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Crystallized glasses with addition of fly ash 2007
Electrochemical investigation of the influence of two thiadiazole derivatives on the patina of an archaeological bronze artefact using a carbon paste electrode 2007
On the dynamics of free drops 2007
Short and long range correlation in fluctuating phenomena 2007
New metal coordination compounds of sodium {2-[(2,6-dichlorophenyl)amino]phenyl}acetate 2007
Simulation of the rotary limekiln and lime cooler 2007
Model predictive control (linear and nonlinear) of a complex FCCU 2007
Determination of cadmium in environmental samples using the methane - Air flame atomic absorption spectrometry 2007
Corrosion behavior of electrochemically deposited Zn-TiO2 nanocomposite coatings 2007
Contribution of chain ends and chain stiffness on the solution properties of polysulfone 2007
Stability of the flexible PE pipes buried in the ground 2007
Mechanical properties of epoxy resins used in compounds with insecticides 2007
Processing composites materials with polymeric matrix 2007
Determination through numerical computation of the designed and functional parameters of ultra acustic systems for ultrasonic welding of intelligent composite materials 2007
Multiobjective optimization of a free radical polymerization - Genetic algorithms 2007
The flow rate of corotating twin screw extruder. II 2007
Considerations about filling materials influence upon deflection of epoxy resin under cryogenic conditions 2007
Compozite polietilenice antisoc 2007
Study of the topochemistry of the process of suspension alkoholysis of vinyl polyacetate 2007
Aromatic-aliphatic phosphorous-containing copolyesters 2007
Rheological behaviour of some biodegradable composites with poly(vinil alcohol) and starch 2007
Wear of human prosthetic devices of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) a result of mechanical compression 2007
Synthesis and study of aromatic azopolyimides 2007
Specific aspects of the cyclotrimerisation of 4,4'-biphenylmetan diisocyanats, used to obtain isocyanic oligomers 2007
Residual tensile strength after impact of woven glass/polyester reinforced composites 2007
Interlaminar stress and delamination effect on load capacity of 259 stratified composite materials 2007
Analysis and simulation of the three-dimensional injection moulding process of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene 2007
Propylene oxide copolymerization with carbon dioxide using sterically hindered aluminium catalysts 2007
Thermal behaviour prediction of rigid polyvinyl chloride 2007
The calculus of the efficiency of the thermal homogeneity zone for its constructive optimization 2007
Kinetics study of the PET waste thermal cracking 2007
Polymeric thermo-resistant dyes 2007
The study of the behaviour of polyetetrafluorethylene dies for pasta extrusion comparative with bronze dies 2007
Retention agents of polyethyleneimine and polyaminamide epichlorhidrinic type. Synthesis, characterisation, properties 2007
Intelligent X-ray imaging inspection system for composite materials with polymeric matrix 2007
Numerical simulation and pilot scale validation for the burning process of plastic waste mixed with industrial slurry 2007
Size and shape optimization of a polymeric impact energy absorber by simulation 2007
Effect of some aromatic fused rings compounds on the radiation induced oxidative degradation of polyethylene 2007
Polyolefines mechanical recycling considering the carbonyl variation during the first life 2007
Glass fibres reinforced polimeric composites-statistic models of surface roughness 2007
New equations for determining tool wear when machining polymeric materials 2007
Greased rolling bearings deterioration in the presence of the electrical field 2007
Plasticizers and lubricants of adipic tester type with complex structure 2007
Viscoelastic behaviour analysis of the technical polymers by bidimensional pulses generation 2007
The manufacture of the composite materials by the advanced processing of waste 2007
The effects of the damaged structure of grease's soaps on ball bearings vibration 2007
Flow of fluid hydrocarbon through non-metallic pipes 2007
Chemical insertion of transition metals into some silicone-based polymer structures 2007
Experimental and theoretical research regarding the acoustical parameters influence on the ultrasound welding of inteligent composite 2007
PTFE composites and water lubrication - I. Tribogical characterisation 2007

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