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Setup and procedure of optical reflectometry to check the stage of finishing during the abrasive magneto-rheological polishing of glass surface 2007
Nanoporous glass in Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 oxidic system, for potential biomedical applications 2007
Growth of metal-oxide semiconductor nanocomposite thin films by a dual-laser, dual target deposition system 2007
Selective plant extracts with application in the therapy of chronic fatigue sindrome 2007
Structural and magnetic transitions in CaMn1-xWxO3 2007
New pyrazole derivatives as lydocaine analogues 2007
Theoretical study of DHEAS: The electronic properties of a complex between DHEAS and serotonin by comparative calculations HF and DFT 2007
Mass transfer at solid dissolution suspended by stirring 2007
Comparative study concerning the X-ray fluorescence analysis of the pressed and molten slug samples 2007
Hydrothermal synthesis of Al1-XGaXPO4 and Ga1-xFeXPO4 alpha-quartz single crystal 2007
Optical transmission and Raman spectroscopy of aluminophosphate glasses containing chromium and manganese ions 2007
Disorder effects in the fluorescence spectra of Eu(3+) in langatate (La(3)Ga(5.5)Ta(0.5)O(14)) crystals 2007
Pump wavelengths for an Er : YLiF4 green-emitting laser 2007
ITO thin films deposited by advanced pulsed laser deposition 2007
Electron spectroscopy studies of the diamond like carbonic thin films 2007
Characterization of pulsed laser deposition plasmas using fast-framing photography and emission spectroscopy 2007
Investigations of NCPM second harmonic generation and self frequency doubling in Gd1-x-yRxNdyCa4O(BO3)(3) (R = Sc or Lu) crystals 2007
The Fourier transform in optics: from continuous to discrete or from analogous experiment to digital calculus 2007
Interfacial titanium oxide between hydroxyapatite and TiAlFe substrate 2007
Thin films of polyaniline deposited by MAPLE technique 2007
Thin films of NdFeB deposited by PLD technique 2007
Morphological and structural studies of WOx thin films deposited by laser ablation 2007
High-k dielectric oxides obtained by PLD as solution for gates dielectric in MOS devices 2007
Nanocrystalline Er : YAG thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition: An electron microscopy study 2007
Thin films of advanced oxidic materials obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2007
Preparation and characterization of titanium oxy-nitride thin films 2007
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of poly(D,L-lactide) thin films for controlled-release drug systems 2007
The synthesis of DLC using a novel cathodic arc technique: Gas-TVA 2007
Biomolecular papain thin films growth by laser techniques 2007
Improved performance of non-thermal plasma reactor during decomposition of trichloroethylene: Optimization of the reactor geometry and introduction of catalytic electrode 2007
Laser-synthesized carbon nanopowders for nanoscale reinforced hybrid composites 2007
Degradation of organic dyes in water by electrical discharges 2007
General characteristics of the thermoionic vacuum arc plasma 2007
Changes of the nitrogen 2-nd positive system due to small methane addition 2007
Structural investigations on TiO2 and Fe-doped TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis 2007
Effects of some synthesis parameters on the structure of titania nanoparticles obtained by laser pyrolysis 2007
Structural characteristics of Fe3C-based nanomaterials prepared by laser pyrolysis from different gas-phase precursors 2007
Amplification of noble gas ion lines in the afterglow of a pulsed hollow cathode discharge and possible benefit for analytical glow discharge mass spectrometry 2007
Chlorinated organic compounds decomposition in a dielectric barrier discharge 2007
On the energy transfer in an optical coupler 2007
Mass spectrometry and ion energy analysis of the carbon TVA plasma for the synthesis of DLC films 2007
Nanostructural disorder in hydrogenated amorphous silicon 2007
Hybrid approach to the synthesis of FePt/Fe3B nanocomposite magnets 2007
X-ray optics - a tool for X-ray diagnostic and therapy 2007
Extrinsic tunneling magnetoresistance in thick films of CrO2-polystyrene composite 2007
(Te/SnSe2)(3) multilayers deposited by pulsed laser deposition. Structure and gas sensing properties 2007
Investigation of the properties of indium tin oxide-organic contacts for optoelectronic applications 2007
Crystallization processes and phase evolution in amorphous Fe-Pt-Nb-B alloys 2007
Ge dots embedded in silicon dioxide using sol-gel deposition 2007
Thermally and pressure activated phase evolution in Fe-Pt-Nb-B melt spun ribbons 2007

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