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New heterocyclic compounds with antimicrobian action obtained through cycling of a N '-aciltiosemicabazide 2007
Evaluation of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters for antigen-antibody interactions by ELISA technique 2007
Obtaining and study of reactive antrachinonic dyes 2007
Fragility degree evaluation of glass formic from Na2O-SiO2 2007
Synthesis of ipsenol and ipsdienol pheromonic compounds for Scolytidae agrregation 2007
Conformational analysis with AMBER and AM1 methods of a partial agonist, (R)-2-[(4-phenyl-butylamino)-methyl]chroman-7-ol active on the dopaminic D2 receptor 2007
Graphene layers from thermal oxidation of exfoliated graphite plates 2007
Prediction of performances of some aqueous pigment dispersions for leather finishing 2007
Nonlinear effects in the bold response for short stimulus duration heterogeneity of hemodynamic response 2007
Structural investigation of MnO-P2O5-TeO2 glasses by FTIR spectroscopy 2007
Weaknesses of the pseudo-Voigt distribution used in the characterization of nanostructured materials based on the powder X-ray diffraction method 2007
Nanoparticulate precipitates in Y : 123 thin rilms 2007
Structure and dissolution investigation of calcium-bismuth-borate glasses and vitroceramics containing silver 2007
Comparative investigations of the absorption and fluorescence spectra of tetrapyridylporphyrine and Zn(II) tetrapyridylporphyrine 2007
A study on iron oxide nanoparticles coated with dextrin obtained by coprecipitation 2007
Localization and movement of native interstitials in chlorinated SrCl2 : Fe crystals 2007
Analytical modeling for the electron emission properties of carbon nanotube arrays 2007
NHC-Ru complexes- Friendly catalytic tools for manifold chemical transformations 2007
The advantageous way of getting the lowest uncertainty values of elemental concentration by INAA 2007
Investigation of chemical and grain-boundary effects in the Zr-doped La2/3Sr1/3ZrxMn1-xO3 manganites 2007
Magnetic and structural properties of SmCo5/alpha-Fe nanocomposites 2007
AC magnetic properties of the soft magnetic composites based on nanocrystalline Ni-Fe powders obtained by mechanical alloying 2007
State diagram for spin current-induced magnetization dynamics using a perpendicular polarizer and a planar free layer 2007
Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of perovskites La0.67Ca0.33Mn1-xCoxO3 (0.5 <= x <= 1) 2007
The influences of the packing ligand on spin state and magnetic interactions in new oxalates with 3d-transition metals 2007
Process of heat and mass transfers during comoulding of multilayer bottles: effect of parameters 2007
The synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) by catalytic pyrolysis of the phenol-formaldehyde resins 2007
Kinetics of thermal degradation in non-isothermal conditions of some phosphorus-containing polyesters and polyesterimides 2007
Poly(thienyl-phenylene)s with macromolecular side chains by oxidative polymerization of well-defined macromonomers 2007
Carbon nanotubes growth from C2H2 and C2H4/NH3 by catalytic LCVD on supported iron-carbon nanocomposites 2007
Structural and sensing properties of a novel Fe/Fe2O3/polyoxocarbosilane core shell nanocomposite powder prepared by laser pyrolysis 2007
Saturated amine oxides: Part 8. Hydroacridines: Part 27. Effects of N-oxidation and of N-quaternization on the N-15 NMR chemical shifts of N-methylpiperidine-derived mono-, bi-, and tricycloaliphatic tertiary amines 2007
Performance of concrete bars on industrial platform substations 2007
Acid gas absorption in trickle flow columns - Modelling of the residence time distribution of a pilot plant 2007
Energy recover device based on magnetostrictive amorphous magnetic ribbons 2007
High magnetostrictive cobalt ferrite for sensor applications 2007
Magnetic domains structure of DC Joule-heated conventional amorphous wires 2007
The effect of a metallic layer on energetic states of quantum dots 2007
Cd(II) extraction in PEG-based two-phase aqueous systems in the presence of iodide ions. Analysis of PEG-rich solid phases 2007
Study of flocculation with PONILIT GT-2 anionic polyelectrolyte applied into a chemical wastewater treatment 2007
Quantum chemistry computation of stability constant of cobalthexamine ion in aqueous solution. An attempt 2007
Study of non catalytic oxidehydrogenation of isobutane in an integral reactor 2007
HPLC method for quantification of nizatidine and its N-desmethylrnetabolite in human plasma 2007
Chemical fluorination of organic compounds 2007
The building, refining and validation of 3D structure of the muscarinic M3 receptor obtained by homology modeling 2007
Semiclassical electronegativity and chemical hardness 2007
Synthesis and characterization of the xZnO-(1-x)alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles system 2007
Growth of anatase nanoparticles inside the mesopores of SBA-15 for photocatalytic applications 2007
Feedstock recycling from plastics and thermosets fractions of used computers. II. Pyrolysis oil upgrading 2007

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