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Results from the use of molecular descriptors family on structure property/activity relationships 2007
Characterization of birch tree leaves, buds and bark dry extracts with antitumor activity 2007
Nanostructurated materials for hyperthermia treatment of bone tumors 2007
Spectroscopic studies of copper (II) complexes with some amino acids 2007
Microstructuration of protein matrices by laser-induced photochemistry 2007
Spectroscopic investigation of trinuclear metallic cluster encapsulated in silico 9-wolframic heteropolyanion 2007
Bioactivity evaluation of new silver doped bone cement for prosthetic surgery 2007
Adsorption behavior of hyaluronidase onto silver nanoparticles and PMMA bone substitute 2007
Raman and SERS investigations of trihydrate amoxicillin 2007
Secondary structure analysis of barley aleurone holoprotein by FTIR spectroscopy 2007
Extracting intramolec war dynamics informations from conventional and remote protons CP/MAS NMR build-up curves 2007
Obtaining bamboo-structured, multiwalled carbon nanotubes using the spray pyrolysis method 2007
Synthesis and Raman characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes growth by injection chemical vapour deposition 2007
High accuracy photopyroelectric calorimetry. Application to liquid mixtures and composites 2007
Atomic environment changes in titanium-hydroxyapatite sintered powders induced by mechanical strain 2007
Spectroscopic and magnetic studies of new vanadyl tungstophosfate and tungstoarsenate with an open well-Dawson structures 2007
New heteropolyoxometalates with Keggin and Dawson structure and with mixed addend atoms 2007
Spectroscopic characterization of some grape extracts with potential role in tumor growth inhibition 2007
The influence of erbium ions on Bi2O3-PbO glass structure 2007
Superconductor-insulator transition induced by nanodefects in Y : 123 bulk HTS 2007
Experimental and DFT investigation of 5-para-nitro-benziliden-tiazolidin-2-tion-4-ona 2007
Spectroscopic evidence of La(III) complex of coumarin-3-carboxylic acid with cytotoxic activity 2007
Structural properties of silver nanoclusters-phosphate glass composites 2007
Effects of chemical structure and plasma treatment on the surface properties of polysulfones 2007
Fast RPLC-UV method on short sub-two microns particles packed column for the assay of tenoxicam in plasma samples 2007
Magnetic properties and electronic structures of GdCo3-xSix compounds 2007
Species connectivities and reaction mechanisms from neutral response experiments 2007
Fuzzy divisive hierarchical clustering of soil data using Gustafson-Kessel algorithm 2007
Theoretical study of neutral and reduced hexacyanobutadiene 2007
Nonthermal plasma abatement of trichloroethylene enhanced by photocatalysis 2007
Non-nanogold catalysis of reactions of isocyanides, secondary amines, and oxygen to give ureas 2007
Charge transfer between the PO4- of DNA and the arginine(+) and lysine(+) side chains of proteins 2007
New unsaturated derivatives of Xanthan gum: Synthesis and characterization 2007
Ti-base bulk nanostructure-dendrite composites: Microstructure and deformation 2007
Synthesis of [5-H-3]uracil nucleoside analogue 2007
177Lu-DOTA-Tyr3-TATE radiotherapy experiments using animal models. Flow cytometric analysis in evaluation of therapeutic effect 2007
Preparation of H-3-labelled testosterone metabolites 2007
Thermodynamic study of phenol sorption from aqueous solutions on styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers 2007
The influence of the morphology of collagen extracts on the properties of the nanocomposites with natural silicates 2007
Study of the compatibility polymer/layered silicate in nanocomposites with polystyrene matrix 2007
Preparation of fibrous supports for the covalent immobilization of enzymes 2007
The influence of UV-A laser radiation upon the cancer markers TPS and CA15-3 2007
Carbon synthesis in methane plasma 2007
Diffractive patterns correlation with shape and structure of imprint objects 2007
Development of a rotation sensor based on anisotropic magneto resistance effect 2007
Complexes of 3d(n) metal ions with thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity 2007
Ultrasonically driven continuous process for vegetable oil transesterification 2007
Ramp oxide termination structure using high-k dielectrics for high voltage diamond Schottky diodes 2007
Probabilistic transitions for P systems 2007
Computing along the axon 2007

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