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Effect of radioactive and non-radioactive mercury on wheat germination and the anti-toxic role of glutathione 2007
Helical distortion of N-phenacyl-1,10-phenanthrolinium bromide 2007
Effects of natural environmental factors on delta C-13 of lichens 2007
The partition behavior of Zn(II) using halide ions extractants in aqueous peg-based two-phase systems 2007
Removal of mercury(II) ions from aqueous solutions by the polyacrylamidoxime chelating fiber 2007
Selective separation of cinnamic and p-methoxycinnamic acids by facilitated pertraction 2007
Comparative study on reactive extraction of nicotinic acid with amberlite LA-2 and D2EHPA 2007
As(V) recovering-separation from aqueous systems by DAF technique 2007
Kinetics aspects in the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose allomorphs 2007
Thermal and FT-IR study of the hybrid ethylene-glycol-silica matrix 2007
Salicylate determination in human plasma by ISEs incorporating Mn(III)-porphyrine and Zn(II)-dipyrromethene 2007
Stopped-flow installation for the study of rapid reactions kinetics in solutions. Reaction between Cu2+ and S2O3 2007
Protein binding to gold colloids 2007
Chemiluminescence in ozone detection. II. Reaction of ozone with halogenated organic compounds 2007
Protein binding to gold auto-assembled films 2007
Synthesis of some pink malayaite pigments and study of their behavior in ceramic glazes 2007
Validation of a HPLC method for atenolol determination in human plasma 2007
Bis(3-halogeno alpha 5-diMethyl salycilaldehyde)ethylenediamine copper (II) complexes - Synthesis and characterization 2007
Structure-properties correlation of some vitreous systems that reproduce ancient glasses 2007
Effect of ultrasounds irradiation on the electrolytic growth of nanocrystalline Ni films 2007
Recovery of electrosettling waste for glass coloring 2007
Particular aspects of oxide powders synthesis using unconventional methods 2007
Additives influence upon microstructure of ceramic products from Al2O3-ZrSiO4 2007
High performance composite cements pozzolana or pozzolana and blast-furnace slag Portland cements for durable concretes 2007
Composite cements with addition of fly ash, designed for grouting fluids 2007
Ecological and economical, high performance hydraulic binder 2007
The evaluation of the radioactivity of the fly ash used in obtaining composite cement 2007
High final strength hydraulic binders. Portland cements 2007
Modern materials with antimicrobial properties for construction finishing 2007
Structural and dielectric investigations of donor-acceptor substituted PZT ceramics 2007
Sintering behavior of hard-soft PZT-Type composite ceramics 2007
Evaluation of the accuracy in determining the mechanical quality factor for piezoceramic resonators 2007
Pure and doped lanthanum cobaltites obtained by combustion method 2007
Preparation and characterization of BiFeO3 ceramic 2007
Lanthanum-based perovskites obtained in molten nitrates or nitrites 2007
Barium strontium titanate-based perovskite materials for microwave applications 2007
Accelerate ageing of PZT-type ceramics 2007
Numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes using a new yield criterion 2007
Monocomponent powders and thin films in the binary system SiO2TiO2 2007
The behavior of SiC films fabricated by hybrid laser-magnetron deposition after immersion 2007
The behaviour of electrochemical deposition of phosphate coating on CoCr bio alloys 2007
The bevavior of ceramic coating on titanium using chemical and electrochemical deposition 2007
The influence of formulation factors on the kinetic release of metoprolol tartrate from prolong release coated minitablets 2007
Prediction of the lipophilicity of some plant growth stimulators by RP-TLC and relationship between slope and intercept of TLC equations 2007
Retention phenomena induced by large volume injection of solvents non-miscible with the mobile phase in reversed-phase liquid chromatography 2007
Considerations on MS/MS detection of Bromazepam after liquid chromatographic separation from plasma samples: application to a bioequivalence study 2007
Thin layer chromatography for the analysis of vitamins and their derivatives 2007
Structure-retention correlation in liquid chromatography for pharmaceutical applications 2007
Crystal structure of triphenyltin(IV) diphenyldithiophosphinate 2007
Synthesis of polyvinylacetate-sodium montmorillonite hybrids by emulsion polymerization in the presence of anionic surfactants 2007

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