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Analytic results for a phase transition in a planar array of chains 2007
Bis-aniline compounds as potential candidates for molecular electronics: experimental and DFT investigation on 4,4 '-diaminodiphenyloxide 2007
Understanding plasmonic properties and surface-enhanced Raman scattering of silver coated colloidal crystals 2007
IR and EPR investigations of V2O5-P2O5-CaF2 glass system 2007
Evaluating the thermal treatment parameters effect on the anatase nano crystallites size of titania aero gels 2007
Effective diffusion in partially filled nanoscopic and microscopic pores 2007
Structural investigation of bismuth germanium system doped with gadolinium 2007
Two-photon laser deposition of gold nanowires 2007
FT-Raman and NMR investigation of the protein extracted from barley aleurone cells 2007
Self-assembled multilayers of gold nanoparticles as versatile platforms for molecular sensing by Fourier transform-surface enhanced scattering (FT-SERS) and surface enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA) 2007
Mass-spectrometry - a method for determining deuterium's distribution in the body of the mammals under the effect of deuterium's depleting medium 2007
Theoretical and experimental study of Aripriprazole molecule 2007
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of AlMnNi6 and Al7Mn3Ni30 2007
Dielectric and morphological studies of BST ferroelectric ceramics 2007
Extrinsic magnetoresistance near room temperature in the La-Ca manganites doped with Cu 2007
Thermal stability of some new complexes bearing ligands with polymerizable groups 2007
Evaluation of oily soil biodegradability by means of thermoanalytical methods 2007
Achiral-chiral LC/LC-FLD coupling for determination of carvedilol in plasma samples for bioequivalence purposes 2007
Magnetic properties of nanometric Fe-based particles obtained by laser-driven pyrolysis 2007
The organophosphoric ligands - Complexing agents in thin layer chromatography 2007
UV-VIS and fluorescence spectra of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin and meso-tetrakis-(4-methoxyphenyl) porphyrin in THF and THF-Water systems. The influence of pH 2007
Evaluation of soil pollution with copper, lead, zinc and cadmium in the mining area Baia Mare 2007
Synthesis and characterization of calix[4]arene with different donor groups at the "NARROW" RIM 2007
Physico-chemical characterization of the sandwich-type complexe of the trilacunary arseno(V)Polyoxotungstate with manganese (II) 2007
Four new topological indices based on the molecular path code 2007
Synthesis, stereochemistry and adsorption studies of new spiranes and polyspiranes containing 1,2-dithiolane units 2007
Determination of some polyphenolic compounds in buds of Alnus and Corylus species by HPLC 2007
Crystal order in Cu2S thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis 2007
Low temperature synthesis of LaNiO3 perovskite via a dinuclear complex 2007
The colloidal route of the sol-gel process - an alternative to produce Fe3O4-SiO2 nanocomposites 2007
A new simulation method based on artificial neural networks for a special class of nanomagnetic materials design 2007
YIG ferrite magnetostatic wave cascaded resonators 2007
Crystalline and electronic structure of gold nanoclusters determined by EXAFS, XRD and XPS methods 2007
The importance of deoxyribonucleic acid adducts in biochemistry and xenobiochemistry 2007
Determination of nimesulide and its active metabolite in plasma samples based on solvent deproteinization and bplc-dad analysis 2007
The safety of environment in final disposal of ultima gold scintillation liquid cocktail used for determination of the radioactive content in various samples at cernavoda nuclear power plant 2007
Synthesis and characterization of spinelic ferrites obtained from coordination compounds as precursors 2007
Time-resolved photoluminescence of terbium-doped microporous-mesoporous Zeotile-1 materials 2007
Thermal behavior of isotactic poly(propylene)/maleated poly(propylene) blends 2007
Influence of pigment properties on UV-curing efficiency 2007
Mesoporous Pt-SiO(2) and Pt-SiO(2)-Ta(2)O(5) catalysts prepared using Pt colloids as templates 2007
Spectroscopic investigation of tetranuclear clusters encapsulated in some polyoxometalate complexes 2007
Novel microwave bandpass filters using defected-ground structures 2007
Characterization by nanoindentation and Scanning Electron Microscopy of the spin valves structures prepared by Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) method 2007
High magnetostrictive doped cobalt ferrite 2007
Molecular dynamics simulation of defect formation in irradiated face centered cubic materials 2007
Primary defects in silicon: existence, characteristics, and their role after high fluence irradiation 2007
Light absorption process in CdSxSe1-x doped alumino-phosphate glass 2007
On the Hall effect in low magnetostrictive Co68.25Fe4.5Si12.25B15 amorphous ribbons 2007
Properties of the carbon thin films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc 2007

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