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Road bitumens modification with polymers 2007
Rheological aspects in hybrid unconventional manufacturing process 2007
The flow simulation and optimization for the waste processing 2007
Analysis of U-235 enrichment by chemical exchange in U(IV)-U(VI) system on anionite 2007
Cyclodextrins inclusion compounds in macromolecular chemistry 2007
Flame atomic absorption spectrometry assay for copper determination in pharmaceutical products for veterinary use 2007
Composite materials designed for conservation and restoration the mural painting support. In situ applications: The Sfintii Arhangheli Mihail, Gavriil and Rafael Church, Bistrita - Valcea county 2007
Ferrimagnetic biomaterials with applications in medicine 2007
The use of blast furnace slag as a raw material in Portland clinker manufacture 2007
GREENET, innovative network for applied research in the management of mineral resources for construction 2007
On the size effects related to the ferroelectricity preservation in BaTiO3-based micro and nanostructured systems 2007
Granule ceramice poroase nutritive nutritive porous ceramic grains 2007
Basicity-properties correlations in borosilicate vitreous systems 2007
Tegular materials from Sarmizegetusa - 1. Mineralogical and physical characteristics 2007
Mineralogical aspects concerning degradation of some concrete and mortars 2007
Glass powder - Pozzolanic material 2007
Synthesis of hydroxyapatite in the presence of silicon compounds 2007
Chloride binding in cementitious materials 2007
The study of ordinary clays from Cobadin (Constantza county) used in the building ceramic industry 2007
Solid-state reactions at formation of tialite - Based products in the systems with complex composition 2007
Some aspects regarding specific surface area of the thermally activated natural zeolites 2007
Inorganic chemiluminescence materials based on lanthanoide complexes 2007
Fragility percentage evalution for the glass forming melts 2007
Rocks and minerals: Fluorite 2007
High performance composite binders. Portland cements with blast furnace slag cements for durable concretes - Part I 2007
Some contributions regarding technical and ecological compatibility of the secondary aluminium slags, with portland cement matrix 2007
Supramolecular bimetallic systems constructed through pi-pi stacking and hydrogen bond interactions 2007
Preparation and properties of polyhydroxyetheresterimides from resin 2007
Limit molecular formulas and target formulas determination for feldspar porcelain glazes 2007
Acer tataricum L. seeds - A new convenient source of gamma-linolenic acid 2007
Synthesis and characterization of complexes of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) with an aroylhydrazone ligand 2007
Synthesis and properties of organogermanium and Organotin dithiophosphonate complexes; crystal structures of (C6H5)(2)Sn(Cl)[(p-MeOC6H4)(EtO)PS2-S, S '], Me2Sn[(p-MeOC6H4)(MeO)PS2-S](2), Me2Sn[(p-MeOC6H4)((PrO)-Pr-i)PS2-S](2), and Me2Ge{[(C6H5)(3)SiO](p-MeOC6H4)PS2-S}(2) 2007
The reinforcement destruction simulation of an Al-Zn carbon fibers composite 2007
The effect of polyhydroxyurethane on dyeing of cellulosic fabrics with direct and reactive dyes 2007
Fault mechanisms in a CMOS N-diffusion photodiode 2007
Effect of randomness on magnetics and thermodynamics properties in double-exchange model 2007
A structural approach of the critical behavior of coalescence and electroconductivity in the electrolytic thin layers 2007
Selective emission of a two-spectral lines in a.c. plasmas (M-effect) 2007
Noise reduction in surface plasmon resonance images 2007
Materials supports for cultural heritage objects treated in cold plasma 2007
Technological methods for low temperature microfluidic devices microfabrication 2007
A gray-tone derived lithography method for silicon micromachining 2007
Profiled metal-ceramic matrices for MEMS application 2007
Solar panel energetic efficiency optimization method, based on an specific detector and orientation microsystem 2007
Surface functionalization for protein microarray 2007
Simulation and design of a microcantilever for biosensing application 2007
APTS bio-functionalization of porous silicon nanostructurated surface 2007
Terahertz effective magnetic activity in microstructured TiO2; A numerical study 2007
Front surface texturing processes for silicon solar cells 2007
Design and proposed technological flow of an Y-splitter waveguide grating sensor 2007

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