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Analysis of power loss in vanadium doped nickel-zinc ferrites 2007
Thin ferrite films deposited by PLD on silicon substrate 2007
Synthesis and magnetic properties of Fe-Ni and Cu-Ni composite coatings 2007
The additions effect on the microstructure and magnetic properties of [NdFeB/M]x n thin films 2007
Influence of statistical interactions on the Delta H method 2007
EPR investigation of Fe2O3-B2O3-PbO-Ag2O glass system 2007
Fluidized bed device for plastic granules triboelectrification 2007
Ruthenium-vinylidene complexes: An efficient class of homogeneous metathesis catalysts 2007
Synthesis of new elastomers with controlled structures based on alkylene oxides, grafted by ROMP 2007
Eudragit (R) microparticles as a possible tool for ophthalmic administration of acyclovir 2007
Absorption with chemical reaction: evaluation of rate promoters effect on CO(2) absorption in hot potassium carbonate solutions 2007
Steam CHPP site level optimal integration into a refinery/petrochemical plant 2007
Methodology and software for prediction of cogeneration steam turbines performances 2007
Risk assessment of the respiratory health effects due to air pollution and meteorological factors in a population from Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania 2007
Risk of Gaseous Release Assessment Based on Artificial Intelligence Methods 2007
An agent-based model for water quality control 2007
Environmental Impact Assessment of the Vegetable Cultivations using the Pimentel-Euleistein Model. Case Study Arges Lower Watershed 2007
Topological impact of regeneration unit constraints upon water and wastewater network 2007
Comparison of reverse flow and counter-current reactors in case of selective catalytic reduction of NOx 2007
Process Water Management with Regeneration and Recycle 2007
Recycled liquid membranes use for oxalic acid recovery. Mathematical model and functional optimization 2007
Dynamics of Reactive Distillation Processes with Potential Liquid Phase Splitting 2007
Modelling and parameter estimation for transport processes in zeolite membranes 2007
Modelling of acetic acid biosynthesis at low acid concentration 2007
On the mechanism of Dichlorvos hydrolysis 2007
The self-association of bleomycin - a chemical basis for superior pharmacokinetics 2007
Simultaneous determination of chlorotetracycline and benzocaine in bolus by chemometric methods 2007
Study of the distribution and shape of the pores in silica porcelain 2007
Supramolecular dendritic pi-conjugated systems: Synthesis of glycinylurea functionalized pi-conjugated diphenylanthracene guests and their complexation with dendritic hosts. Part I 2007
Nucleation of crystals in undercooled molten aluminium 2007
In vitro cytotoxicity assessment of second-generation photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy 2007
A novel antioxidant phenyl disaccharide from Populus tremula knotwood 2007
On the bending equations for elastic plates with voids 2007
Propagation of attenuated waves along an edge of a cubic crystal subject to initial electro-mechanical fields 2007
Local order changes induced in calcium-sodium-phosphate glasses by transition metals 2007
Spin-crossover in cobalt(II) imine complexes 2007
Influence of plasma treatments on the hemocompatibility of PET and PET+TiO2 films 2007
Electrochemical behavior of carbon paste electrodes modified with methylene green immobilized on two different X type zeolites 2007
Carboxymethyl cellulose grafted poly(n-isopropylacrylamide) II. Influence of temperature and pH on the solution behaviour 2007
On the interaction of lignins, furan resins and furfuryl alcohol in adhesive systems 2007
Effect of non-associated electrolyte solutions on the behaviour of poly(vinyl alcohol)-based hydrogels 2007
Three-dimensional dilute Bose liquid at finite temperature: a Renormalization Group approach 2007
Magnetic nanoparticles and concentrated magnetic nanofluids: Synthesis, properties and some applications 2007
An original approach for the dynamic simulation of a crude oil distillation plant - I. Building-up a full-scale mathematical model 2007
QSAR studies regarding the inhibition of the carbonic anhydrase by the sulfonamides containing a picolinoyl group 2007
Supported oxides as combustion catalysts and as humidity sensors. Tuning the surface behavior by inter-phase charge transfer 2007
Synthesis and properties of new polyamides based on a hydroxyethyl cinnamide extended from 3,5-diaminobenzoic acid 2007
Optical spectroscopy of inorganic-organic host-guest nanocrystals organized as oriented monolayers 2007
Neural network based predictions for the liquid crystal properties of organic compounds 2007
Production of active lysozyme films by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation at 355 nm 2007

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