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The mathematical model of abrasive waterjet milling process 2007
Correlations between electrochemical activity of phenothiazine derivatives modified graphite electrodes and some structural and molecular characteristics 2007
Spectrofluorimetric method to assay E vitamin in serum by extraction with hexane 2007
Studies concerning the hardening capacity of aluminum alloys through heat treatment in electromagnetic field 2007
Researches on normalizing heat treatment applied to SAW joints with TWIN-ARC 2007
Tubular composite material for hardfacing layers with protection appliance against abrasive wears 2007
Study concerning vinyl polyacetate alkoholysis in the presence of methyl acetate 2007
New polyimides based on epiclon 2007
New imide type polymers based on Epiclon 2007
Factors that influence the adherence of biovitroceramic coatings on titanium 2007
Structural morphology transformations by vacuum oven brazed joints with amorphous alloys 2007
Local thermomechanical treatment regime for friction welded joints from dissimilar nitrided-QT steels 2007
Finite element analysis of thermal stresses in circumferential cast clasps of removable partial dentures 2007
Corrosion inhibition of zinc in KOH solutions 2007
Study of the hydride morphology in the Candu reactor pressure tube modified by heat treatment 2007
Researches regarding the structural and mechanical characteristics of the C-Mn steel within the specific thermal circuits 2007
Hydrides effect on the SCC initiation on zircaloy-4 claddings 2007
XRD investigation of impact pattern on ball bearing steel samples 2007
Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of some devices for ostheosinthesis 2007
Silicon influence on corrosion properties of austenitic stainless steels 2007
Structure of composite layers reinforced with SiC particles obtained by electrochemical deposition 2007
Influence of ion nitriding process parameters on the microstructure, hardness and thermal shock behaviour of X3CrNiMo17-13-3 stainless steel 2007
NiAl oxidation and corrosion resistant coatings obtained by thermal spraying 2007
Obtaining of Ni base intermetallic alloys by solidification control 2007
Inoculating influence of re-carburizers in grey cast iron 2007
New quaternary type of Al-Sr-Ti-B master alloy for grain refining and modifying of Al-Si 2007
Studies regarding the hardness and microhardness of Al-Si alloys solidified in ultrasound field 2007
High potency late inoculation of grey cast iron 2007
Undesirable graphite morphologies incidence in inoculated grey irons 2007
Synthesis of silver free eutectic alloys for Be and Cu99.32Cr0.6Zr0.08 brazing 2007
Titanium dioxide thin film for photodegradation of methyl orange 2007
Research concerning the obtaining from industrial wastes of a cover powder used in steel continuous casting 2007
Severe plastic deformation technologies for ultra fine grained alloys 2007
Products of ethylene-propylene terpolymer rubber (EPDM) obtained by an environmentally friendly process 2007
Numerical simulation of the flame stabilization inside an aeroderivative combustor to be operated with waste bio-gas 2007
Recovery of copper powder from polluting industrial waste through lively bioleaching 2007
Compositional and processing determination over cermets' properties Al2O3-Ni with metallic admixtures 2007
Mechanical alloying of Fe30Cu70 2007
Some aspects regarding the complex alloying of the Ni3Al intermetallic compound with substitutional and interstitial elements 2007
Mechanical and technological properties of sintered Cu90Ni10 compacts 2007
Effect of carbon content and post-sintering cooling rate on mechanical properties of Fe-Ni-Cu-Mo-C high density sintered steel 2007
The elaboration of composite materials from the Cu-Al2O3 system using CuO and Al2O3 powders 2007
The separation of spherical shape powder particles from the non-spherical ones 2007
Devices for dry separation of the spherical particles from those having a non spherical shape from a metallic powder 2007
Fabrication of metal powders having spherical shape particles (an overview) 2007
On massive powder coating in ball milling 2007
Confined spatio-temporal chaos during metal electrodissolution: Simulations 2007
High-throughput liquid-chromatography method with fluorescence detection for reciprocal determination of furosemide or norfloxacin in human plasma 2007
Matrix-assisted pulsed-laser evaporation of DOPA-modified poly(ethylene glycol) thin films 2007
Chemical composition and in vitro antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of flower heads and leaves of Santolina rosmarinifolia L. from Romania 2007

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