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Synthesis and physical-chemical study of two sandwich-type heteropolyoxometalates with dinuclear vanadium clusters 2007
NiAl behavior at plasma spray deposition 2007
Ni3Al-Fe-Cr alloy processed by combined mechanical alloying - Reactive synthesis 2007
Sintered structural Cu-Ni-Mo-C low alloyed steels with small niobium additions 2007
Polymers doped with metal oxide nanoparticles with controlled refractive index 2007
Siloxane-azoaromatic polyesters as potential complex dye systems 2007
Self-assembly of functional polymers. A viscometric study 2007
Influence of poly(ethylene oxide) on the aggregation and gelation of laponite dispersions in water 2007
Ceria-based oxides as supports for LaCoO3 perovskite; catalysts for total oxidation of VOC 2007
Comparative results of kinetic data obtained with different methods for complex decomposition steps 2007
Kinetic of decomposition of some complexes under non-isothermal conditions 2007
Preparation of hydrazonates from orthoesters and phenylhydrazine 2007
Theoretical determination of the ablation rate of metals in multiple-nano second laser pulses irradiation regime 2007
The influence of the deposition condition on crystal growth and on the band gap of CuSbS2 thin film absorber used for Solid State Solar Cells (SSSC) 2007
Lithium deposition on high energy irradiated LiF crystals 2007
Investigation of the growth process of organic/inorganic doped aromatic derivates crystals 2007
Defects induced by ionizing radiations in A(II)-B-VI pollycrystalline thin films used as solar cell materials 2007
Preparation and magnetic properties of Fe-Ni and Cu-Ni composite coatings 2007
Preparation and magnetic properties of Co and Ni nanowire arrays 2007
Preparation of metallic nanowires with magnetic properties using the template method 2007
Density functional study of aromatic ring oxygenation by Rieske dioxygenase active sites. 2. Energetics of the proposed reaction mechanisms 2007
Spectrophotometric studies of Diazepam beta-cyclodextrin complex formation 2007
Supramolecular organization and nano structuration of collagen and anti cancer drugs 2007
Removal of nitroderivates from synthetic wastewaters by electrochemical reduction 2007
Electroplating wastewater treatment using a Romanian bentonite 2007
Kinetic study of calcination for precipitate calcium carbonate 2007
Adhesive influence modeling on double-lap joints assemblies 2007
Microwave-assisted synthesis and electrochemical behaviour of phenothiazine-formaldehyde polymer derivative 2007
Secondary interactions in heteroallenic systems with P = C-E units 2007
Electronic properties of chalcones containing phenothiazine units 2007
Kinetics and oxidation mechanism of lactic and malic acids by permanganate in acidic media 2007
The formylation of bis-(N-alkyl-phenothiazinyl)-methane; A theoretical approach 2007
Photoactive binaphthyl phenothiazine derivatives 2007
Mass spectra of the new hydrazido-hydrazones obtained by the condensation of the izonicotinic acid hydrazide (HIN) with citral, (+)-carvone and beta-Ionone 2007
Amino acids binding to gold nanoparticles 2007
New group 2 metal salts of monodeprotonated (3H-2-thioxo-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl) thioacetic acid. Synthesis and vibrational characterization 2007
Pd(0)-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions in the synthesis of (7E, 9Z)-7,9-dodecadienyl acetate, the sex pheromone of the leaf roller moth (Lobesia botrana) 2007
Calix[n]arene derivatives with binding properties toward Eu(3+) 2007
Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of metal complexes with an azo-dye as ligand 2007
Spectroscopic and atomic force microscopy study of a new hemicyanine dye 2007
New copper(I) and copper(II) tetraorganodichalcogenoimidodiphosphinates. Crystal and molecular structure of the first monothioimidodiphosphinato copper(I) complex, Cu-4[(OPMe2)(SPPh2)N](4)center dot 6CH(2)Cl(2) 2007
Investigation of micellar properties of anionic surfactants with the aid of PVC-membrane dodecyl sulfate electrode 2007
Synthesis and stereochemistry of some new 2,4,8,10-tetraoxaspiro [5.5]undecane derivatives 2007
Design of hybrid nanomaterials based on silica-porphyrin. AFM characterization 2007
SPR imaging antimucin-mucin bioaffinity based biosensor as label-free tool for early cancer diagnosis. Design and detection principle 2007
Kinetic studies of the crystallization process of glass-ceramics based on basalt 2007
Kinetic study of the crystallization processes of some decorative ceramic glazes 2007
Kinetics of non-isothermal crystallization of some glass-ceramics based on basalt 2007
Evaluation of cobalt hexacyanoferrate modified carbon film electrodes for electrochemical glucose biosensors 2007

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