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An alternative mechanism for catalase activity 2007
Synthesis and characterization of a new bismutho(III)polyoxometalate with mixed addenda 2007
Oxidation of dl-methionine (2-amino-4-methylthiobutanoic acid) by chromate. Mechanistic interpretation on the base of an one-plus rate equation 2007
Synthesis and characterization of some mixed ligand zinc(II) complexes of theophylline 2007
Crystallization processes in Fe-Pt-Nb-B melt spun ribbons 2007
Preparation, properties and electrical switching effects in GeSb2Te4 and (GeSb2Te4)(90)(SnSe2)(10) amorphous films 2007
Thickness oscillation effect in photoexpansion and photocontraction of amorphous selenium 2007
Electrolytic reduction of Tl+ ions in KCl crystals 2007
AFM and complementary XRD measurements of in situ grown YBCO films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2007
An algorithm for preparing bioactive fluorinated hydroxyapatite coatings by sol gel technique 2007
Functional carbonic structures with applications in cardio-vascular implantology 2007
Thickness dependence of crystallization process for hydroxyapatite thin films 2007
Spectroscopic evidence for the bulk polymerization of N-vinyl carbazole in the presence of single-walled carbon nanotubes 2007
Structural transition and intermediate (Boolchand) phase in amorphous thin films of the AS(2)S(3)-GeS2 system 2007
Low temperature two-dimensional behaviour of spin and orbital moments in Ni monolayers grown on Cu(001) 2007
Hydroxyapatite-iron oxide bioceramic prepared using nano-size powders 2007
Influence of geometrical properties on light emission of ZnO nanowires 2007
Percolation phenomena in Si-SiO2 nanocomposite films 2007
Rotational fluctuations of water confined to layered oxide materials: Nonmonotonous temperature dependence of relaxation times 2007
Interfacial tension of some liquid crystals in the cyanobiphenyl series at the interface with glycerol 2007
Preparation of Ba2Ti9O20 from oxalates 2007
Synthesis of iron-doped anatase-TiO2 powders by a particulate sol-gel route 2007
Multilayer coatings of tininb shape memory alloys 2007
Evaluation of fundamental processes in macromolecular structures radiolysis using quantum-chemical methods 2007
Molecular dynamics in ammonium dihydrogen phosphate using incoherent neutron scattering 2007
Structure, morphology and magnetic properties of Fe-Au core-shell nanoparticles 2007
Formation of layered structure on bismuth-borate glass surface 2007
Crystallization of PLD deposited ITO thin films by thermal treating in various gaseous environments 2007
Quantitative accelerated life testing of MEMS accelerometers 2007
Pulsed laser deposition of co-based Tailored-Heusler alloys 2007
Ozone profiles over the South Pole from ground-based retrievals and satellite data 2007
Influence of the spacer layer on microstructure and magnetic properties of [NdFeB/(NbCu)] x n thin films 2007
Evaluation of the radioprotective activity of new green tea-collagen materials 2007
Polymer composites with cellulose microfibrils 2007
Properties of composite materials from polyethylene and cellulose microfibrils 2007
The Kissinger law and the IKP method for evaluating the non-isothermal kinetic parameters 2007
The capture of magnetic colloids at flow regimes specific to the capillary blood vessels 2007
Monitorizing nitinol alloy surface reactions for biofouling studies 2007
Biocompatible structures based on hybrid organic-inorganic nanocrystalline materials 2007
Polyvinyl alcohol - Na montmorillonite nanocomposites films obtained by solution intercalation 2007
Spectroscopic investigation of beta-cyclodextrin -metoprolol tartrate inclusion complexes 2007
On the selection of the experimental parameters in a thermal-wave-resonator-cavity (TWRC) configuration 2007
Modeling and simulation of pollutant dust wave from a foundry 2007
Fuel cells and nanoparticles 2007
Simulation of an industrial complex FCCU - Part I: Builiding the model and validation 2007
Atomic force microscopy studies of two composites based on surface active glasses and different copolymers and their stability in biologic fluid 2007
Simulation of an industrial complex FCCU - Part II: Study of the process dynamic behavior 2007
Determination of fatty acids and total lipid content in oilseed of sunflower genotypes grown in Romania 2007
A paradigm for O-O bond cleavage in ferric-hydroperoxo complexes 2007
Catalytic synthesis of hydrogen iodide from iodine and water in the presence of carbon monoxide as reducing agent 2007

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