition temperature 2006
Effect of lead content and B-site substitutions on dielectric and piezoelectric properties of PZT ceramics 2006
Piezoelectric material for high efficiency ultrasonic siren 2006
Lead hardening by oxide dispersion 2006
Thermoreactivity of sol-gel precursor for ZnO-based thin films 2006
Electric field strength dependent electric conductivity in highly insulating materials 2006
Thermoelectrets from poly(acrylonitrile) thin films: a trapped charge stability study 2006
The influence of the ambient gas environment on the non-isothermal dc electric measurements in polymers 2006
Optical properties of 3,4,9,10-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride and 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum salt films prepared by vacuum deposition 2006
Production of negative hydrogen ions using a low-pressure reflex discharge source 2006
Formate dehydrogenase-modified carbon paste electrodes for amperometric detection of formate 2006
Interpretation of the intrinsic viscosity-temperature dependence on the basis of the excluded volume analysis 2006
Polymer-nanoclay hybrids obtained by emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate in the presence of an organically modified montmorillonite 2006
Saliva study for a novel dental composite with polymeric matrix 2006
Thermal properties of solid coordination compounds. IV. Some applications in materials science 2006
Control of the macrosegregations during solidification of a binary alloy by means of a AC magnetic field 2006
Ensemble averaged two-phase Eulerian model for columnar/equiaxed solidification of a binary alloy 2006
Ceramic particle dispersion analysis in LASER surface alloying 2006
Investigation of phenomena taking place in LASER surface alloying steels of WC-Co 2006

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