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Radiation thermoluminescence investigation of structural modifications of polymers 2007
The influence of defects on the conduction in photoelectrodes used for water splitting 2007
Dimensional study about water based ferrofluids 2007
Combined treatments - a way to improve surface performances 2007
Varieties of nanostructured carbon grown by expanding radiofrequency plasma beam 2007
Structure, properties and gas sensing effect of SnSe(2) films prepared by pulsed laser deposition method 2007
Neutron diffraction study of sodium borosilicate waste glasses containing uranium 2007
Structural characteristics of terbium lead bismuthate glasses 2007
Magnesium doped (Zr-0.8, Sn-0.2)TiO4 ceramics for microwave devices 2007
Synthesis and properties of some Nd-Sr manganites dopped with indium 2007
Synthesis of lanthanum ferrite nanopowder by combustion method 2007
Thermal studies of magnetic spinel iron oxide in solution 2007
Time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy of Eu2+ in BaFCl : Eu2+ X-ray storage phosphor 2007
Conduction mechanism involved in sensing mechanism of SnSe2 2007
Decomposition kinetic of a synthetic oil adsorbed on different silico-alumina 2007
Shake-induced order in nanosphere systems 2007
Spectroscopic investigation of some lead - phosphate glasses with tungsten and molybdenum ions 2007
Point defects and oxygen diffusion in fluorite type oxides 2007
Ultrasonic spectroscopy of welded cryogenic materials 2007
Stabilization of laser diodes frequency for cooling Cs-133 atoms in a magneto optical trap 2007
Simulation of second harmonic generation in InGaAs single quantum well laser diodes 2007
Influence of polyphenolics compounds of Vitis vinifera seeds on oxidative stability of coffee oil 2007
Corrosion of Ti6Al4V alloy in various simulated artificial salivas 2007
Unsymetrical organic carbonates synthesis from N,N '-succinimidilcarbonat and alcohols 2007
Distribution of nitrogen in the burning products of some fuels and solid biofuels 2007
Influence of urban residual deposits upon subsurface waters 2007
Building the matter: Molecules and chemical bond 2007
Biodegradable anionic poly(esteramide)s. Physico-mechanical properties 2007
Dielectric heating in acrylamide solution polymerization. Comparative study 2007
Investigation of poly(aspartic acid)/vinylic polymer interpolymer complex 2007
Intermolecular association study of segmented polyurethane solutions by fluorescence spectroscopy and rheology 2007
Effect of polyols on the physico-mechanical properties of some polyurethanes 2007
Intermolecular interactions in non-polar liquids, evidenced by spectral means 2007
Polyanion structure and mixing conditions - useful tools to tailor the characteristics of polyelectrolyte complex particles 2007
Influence of catalyst aging on the coke deposits during the cracking process 2007
N-heterocyclic carbene ruthenium complexes: Synthesis and catalytic properties 2007
Synthetic approach to ruthenium vinylidene complexes and their applications in metathesis catalysis 2007
Immobilized ruthenium complexes bearing N,O-bidentate ligands 2007
Kinetics of decomposition of different acid calcium phosphates 2007
Kekule structure count in corazulenic fullerenes 2007
Synthesis of (alpha-T)polyacrylic acid 2007
The first Romanian underground laboratory with ultralow radiation background 2007
Radiolabelling of somatostatin analogues lanreotide and octreotate with therapeutic radionuclides 2007
Surface and interfacial properties of poly(amic acid)s and polyimides 2007
On Some Characteristics of Ti Oxynitrides Obtained by Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering 2007
Effect of Ion Bombardment on the Characteristics of Ti Based Biocompatible Coatings 2007
High Temperature Resistant Coatings Deposited by Combined Magnetron Sputtering and Ion Implantation 2007
Fluid Modelling of DC Magnetrons-Low Pressure Extension and Experimental Validation 2007
Cytogenetic changes induced by aqueous ferrofluids in agricultural plants 2007
Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy: principles, instrumentation, and characterization 2007

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