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A 2D coordination polymer with canted ferromagnetism constructed from ferromagnetic [(NiCoII)-Co-II] nodes 2008
Thermogravimetric analysis of layered double hydroxides with chloramphenicol and salicylate in the interlayer space 2008
Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous ZnS with narrow size distribution of small pores 2008
Single-phase MnFe2O4 powders obtained by the polymerized complex method 2008
Hf-O-N and HfO2 barrier layers for Hf-Ti-O gate dielectric thin films 2008
Free base porphyrins as ionophores for heavy metal sensors 2008
New [4.4]cyclophanes: Molecular parallelograms, triangles, rhombuses, pentagons, and supramolecular constructions 2008
Poly(thiophenes) derivatized with linear and macrocyclic polyethers: from cation detection to molecular actuation 2008
Modelling the property of compounds from structure: statistical methods for models validation 2008
The Effect of Berries Extract Addition on the Phenolic Content and on the Colour of Rose and White Wines 2008
Oxidative Stress Simulation on Chlorophyll a Lipid Model Membranes - Chemiluminescent Studies 2008
Surfactants Analysis from Natural Waters Using Nonfaradaic Processes 2008
Composite Cements containing Limestone and Slags 2008
Use of Molecular Spectroscopy FT-IR and UV-VIS-NIR for Characterization of Pictorial Layers of Artworks 2008
Authentication of the Ancient Easel-paintings through Materials Identification from the Polychrome Layers III. Cross - section Analysis and Staining Test 2008
Effect of Chlorine Substitute on Phenols Electrooxidation Studied by Cyclic Voltammetry 2008
Electrochemical Characterization of Some Copper Based Dental Materials in Accelerated Test Solutions 2008
Physico-chemical and Molecular Analysis of Antitumoral Pentacyclic Triterpenes in Complexation with Gamma-cyclodextrin 2008
The Effect of Aluminium on Bone Mineralization - changes in Some Trace Elements and Macroelements 2008
Experimental and Mathematical Study of the Aggregation of a Green Trisazo Direct Dye 2008
Degradation of p-Chlorophenol by Advanced Oxidation Processes 2008
Branescu, Stefan Valentin 2008
Influence of Temperature and Water Content on the Viscosity of some Oil Types 2008
Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a New Type of Filled Columns. I. Presure drop 2008
Electrochemical Researches About Influence of the Aditives of Watts's Solutions on Throwing Power and Brightness 2008
New Heteropolyoxotungstates and Heteropolyoxomolybdates Containing Radioactive Ions (uranyl and thorium) in their Structure 2008
Pilot Plant for Testing Control Configurations of Binary Distillation Columns 2008
A Theoretical Approach of the Electrical Conductance in Nanostructures 2008
Spectral Studies on Pt(II) and Pd(II) Complexes with N-benzoyl-N '-aryl Thiourea derivatives 2008
Evaluation of the Heavy Metals Content in Soil Around a Thermal Station 2008
Influence of yttrium and gadolinium additions on thermal and structural behavior of Cu-Zr bulk metallic glasses 2008
Preparation of core-shell nanospheres of silica-silver: SiO(2)@Ag 2008
Weak intermolecular bonding in N,N'-dimethylethyleneurea dimers and N,N'-dimethylethyleneurea-water systems: The role of the dispersion effects in intermolecular interaction 2008
Enhancement of Oxide VLS Growth by Carbon on Substrate Surface 2008
Dynamic fracture toughness of polyurethane foam 2008
Influence of yttrium additions on structural behaviour of Cu(50)Zr(50-x)Y(x) metallic glasses (x=5, 10, 15, 20, 25) 2008
Effect of Variable Viscosity on Free Convection Flow in a Horizontal Porous Channel with a Partly Heated or Cooled Wall 2008
Diesel Biofuels - Preparation, Characterization and Testing 2008
Effect of the introduction of vanadium pentaoxide in phospho-tellurite glasses containing gadolinium ions 2008
New Substituted Indolizines by 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions III. 7-Acetyl-indolizines 2008
Modern Techniques in the Direction of the Global Heat Treatments Applied to Largest Devices 2008
Geographic power engineering for electric power companies 2008
Investigation of copper(II) - Thiosulfate reaction kinetics 2007
The interior Neumann problem for the Stokes resolvent system in a bounded domain in R-n 2007
Comparison between Schottky diodes with oxide ramp termination on silicon carbide and diamond 2007
Microstructure and strain distribution influence on failure properties in eutectic AlNi, AlFe alloys 2007
Accurate photopyroelectric calorimetry applied to isotopic liquid mixtures 2007

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