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Silicon supported microwave directional coupler metamaterial approach 2007
160 GHz on-chip dipole antenna structure in silicon technology 2007
High frequency carbon nanostructures that smell, weight, harvest and handle 2007
Wide band gap semiconductor SAW type devices for GHz applications, manufactured using nano-lithographic techniques 2007
Membrane supported ALN FBAR structures obtained by micromachining of high resistivity silicon 2007
An innovative and versatile topology for tunable bandpass filter 2007
High frequency devices based on graphene 2007
Non inverting differential asymmetrical CMOS comparator with intrinsic hysteresis and adjustable asymmetry 2007
Modelling and simulation of a pneumatically actuated micropump 2007
Differential piezoresistive pressure sensor 2007
Plasma surface modification of polymer substrates for selective hydrophobic control 2007
Simulation of moisture diffusion in sealing layers by using analogous thermal simulation 2007
Investigation of the piezoelectric properties of the thin films by AFM 2007
Microstructure of the AA 8006 alloy foils 2007
Improving measuring procedures in DC-DC converters 2007
Basic principles of Mossbauer spectroscopy and applications 2007
Thermal rehabilitation of a student's hostel belonging to the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara 2007
Energy efficiency of old and new buildings in Romania 2007
Homogenization of thin piezoelectric perforated shells 2007
FPGA implementation of a CTC Decoder for H-ARQ compliant WiMAX systems 2007
The semiconductor-dielectric interface from PN junction edge and the voltage dependence of leakage reverse current 2007
Comparison between Different Control Approaches of the UOP Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit 2007
Rheological study of some photo-response stimuli azo-polysiloxanes2 2007
The effect of lead ions on human erythrocytes in vitro 2007
Dezvoltarea unor catalizatori pentru purificarea gazelor de evacuare emise de motoarele Diesel 2007
The effects of ionising radiation on the biological active compounds in Hippophae Rhamnoides fruits, and on their antioxidant activity 2007
Techniques of temperature compensation in a RC oscillator 2007
1.5A DDR2 termination regulator 2007
Area efficient charge pump design with constant output power over the whole supply range 2007
High frequency programmable wide-band frequency divider design for CMOS software defined radio tranceivers 2007
Behavior modelling application for automotive industry 2007
A 10Ghz UWBCMOS LNA 2007
Protection functions in integrated low side switches 2007
Comparative NMR and IR spectral, X-ray structural and theoretical studies of eight 6-arylidenedibenzo[b,e]thiepin-11-one-5,5-dioxides 2007
Effect of flame retardants and Sb2O3 synergist on the thermal decomposition of high-impact polystyrene and on its debromination by ammonia treatment 2007
2D multiple beam interference lithography 2007
60 GHz band RF MEMS switch 2007
A global study about optical 4 f image processing filters 2007
A new class of S-type current controlled nonlinear negative resistances 2007
A novel microstructured fiber optic sensor for small deformations - art. no. 67160D 2007
A schematic layout of the magnetic field for a two beams Huygens undulator - art. no. 67850D 2007
A special laser device for dielectric breakdown generation used in ophthalmology - art. no. 67851P 2007
A survey of two-dimensional codes for optical CDMA 2007
Acquisition and applications of 3D images - art. no. 678525 2007
Admin interface of Optoelectronics Research Center 2007
Advanced magnetoresistance sensing of rotation rate for biomedical applications 2007
Advanced methods for electromagnetic investigation of PCB/PWB layouts 2007
AFM applications to the study of thin films morphology: A power spectral density approach 2007
Algorithmic aspects in RE circuit simulation 2007

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