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Compositional asynchronous membrane systems 2007
Cellular modelling using P systems and process algebra 2007
Liquid crystalline epoxy azomethine thermoset 2007
Modeling of thin-layer chromatographic separation of androstane isomers 2007
Use of Di(n-butyl) and Di(iso-butyl)dithiophosphoric acids as complexing agents in the TLC separation of some d and f transition metal ions 2007
HPTLC and GC-MS for separation and identification of eugenol in plants 2007
Thermal polymerization of benzoxazine monomers followed by GPC, FTIR and DETA 2007
Pulsed laser deposition of hydroxyapatite thin films 2007
Laser processing of natural mussel adhesive protein thin films 2007
The aggregation of nonionic surfactants in the presence of poly(methacrylic acid) 2007
Enhancement of carbon dioxide absorption in potassium carbonate solutions using chemical reaction promoters in liquid phase II. Absorbtion with chemical reaction: Promoter effect 2007
Synthesis by oxalic (citric) route and electrical and magnetic characterization of Sr2FeMoO6 perovskite 2007
Synthesis of functionally graded bioactive glass-apatite multistructures on Ti substrates by pulsed laser deposition 2007
Acid benzotiazole dyes used to dye the protein supports 2007
On the possibility of using short chain length mono-carboxylic acids for stabilization of magnetic fluids 2007
Determination opf hydrosoluble vitamins content and antioxidant capacity of some yeast strains with probiotic potential 2007
Microwire array for giant magneto-impedance detection of magnetic particles for biosensor prototype 2007
Application of some magnetic nanocompounds in the protection against sun radiation 2007
New magnetic organic-inorganic composites based on hydrotalcite-like anionic clays for drug delivery 2007
Effect of interface in natural fiber-polymer composites 2007
Enhancing of carbon dioxide absorption in potasium carbonate solutions using chemical reaction promoters in liquid phase. 1. Evaluation of physical absorption parameters 2007
Plasma induced pyrrole polymerization 2007
Study of extraction columns with cylindrical rotor-flooding 2007
Study regarding the influence of active yeast 5 "Agglocompact" in the process of sparkling wines production using the classis "Champenoise" method 2007
Study of Taylor bubble eccentricity on the movement speed in slug biphasic flow 2007
Study of 316L stainless steel corrosion in cvasibiological conditions 2007
Aspects regarding the kinetics of phenols degradation by Pseudomonas putida 2007
The influence of crystalline additives on the properties of raw glazes 2007
Studies concerning the protection of cationic dyes derivatives of heterocyclic 2-aminothiazole [4,5-f]indazole system using UV 2-(2 '-hydroxy-5-methyl-3 '-sulphophenyl)-benzotriazole 2007
Synthesis of some Schiff-base of copper tetraaminiphtalocyanine derivates 2007
Researches regarding the vitrification of a galvanic waste 2007
Electrocodeposition and characterization of cobalt lanthanide oxides composite coatings 2007
Vegetal antioxidants obtained from Hyperycum perforatum species 2007
FEM model of butt cold welding 2007
Network structure of multi-component sodium borosilicate glasses by neutron diffraction 2007
Structural and optical characterization of undoped, doped, and clustered ZnO thin films obtained by PLD for gas sensing applications 2007
T-c behaviour of 2212 and 2223 phases in (Bi,Pb)Sr(Ca2-xYx)CuO/2223 2007
Comparative study of the photoinitiating reactivity of the acylphosphonates and acylphosphine oxides 2007
New tendencies in restoration-conservation: The hf plasma. II - Decontamination treatment in cold plasma 2007
Electrical DC conduction mechanism in some newly synthesized nylon 6/12 copolymers 2007
Novel supports based on polysaccharides for sustained-release of isosorbide dinitrate 2007
Photochemical aspects in anthracene-containing cationic polyurethanes 2007
Determination of Young's and shear moduli of common yew and Norway spruce by means of ultrasonic waves 2007
Recyclable copper catalysts based on imidazolium-tagged bis(oxazolines): A marked enhancement in rate and enantioselectivity for Diels-Alder reactions in ionic liquid 2007
Sterically stabilized water based magnetic fluids: Synthesis, structure and properties 2007
Studies on chemical bath deposited zinc sulphide thin films with special optical properties 2007
Synthesis and characterisation of europium activated yttrium oxide fine powders 2007
The irradiation effects on zirconium alloys 2007
Transport, thermal and magnetic properties of Ru(1-x)SbxSr2(Gd0.7Ce0.3)(2)Cu2O10-d 2007

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