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An Er : YAG blood sampling skin puncher - art. no. 678520 2007
An experimental approach of the hot wire method for measurement of the thermal conductivity 2007
Analysis of conversion efficiency of internal second-harmonic generation in InGaAs quantum-well laser diodes emitting around 960 nm 2007
Annealing effects on properties of Ba(Zn(1/3)Ta(2/3))O(3) dielectric materials 2007
Autonomous remote sensing with SAW devices 2007
BioMEMS for the determination of rheological properties of biological fluids - art. no. 64150V 2007
Broadband planar filters with enhanced couplings using defected ground structures 2007
Calixarene-doped polyaniline for applications in sensing 2007
Ceramic micro heater technology for gas sensors 2007
Characterization of Ba(0.5)Sr(0.5)TiO(3) thin films for tuneable devices 2007
Characterization of surface relief gratings of submicron period - art. no. 67851V 2007
CMOS integrated structures with optical sensors 2007
CMOS nanostructure with auto-programmable thermal loop and superior-order curvature corrected technique 2007
Compact lumped elements micromachined band-pass filters with discrete switching for 1.8/5.2 GHz applications 2007
Confocal microscopy for visualization and characterization of porous silicon samples - art. no. 67850T 2007
Connectivity improvement in wireless sensor networks based on mobile nodes 2007
Contribution of surface defects to cathodoluminescence emission spectra of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide 2007
Control charts for non-Gaussian distributions 2007
Control of springback in sheet metal U-bending through design experiment 2007
Control the springback of metal sheets, by using an artificial neural network 2007
Controlled deposition of photonic polystyrene-nano sphere films - art. no. 67850O 2007
Defect and fault modelling of a CMOS n-diffusion photodiode 2007
Defect chemistry of CuSbS(2) 2007
Design considerations and residual offset analysis for an autozero transconductance amplifier topology 2007
Design of inkjet printing head, based on electrowetting effect, for printable electronics applications 2007
Design of optoelectronics research center website 2007
Development of technology for silicon test device for genetic analyses 2007
Dielectric properties of fine grains barium titanate ceramics prepared by mechanochemical synthesis 2007
Dielectric spectra of doped and X-ray irradiated calcium fluoride crystals 2007
Double-prisms neutral density filters: a comparative approach - art. no. 67851W 2007
Effect of heat treatment on the structural and optical characteristics of polycrystalline ZnTe thin films - art. no. 67851Y 2007
Electronic and thermal nonlinear refractive indices of SOI and nanopatterned SOI measured by Z-scan method - art. no. 67850P 2007
Emergent behavioral modeling language in obstacle avoidance 2007
Enhancements of the Abeles method for refractive index determination 2007
Evaluation and control of the dopant distribution in a Nd : LiNbO3 fiber grown from the melt by the edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) method - art. no. 669803 2007
Evaluation of mean diameter values using Scherrer equation applied to electron diffraction images 2007
Evaluation of the attenuation and the optical coupling between optical fibers and waveguides 2007
Experimental drain I-V characteristics of power mos transistors and the nature of reverse leakage current of oxide passivated PN junctions 2007
Experimental investigation and numerical simulation during backward extrusion of a semi-solid al-si hypoeutectic alloy 2007
Extra curricular photonics education in Romanian high schools - art. no. 67851U 2007
Fault tolerant techniques for integrated circuits in submicron and nanotechnologies 2007
Finite element analysis on the mechanism of lamb wave generation with piezoelectric transducers 2007
Flow of non-Newtonian fluids 2007
Fourier transform digital holography - art. no. 678522 2007
FPGA implementations of cellular automata for pseudo-random number generation 2007
Fractal characteristics of metal clusters self-assembled in alkali halide matrices 2007
Full-wave electromagnetic design and analysis of broadband CRLH couplers 2007
Functionalized Si/SiO(2)quantum dots - art. no. 67850K 2007
GaN membrane MSM ultraviolet photodetectors - art. no. 641509 2007
General artificial neuron 2007

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