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Activation energy for the ignition of the catalytic oxidation of methanol in oscillatory regime 2007
New possible ionic structures in Wittig reaction - Analysis of stability and rotation barriers by semiempirical PM3 method 2007
Organic solvent-free synthesis of phosphorus-containing polymers 2007
Processing of oxide advanced ceramics as inert electrodes 2007
Detection of aniline at boron-doped diamond electrodes with cathodic stripping voltammetry 2007
EPR spin probe investigation into the synthesis of mesoporous silica from the water/acetonitrile/n-dodecylamine system 2007
Synthesis, characterization and fluorescence study of new polyacrylates containing stilbene 2007
In situ nylon 6/graphite composites. Physico-mechanical properties 2007
Effect of the support on texture and structure of some keggin-type heteropolyacids 2007
Aluminium influence on chemical eequilibrium composition characteristics at missile fuel burning 2007
Development of a kinetic model to predict the influence of the process temperature on a technological alcoholic fermentation - I. The kinetic model base 2007
Fe-doped TiO2 thin films 2007
The chemistry of the phosphates of barium and tetravalent cations in the 1 : 1 stoichiometry 2007
A frequency-domain analysis of the order-to-disorder transitions of a perturbed double layer dynamics 2007
The influence of Mn doping level on magnetostriction coefficient of cobalt ferrite 2007
Experimental and micromagnetic first-order reversal curves analysis in NdFeB-based bulk "exchange spring" - type permanent magnets 2007
Piezo- and thermo-switch investigation of the spin-crossover compound [Fe(PM-BiA)(2)(NCS)(2)] 2007
Magnetic properties of the BaTiO3-(Ni, Zn) Fe2O4 multiferroic composites 2007
Optical investigation of spin-crossover in cobalt(II) bis-terpy complexes 2007
Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of halo-methyl-bis(salicylaldehyde) ethylenediamine cobalt(II) complexes 2007
Some poly(carboxybetaines) and their solution properties 2007
Study by thermal methods on the materials obtained by dye removal from waste waters with beech flour 2007
Effect of solvent nature and spacer structure from zwitterionic moieties on the conformation of some poly(carboxybetaines) based on poly(n-vinylimidazole) 2007
Electrical characterisation of a double DBD in He at atmospheric pressure used for surface treatments 2007
Influence of material anisotropy in the switching toggle mode in MRAM devices 2007
The history of magnetization process influence on FMR response of particle systems 2007
On the hydrophilicity of nitrogen-doped TiO(2) thin films 2007
The study of the influence of Al and Sn doping on the optical and electrical properties of ZnO thin films 2007
Preparation and characterization of increased-efficiency photocatalytic TiO2-2xNx thin films 2007
The influence of the substrate nature on the iron repartition in the titania matrix 2007
Surface and bulk magnetic behavior of Fe-Si-B amorphous thin films 2007
Optical characterization of vacuum evaporated CdZnTe thin films deposited by a multilayer method 2007
pH modulation of transport properties of alamethicin oligomers inserted in zwitterionic-based artificial lipid membranes 2007
Structural characterization and optical properties of ZnSe thin films 2007
Effect of Zn : Se ratio and of the heat-treatment on the optical properties of multi-stacked Zn/Se nanolayered thin films 2007
The energetic states of quantum dots in the presence of a metallic layer 2007
The effect of DC Joule-heating on magnetic structure of conventional amorphous wires 2007
The structural and optical characterization of thin-film ZnTe/CdSe heterojunctions 2007
Pyridazine and phthalazine derivatives with potential antimicrobial activity 2007
Dynamics of the wetting process on dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)-treated wood surfaces 2007
On the structural changes during thermal oxidation of evaporated Zn thin films 2007
Continuous wavelet and derivative transforms for the simultaneous quantitative analysis and dissolution test of levodopa-benserazide tablets 2007
Determination of trace elements in Danube water: results of the regional-interlaboratory study 2007
Low-temperature magnetic properties of Fe3C/iron oxide nanocomposite 2007
Zero temperature conductance of parallel T-shape double quantum dots 2007
The source of the carbon monoxide in the classical Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction 2007
The effect of potassium addition on the state of the components in the oxide precursor of the (Ni)(Mo)/gamma-Al2O3 water-gas shift catalysts: FT-TR, diffuse reflectance and Raman spectroscopic studies 2007
Influence of in situ nitrogen pressure on crystallization of pulsed laser deposited AlN films 2007
Influence of P(V) on the characteristics of calcium silicates and the hydration of clinkers 2007
Solid state properties of oligomers, containing dithienothiophene or fluorene residues suitable for field effect transistor devices 2007

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