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A Schrodinger type explanation of Fresnel formulas 2007
Synthesis of fluorescent CdS-amino acid hybrids 2007
Phototransport and photoluminescence in nanocrystalline porous silicon 2007
Modeling and simulating combustion and generation of NOx 2007
Alumina based composites with possible medical applications 2007
The lower explosion point - A good measure for explosion prevention: Experiment and calculation for pure compounds and some mixtures 2007
Micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite. Preparation and investigation 2007
The stability of Sb : SnO2 (ATO) nanostructured protecting films on glass 2007
Effect of coupling agents on the local mechanical properties of bioactive dental composites 2007
Flexural properties of some experimental dental glass fiber reinforced composites with different resin matrices 2007
Investigation of different bone matrices by vibrational spectroscopy 2007
Hydrolytic degradation of UDMA-based resin composite sealants 2007
Exploring the binding site of the human muscarinic M3 receptor: Homology modeling and docking study 2007
Molecular modeling of some calcium and magnesium ionic bridges 2007
Conformational analysis for some nonclassical antagonists of histamine H3 receptor 2007
A preliminary MTD-PLS study for androgen receptor binding of steroid compounds 2007
Modified phenylquinoxaline-containing polymers and materials on their basis 2007
Synthesis, structure, and thermal properties of polyrotaxanes derived from beta-cyclodextrin and polydimethylsiloxane 2007
Transport properties of polyimides containing phenylquinoxaline moieties 2007
Waterbome alkyd coatings and their matched drying agents 2007
FSDP-related correlations in chalcogenide glasses 2007
beta-gallium oxide as oxygen gas sensors at a high temperature 2007
Lateral mobility of polyelectrolyte chains in multilayers 2007
Synthesis of alpha,beta-Unsaturated Pseudogeminal [2.2]Paracyclophane bisketones 2007
Chromatographic retention times of polychlorinated biphenyls: from structural information to property characterization 2007
NiFeCuMo magnetic powders obtained by controlled mechanical alloying and annealing 2007
High fluence deposition of polyethylene glycol films at 1064 nm by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE) 2007
Surface plasmon resonance imaging sensors based on mucin - antimucin interaction 2007
Eigentensors and eigenelastic constants for woven composites 2007
Selective separation of gentamicins frorn the biosynthetic mixture by reactive extraction 2007
Water-based ferrofluids for biomedical applications: physical characterisation 2007
Preparation and IR-spectroscopic characterization of Cd2InNbO6 perovskite oxide 2007
Electrochemical characteristics of titanium based biomaterials in artificial saliva 2007
The ventilation capacity of the stratified knitted fabrics 2007
Controlled release of salycilate from the lamella ZnAl layered double hydroxide nanocomposite 2007
Towards new drugs formulations: Gentamicin-anionic clay as nanohybrids 2007
Synthesis and photochromic behavior of some azo-polysiloxanes modified with nucleobases or donor-acceptor groups 2007
ESR study of aqueous micellar solutions of perfluoropolyether surfactants with the use of fluorinated spin probes 2007
New [4.4]Cyclophane diketals, monoketones, and diketones: Design, synthesis, and structural analysis 2007
Modeling the octanol-water partition coefficient of substituted phenols by the use of structure information 2007
Mechanical properties of flexible microcomponents with a mobile load 2007
Stabilizing effect of diffusion in enhanced oil recovery and three-layer Hele-Shaw flows with viscosity gradient 2007
Combinatorial synthesis and characterization of new asymmetric Porphyrins as potential Photosensitizers in photodynamic therapy 2007
Magnetic field sensors based on Permalloy multilayers and nanogranular films 2007
Tailoring copper sulfide thin films morphology using spray pyrolysis deposition technique 2007
The influence of the spray deposition parameters in the photovoltaic response of the three-dimensional (M) solar cell: TCO/dense TiO2/CuSbS2/graphite 2007
Influence of drying temperature upon some mechanical properties of beech wood 2007
Magnetocrystalline anisotropy of YFe11-xCoxTiC 2007
Electrical characterization of magnetoresistive sensors based on amr and gmr effects used for lab-on-a-chip applications 2007

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