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Gold and silver/Si nanocomposite layers 2007
Antimicrobial colloidal silver solutions. Preparation and characterization 2007
Chemiluminescence in ozone detection. III. Measurements in liquid phase 2007
The influence of chemical nature on the corrosion behaviour of some dental alloys in Fusayama-Meyer artificial saliva 2007
Using classification to derive aerosol number density from lidar measurements 2007
The relation between electrochemical tests and in vitro evaluation of titanium alloy biocompatibility 2007
Molecular sieves SBA-15 type doped with heteropolyacids: textural and structural properties 2007
Calculul predictiv al densitatii si volumului molar aparent in sistemele mixte de electroliti H2O-NaCl-KCl si H2O-KCl-CaCl2 2007
Studiul eficientei unor inhibitori de coroziune in solutii apoase 2007
Bioactive glass and hydroxyapatite thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2007
Correlation of ZnO thin film surface properties with conductivity 2007
Preparation and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol - colloidal silver nanocomposites 2007
Thermal degradation of some polymaleamides 2007
Polyimides with 3,3'-bipyrrolidine-2,2',5,5'-tetrone units 2007
Ceramic composites with improved thermo-mechanical properties 2007
Fuzzy logic used to control a N-15 isotop separation plant 2007
Mathematical description of a batch fermentation process 2007
Chemical binding and structure of carbonic thin films with advanced properties studied by electron spectroscopy 2007
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of cinnamate-pullulan and tosylate-pullulan polysaccharide derivative thin films for pharmaceutical applications 2007
The structure of chemical particles 2007
Paramagnetic silica-coated gold nanoparticles 2007
Deposition and characterization of BiFeO3 thin films on different substrates 2007
Computational study of the molecular complexes between cholesterol and two isomers of the pralidoxime (PAM) 2007
Monitoring of titanium base alloys-biofluids interface 2007
Preparation of macroporous acrylamide-based hydrogels: Cryogelation under isothermal conditions 2007
Novel poly(phenylene vinylenes) with well-defined poly(epsilon-caprolactone) or polystyrene as lateral substituents: Synthesis and characterization 2007
Method validation in quantitative electrochemical analysis of colchicine using glassy carbon electrode 2007
Computer simulation of fatigue crack propagation under random loading conditions 2007
Study of underload effects on the delay induced by an overload in fatigue crack propagation 2007
Stoichiometric arsenic sulphoselenides as testing probes for positron trapping in chalcogenide glasses 2007
PIXE and RBS analysis of Fe-Cu nanoalloy 2007
Lanthanum zirconate nanoparticles and ceramics produced using a nitrate-modified alkoxide synthesis route 2007
First-principles calculations of parameters of electron-vibrational interaction and estimations of Jahn-Teller stabilization energy for Cr3+ ion in elpasolites 2007
Composition dependence of Pr3+ spectral characteristics in strontium lanthanum aluminate crystals 2007
Electrochemical aspects of some alloys behaviour in alkaline media with and without sodium chloride 2007
High strength Ti-Fe-Sn ultrafine composites with large plasticity 2007
Complex space charge structures in laboratory and natural plasmas 2007
Models and simulations of nuclear fuel materials properties 2007
Microstructural investigation of some biocompatible ferrofluids 2007
On magnetic fluid synthesis and light scattering anisotropy parameter 2007
Dimensional analysis of aqueous magnetic fluids 2007
Packaging of a flexible polyelectrolyte inside a viral capsid: Effect of salt concentration and salt valence 2007
Field induced magnetic phase transition as a magnon Bose Einstein condensation 2007
Structure of PZT thin films deposited on stainless steel and on platinum/silicon substrate 2007
Pyrolysis of polyphenylenes with PCL or/and PSt side chains 2007
High k materials used to manufacture miniaturised dielectric antennas for military applications 2007
Sensors based on solid electrolytes 2007
BST thin films obtained by PLD for applications in electronics 2007
Effect of different carbon sources on the growth of single-walled carbon nanotube from MCM-41 containing nickel 2007
Theoretical approach regarding nanometrology of the metal nanoclusters used in heterogeneous catalysis by powder x-ray diffraction method 2007

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