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Optical encoder measurement technology 2007
Optical field properties in micro- and nano-structures - art. no. 67851D 2007
Optical studies of the partially disordered crystals langasite (La(3)Ga(5)SiO(14)) and langatate (La(3)Ga(5.5)Ta(0.5)O(14)) doped with Eu(3+) 2007
Optical studies of TiO2 films deposited on different substrates - art. no. 67851X 2007
Optically transparent electrodes for photoresponse enhancement of MSM photodetector 2007
Optimisation of cascaded Band Stop MSW resonators using CPW lines 2007
Orthotropic model for metallic sheets in finite elasto-plasticity 2007
Phony stability problem in fast LDOS 2007
Photogenerated currents in pentacene field effect transistors 2007
Photoinduced optical anisotropy in modified polyimides 2007
PID algorithm for controller processors 2007
Planar microwave bandpass filters with defected ground resonators 2007
Preliminary studies concerning hadfield steel behavior during laser beam welding in pulsating regime - art. no. 67850L 2007
Preparation and characterization of indium tin oxide films by sol-gel method 2007
Preparation and magnetic properties of Fe and Ni based nanoparticles and nanowires 2007
Quantum confinement model for phototransport processes in nanocrystalline porous silicon 2007
Quantum dot-based western blot for sensitive detection of pig serum antibody to actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae 2007
Radiation effects in sapphire optical fibers 2007
Radio frequency magnetron sputtering deposition of borate and phosphate glass films - art. no. 678524 2007
Reflection coefficients for photonic crystal waveguides ramifications - art. no. 67851B 2007
Results of sediment motion visualization by a modified LASCA technique - art. no. 67851O 2007
Reverberant neural network in optical technology 2007
RF NEMS switch based on carbon nanotube vertical tweezers 2007
Risk assessment related to nanotechnology: Environmental and policy-making 2007
Sensors microprocessing by Laser Direct Patterning (LDP) for industrial production 2007
Silver/porous silicon (PS) nanocomposite layers for biomedical applications 2007
Simple LSI image acquisition system analysis 2007
Simple parameter extraction algorithms for a precise MOSFET model 2007
Simulation design in Java for digital image processing 2007
Simulation of a small Si plate oxidation in a cwCO(2) laser light - art. no. 67400K 2007
Single frequency green nanosecond Nd : YAG microlaser-oscillator power-amplifier system - art. no. 678508 2007
Spectroscopic characteristics of RE3+: Sc2O3 ceramics - art. no. 67850C 2007
Spectroscopic chit racterization of ceramic laser materials for highperformance solid-state lasers - art. no. 65521D 2007
Spectroscopy of Eu : YAG nanopowders 2007
Stable multidimensional dissipative spiral solitons 2007
Static Fourier transform lambdameter - art. no. 678521 2007
Stress and displacement in cantilever-based transducers for biosensing application 2007
Study of color centers in optical fibers to be used for ITER plasma diagnostics - art. no. 67851T 2007
Study of surface and bulk ultrasonic waves generated in solids numerical analysis 2007
Study of the piezoceramic influence on biological media in microfluidic applications 2007
Synthesis of geometrical shape of the distributed resistive microelectronic structures for maximum robustness 2007
Synthesis of New 1,2-Diazine Nanomaterials through Conventional and Nonconventional Methods 2007
Synthesis of yttrium aluminium garnet doped with cerium for application in a new generation luminescent lighting devices 2007
Temperature dependence of the main piezoelectric parameters of a Nb-Li doped PZT ceramic 2007
The growth of CuS thin films by Spray Pyrolysis 2007
The influence of the annealing process on the properties of WO(3) photoelectrode used in a photoeletrochemical cell (PECC) 2007
The influence of the welding line placement on springback effect in case of a U-shape part made from tailor welded stripes 2007
The material rolling direction influence on springback effect in case of a U-shape part made from tailor welded stripes 2007
The optimization of magnetic sensitive MOSFET structures 2007
The reduction of the physical inputs number to optoelectronic logical gates 2007

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