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Piperazinyl-modified polysiloxanes and their Cu(II) complexes 2007
Photoinduced optical anisotropy in new polymers containing azobenzene side groups 2007
Stress intensity factors for an interface kinked crack in a bi-material plate loaded normal to the interface 2007
Structure of effective catalyst layers around bubbles in a fluidized catalyst bed 2007
Spatial decay estimates for the biharmonic equation in plane polars with applications to plane elasticity 2007
Catalysis in ionic liquids 2007
Functionalization of silicon tips with HSA for molecular swelling AFM measurements 2007
Morphological, chemical and permeation characteristics of plasma modified polymeric track membranes 2007
Field-assisted-sintering of MgB2 superconductor doped with SiC and B4C 2007
Nanocrystalline iron based-alloys 2007
Synthesis of Bi(Pb)-2223 from two different precursors with the same stoichiometry 2007
Magneto resistive sensors based on AMR and GMR effects for biomedical applications 2007
Porphyrin encapsulation in nanostructured hydrogels 2007
IR and thermal studies of iron oxide nanoparticles in a bioceramic matrix 2007
Characterisation of magnetic iron oxide in hydroxyapatite 2007
New aspects of the contribution of primary defects of silicon to long-time degradation of detectors operating in high fields of radiation 2007
Algorithm for angular correction of images in scanning LIF 2007
Use of multi-temporal and multispectral satellite data for urban change detection analysis 2007
Non-isothermal dehydration kinetics of acrylic ion-exchange resins 2007
Study of stability and selectivity of 1 : 1 complexes formed by Ag+Pb2+,Cu2+ cations with two Schiff-base bibracchial lariat ethers, derived from 4,13-diaza-crown-6 2007
Synthesis and spectral characterization of some unsymmetrically-substituted mesoporphyrinic compounds 2007
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy studies of titanium and stainless steel in biological media 2007
Electrochemical aspects of some alloys behaviour in alkaline media with and without sodium chloride I. Corrosion resistance 2007
Supramolecular dendritic pi-conjugated systems II. Synthesis of glycinylurea functionalized pi-conjugated diphenylanthracene guests and their complexation with dendritic hosts 2007
Simulation of transport processes of antibiotics 2007
Studies concerning fungal residual biomass use for the removal of heavy metals from the residual waters 2007
Epichlorhydrin esterification with acetic acid over anion exchange resins 2007
Influence of urban residual deposits upon subsurface waters 2 2007
Isoflavones-biochemistry, pharmacology and therapeutic use 2007
A study on the inhibition of carbon steel corrosion in an 1M HC1 solution by using ammonium polymolibdate (APM) 2007
Basic discretisation techniques used in cyclic voltammetry numerical simulations. Comparisons and practical aspects 2007
QSAR modelling of anti-HIV activity with HEPT derivatives 2007
Copper sulfides obtained by spray pyrolysis - Possible absorbers in solid-state solar cells 2007
The influence of the precursor concentration on CuSbS2 thin films deposited from aqueous solutions 2007
Structural studies on some doped CdS thin films deposited by thermal evaporation 2007
Photoluminescence studies of CdTe films and junctions 2007
Deformation behavior of a Ti66Cu8Ni4.8Sn7.2Nb14 nanostructured composite containing ductile dendrites 2007
High-energy ball-milling synthesis and densification of Fe-Co alloy nanopowders by field-activated sintering (FAST) 2007
Mechanical alloying of Ni3Fe in the presence of Ni3Fe nanocrystalline germs 2007
Nanoporous silicon matrix used as biomaterial 2007
Structural properties of some transition metal highly doped carbon aerogels 2007
A microarray strategy for mapping the substrate specificity of protein tyrosine phosphatase 2007
Influence of mixed solvents and temperature on the solution properties of quaternized polysulfones 2007
Azulene-substituted pyridines and pyridinium salts. Synthesis and structure. 2. Azulene-substituted pyridinium salts 2007
Recovery of new inulin esters as biodegradable compounds 2007
Exact relationships in phenomenological analysis of rheodynamic relaxation/retardation processes in linear viscoelasticity of polymer systems - II.2. Secondary characteristic quantities in the case of stress - Controlled processes 2007
Thermoplastic composites with cellulose microfibrilis obtained through mechanical treatment 2007
Biodegradable compounds from regenerable resources for packings 2007
Aspects concerning polymers behaviour under tension 2007
Study of the cooling time for the injection of the plastic materials 2007

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