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AB monomers: II, synthesis and polymerization of AB monomers containing citracon- or maleimide and allylphenyl groups 2007
Influence of calcination temperature on the electrical signal of SnSe2 sensors 2007
New considerations on mechanisms involved in M-effect in electropositive-electronegative gas mixtures 2007
Strength control in multiple optical traps generated by means of diffractive optical elements 2007
Determination of the efficiency level of the camouflage net 2007
Analogy between Lorenz-Robbins system and the laser equations 2007
The characterization of some new dental composites 2007
Synchronization of chaotic lasers using an active control 2007
High temperature variable-range hopping conductivity in undoped TiO2 thin film 2007
Extrinsic tunneling magnetoresistance in thick films of CrO2 - polystyrene composite 2007
Helical chirality of pyrrolo[1,2-a][4,5]diazafluoren-5-one derivatives 2007
New N-bridgehead heterocyclic compounds. II. Carbamoyl-substituted azaindolizines 2007
Reaction of 2-(alpha-bromoacetyl)-phenoxathiin with substituted o-, m-, or p-formyl-aroxides 2007
Synthesis and fluorescent properties of new derivatives of 4-amino-7-nitrobenzofurazan 2007
Reliability accelerated testing of MEMS acccelerometers 2007
Robust assembling system for photosynthesis-based microbiosensors 2007
BioMEMS microprobe for electrical activity recording of living cells 2007
Investigation of liposome based chondroitin sulphate effects on human chondrocites 2007
Replication techniques for micro-optics 2007
Comparative characterization of PbS macro- and nano-crystalline photoresistive detectors 2007
Design of a thermooptical modulator based on SOI waveguides 2007
SiO2-TiO2 undoped or (Er3+) doped thin layers for integrate optics prepared by sol-gel method 2007
Structural and electro-optical properties of ZnO thin films 2007
The EDFA model based on BDI processes 2007
Dielectric resonators for microwave and millimeter wave applications 2007
Antennas with prefractal geometry for wireless communications 2007
Preparation and magnetic properties of Fe-W and Ni-W composite coatings 2007
Sintering distorsion produced by differences in green density and sample shape of PZT compacted powders 2007
Coprecipitation synthesis of Ag-doped ZnO nanopowders 2007
Some contributions to the understanding of the puzzle of physical processes of degradation in irradiated silicon 2007
Synthesis and characterization of some functional polyimides 2007
Gas-sensing by Polymer-Iron nanocomposite materials 2007
The influence of the wetting layer morphology on the nucleation and the evolution of InAs/GaAs (001) Quantum Dots 2007
Nanostructured silicon for optical biosensors 2007
An XPS study on N doped TiO2 sol-gel thin films 2007
Aromatic polyimides containing cyano substituents for high performance applications 2007
Fluorinated heterocyclic polyimides for potential use in RF MEMS devices 2007
Hydroxy - Functionalized polyimides as materials for advanced applications 2007
Photochromic behavior of new azo - Polyimides 2007
The development of crystalline Sb2S3 thin films as buffer layer or as absorber material for three-dimensional (3d) solar cells 2007
Nano-metrology between necessity and reality 2007
Why the energy levels observed in electrical transport, phototransport and photoluminescence are different? 2007
Fabrication of diamond based Schottky Barrier Diodes with oxide ramp termination 2007
Ensemble Monte Carlo simulation of a pseudomorphic HEMT structure 2007
Voltage feedback operational amplifier DC open loop gain nonlinearity measurements spice set-up 2007
Optimal hardware implementation of a feedforward neural network topology using a genetic algorithm for prunning 2007
Burst mode switching mechanism for an inductorless DC-DC converter 2007
Laser trimming modeling of thin film integrated resistors 2007
Modified SOI-MOSFET structure with shallows diffusions 2007
Calculation of the depletion region width and barrier capacitance of diffused semiconductor junctions with application to reach-through breakdown voltage of semiconductor devices with diffused base 2007

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