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Genomic signal analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis - art. no. 64470C 2007
GHz sense amplifier for MRAM 2007
Hall-petch type behavior of milled nano-powders 2007
Hardware simulator for design and characterization of MOEMS for environmental applications 2007
High resolution spectroscopic properties and emission decay of rare-earth doped transparent laser ceramics 2007
High temperature thermolumineseence of BaFCl : EU2+ X-ray storage phosphor 2007
High-power LEDs influence on germination rate of tomato seeds - art. no. 67851N 2007
High-power lens-shape diode edge-pumped composite laser - art. no. 67850B 2007
Hypergraph contextual grammars for self-assembling DNA Boolean circuits modelling 2007
Implementation of the artificial neural networks to control the springback of metal sheets 2007
Improved linearity CMOS active resistor with increased frequency response and controllable equivalent resistance 2007
Improved performances linearization technique for CMOS differential structure 2007
Increasing the robustness of the sheet metal forming simulation by the prediction of the forming limit band 2007
Influence of laser diode red beams on germination rate of tomato seeds - art. no. 67851M 2007
Interplay between photonic and plasmonic modes in optical properties of silver-coated two dimensional colloidal crystals - art. no. 678518 2007
Investigation of carbon produced by methane pulsed discharge 2007
Investigation of WO(3) and TIO(2) thin films used in photocatalysis 2007
ISFET microsensors HfO(2) based for biomedical applications 2007
Iterative algorithm analysis for phase-only diffractive control access system - art. no. 678513 2007
Laser induced reorientation process in dye-doped nematic systems role of the azo-dye structure - art. no. 67850U 2007
Left-handed electromagnetism in a metallo-dielectric photonic crystal; A numerical analysis 2007
Light-induced properties in polyimides containing side azobenzene groups 2007
Logic BIST for structured ASIC 2007
Magnetic liquid surface behaviour to external stimulus - art. no. 678523 2007
Magneto-transport phenomena in nanolayered [FeCoNiB/Co/Cu/Co] n thin films 2007
Mechanical performances of an integrate micropump application in electrophoresys 2007
Memory effects in Si/SiO(2)/nano-crystalline PbS reterostructures 2007
Mesoscopic Fano effect in an Aharonov-Bohm interferometer Coulomb-coupled to a nearby quantum dot 2007
Mesoseopic ordering in the 0.9 Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.1 PbTiO3 relaxor ferroelectric: a HRTEM study 2007
Metal based sulfides, p-type semiconductors in solid state solar cells 2007
Micromachined bandpass filter with a new controlled resonance in the stopband for WLAN 5200 filter applications 2007
Millimeter wave monolithic integrated receivers based on GaAs micromachining - art. no. 64150C 2007
Modeling influences of topography on incoming solar radiation from satellite remote sensing data - art. no. 67851L 2007
Modeling vegetation reflectance from satellite remote sensing data - art. no. 67851J 2007
Modelling and evaluation of some spectroscopic parameters of Er3+ and Yb3+-doped LiNbO3 optical waveguide amplifiers - art. no. 678505 2007
Movable micromirrors - Design and simulation 2007
Multifunctional linear structure with applications in VLSI designs 2007
Multiple trapping and micro manipulation of dielectric particles with optical tweezers 2007
Multi-time method based on state equations for RF circuit analysis 2007
Nanometrology of microsystems: traceability problem in nanometrology 2007
Nanosized technology for transdermal controlled drug delivery 2007
New oxa- and oxaaza- coronands 2007
Non linear mirror mode locking operation of edge pumped Yb : YAG/YAG laser - art. no. 678506 2007
Novel approaches in the designing of the polygon scanners - art. no. 67851Q 2007
Numerical analysis of a long period waveguide grating sensor 2007
Numerical simulations and experimental researches for determining the forces of incremental sheet forming process 2007
Off-state performances of ideal Schottky barrier diodes (SBD) on diamond and silicon carbide 2007
Optical and Mossbauer studies on YAG : Eu nanocrystals synthesized by a sol-gel method - art. no. 67850A 2007
Optical and structural properties of SnO(2)-based sol-gel thin films 2007
Optical characterization of SnO(2) thin films, prepared by sol gel method, for "honeycomb" textured silicon solar cells 2007

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