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Structural description of the Na(2)B(4)O(7)-Na(3)AlF(6)-TiO(2) system. 2. A multinuclear NMR approach of melts and solids 2007
Structural description of the Na2B4O7-Na3AlF6-TiO2 system. 1. IR and Raman study of the solidified melts 2007
Evidence for microwave-induced recrystallization in NiZn ferrites 2007
An original approach for the dynamic simulation of a crude oil distillation plant - 2. Setting-up and testing the simulator 2007
Results of light scattering dynamics analysis of biological fluids 2007
EPR study of gamma irradiated yttrium bioactive glasses and yttrium silica sol-gel microspheres 2007
Depth Raman spectra and laser-induced structural and oxygenation changes in thick YBa2Cu3O7-delta films 2007
Vibrational spectroscopic study on iron doped silica-bismuthate glasses and glass ceramics 2007
Structural investigation of Fe2O3-B2O3-PbO-Ag2O glass system by EPR spectroscopy 2007
EPR investigation of manganese ions in B2O3-BaO glass matrix 2007
Magnetic clusters development in (100-x)[4Bi(2)O(3) (.) PbO]xGd(2)O(3) glasses 2007
Destruction of alkaline cyanides by electric discharges 2007
Giant resistances based on magnetorheological suspensions 2007
Aspects of ultrasonically assisted transesterification of various vegetable oils with methanol 2007
Hydrogenation effects in R2Fe14Si2 (R = Y, Nd, Dy and Er) offstoichiometric compounds 2007
Volatile constituents and antimicrobial activity of Tilia tomentosa Moench and Tilia cordata Miller oils 2007
Abnormal anti-Stokes Raman spectra of single walled carbon nanotubes raised from coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering and optical cooling processes 2007
Synthesis and mass spectrometric characterization of a metal-affinity decapeptide: Copper-induced conformational changes 2007
Mesoporous sol-gel silica-based nanocomposite thin films 2007
Tunneling magneto-resistance granular thin films deposited by thermo-ionic vacuum arc technique 2007
Numerical model of crude oil non-isoterm transport through pipelines 2007
Synthesis of calcium phosphate thin layers of increased biological activity by chemical growth in simulated body fluids 2007
Synthesis of benzylidene acetals of N-acetyl-N-methyl glucamine 2007
Study of a solid particle behaviour in a vertical ascending airflow 2007
Study concerning phosphate ions removal using the method of precipitation-coagulation process modelling 2007
Silatropic migration in (1-trimethylsilylindenyl) (indenyl) dimethylsilane, bis(1-trimethyl-silylindenyl)dimethylsilane and related compounds 2007
Kinetics of gas removal from steel smelts with advanced characteristics 2007
New methods to obtain carboxilic acids by oxidation reactions of polyols with metal(II) nitrates - I. Oxidation reactions of 1,2-propandiol with metal(II) nitrates 2007
Raman and photoluminescence studies on low-dimensional PbI2 particles embedded in polymer matrix 2007
New thermotropic oligomers designed for FET applications 2007
The guidance of magnetic colloids in simulated tissues for targeted drug delivery 2007
Curing and thermal properties of novolak epoxy resins 2007
Two dimensional infrared correlation spectroscopy studies of wood-plastic composites with a copolyamide as matrix 2007
Argon emission spectra change at molecular gas addition 2007
Boron evaporation and related difficulties 2007
Improvement of the wear resistance of titanium alloyed with boron nitride by electron beam irradiation 2007
Possible dual-charge-carrier mechanism of surface conduction on gamma-alumina 2007
Czochralski growth of pure and doped lead tungstate single crystals 2007
Segregation of impurities in crystal growth from solutions 2007
Method for modifying mechanical properties of carbon nano-fiber polymeric composites 2007
Phase stability and consolidation of glassy/nanostructured Al(85)Ni(9)Nd(4)Co(2) alloys 2007
Cuspal movement and microleakage in premolar teeth restored with resin-based filling materials cured using a 'soft-start' polymerisation protocol 2007
3D time-dependent numerical study of the influence of the melt flow on the interface shape in a silicon ingot casting process 2007
Influence of different types of magnetic fields on the interface shape in a 200 mm Si-EMCZ configuration 2007
A new hybrid method for the global modeling of convection in CZ crystal growth configurations 2007
Electrochemical behavior of a new s-triazine-based dendrimer 2007
Influence of transitional metal ions in adhesive systems based on lignins, furan resins and furfuryl alcohol 2007
On lignin reactions in TCF kraft pulp bleaching 2007
Sol-gel preparation and characterization of perovskite lanthanum lithium titanate 2007

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