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Formylated polysulfone membranes for cell immobilization 2007
Infrared and ESEM technique in supporting Ti and Ti-Al-V alloy behaviour in Afnor and Tani-Zucchi solutions 2007
The matrix effect on spectrochemical analysis accuracy of AISI 316 biomaterial grades 2007
Investigation of phase equilibria in the ternary system carbon dioxide plus 1-heptanol plus n-pentadecane 2007
Preliminary tests for N,N-diethylaniline grafting on carbon nanotubes 2007
Determination of the refractive-index profile of Ag+ ion-exchanged optical waveguides using M-lines spectroscopy 2007
Intense laser radiation and magnetic field effects on the electronic states in quantum well wires 2007
Evaluating titanium alloys bioactivity in terms of hydroxyapatite (HA) forming capability 2007
Sulphonephtalein chromophore as molecular probe in micelle systems 2007
Catenanes and rotaxanes - New classes of molecules with mobile parts for application in photonics 2007
Surface treatments in electrochemical behaviour of TiNi wires for implant purposes 2007
Effect of saliva pH on electrochemical stability of Co-Cr-Mo bioalloy with a bio-chemically modified surface 2007
Anticorrosive properties of hybride organic (polypyrrole) inorganic (zinc) coatings on steel surface 2007
The influence of thermal oxidation treatment on the electrochemical stability of TiAlV and TiAlFe alloys and their potential application as biomaterials 2007
Polymeric biocompatible structures for controlled drug release 2007
Synthesis and characterization of new nanocomposites based on epoxy resins and organophilic clays 2007
Methods of dimensioning the clinkering installation components 2007
A micro-scale abrasion test to study the influence of counterface roughness on the wear resistance of UHMWPE 2007
Enantioselective acylation of some secondary alcohols by biocathalise with lipase from pseudomonas fluorescens immobilised using sol-gel method 2007
Alcoxicarbonilation reactions at amino and aminoacids with mixt N-phthalimidylcarbonates 2007
Usage of ascendand filtration in the industrial waters clearing technology 2007
Kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction on skeleton nickel and nickel-titanium electrodes obtained by thermal arc spraying technique 2007
Intensity redistribution in diffractive pattern due to fractal phase changes 2007
Preparation and characterization of MOCVD-fabricated TiO2 thin films deposited on titanium for biomedical applications 2007
Correlative comparison of two optoelectronic carbon monoxide measuring instruments 2007
Synthesis of core-shell structures with potential applications in orthopaedic surgery 2007
Study of a polymer-clay nanocomposite material interaction with a VERO cell line for cytotoxic evaluation 2007
Materials development on the nanoscale by Accumulative Roll Bonding procedure 2007
Microcalorimetric evidence of hydrophobic interactions between hydrophobically modified cationic polysaccharides and surfactants of the same charge 2007
Mechanical and chemical damage of optical fiber polymer coating 2007
The electrochemical detection of ammonia in drinking water based on multi-walled carbon nanotube/copper nanoparticle composite paste electrodes 2007
The NADH electrochemical detection performed at carbon nanofibers modified glassy carbon electrode 2007
A novel amphiphilic pH-sensitive hydrogel based on pullulan 2007
Sulphur dioxide absorbtion study in residual calcium carbonate suspension 2007
Carbon-based composite electrodes: Preparation, characterization and application in electroanalysis 2007
Interaction behaviour of a PDMS-calixarene system and polar analytes characterised by microcalorimetry and spectroscopic methods 2007
Filmogen organic-inorganic hybrids obtained by sol-gel in the presence of cationic polymer 2007
Noi esteri complecsi pentru lubriflanti 2007
1-Allyloxy-2-hydroxy-propyl-starch: Synthesis and characterization 2007
Quantifying hydrogen-bonding strength: the measurement of (2h)J(NN) couplings in self-assembled guanosines by solid-state (15)N spin-echo MAS NMR 2007
Raman and surface-enhanced Raman studies of the food additive sodium benzoate 2007
Bis spin-labelled cyclodextrins 2007
Ligand dynamics in spin-labeled au nanoparticles 2007
Powder neutron diffraction of Nd3Co13-xNixB2 compounds 2007
Mossbauer spectral study of NdFe1-xGaxO3 perovskites 2007
The biocompatibility of titanium in a buffer solution: compared effects of a thin film of TiO2 deposited by MOCVD and of collagen deposited from a gel 2007
Relaxation and Light Induced Thermal Hysteresis (LITH) behaviours in the atom-phonon coupling model for spin crossover compounds 2007
The use of the chlorophyll fluorescence for estimation of photosynthetic electron transport flow in water stressed pea plants 2007
Introducing logistic enzyme kinetics 2007
Enzymatic control of the bio-inspired nanomaterials at the spectroscopic level 2007

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