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New solid state-NMR techniques for investigating structure and dynamics in soft solids and biomaterials 2008
Tuning the plasmon resonances of gold nanoparticles by controlling their size and shape 2008
In Vitro biosynthesis of gold nanotriangles for Surface-Enhanced Raman spectroscopy 2008
Cysteine mediated assembly of gold nanoparticles 2008
Self-assembly characteristics of gold nanoparticles in the presence of arginine 2008
Designing the colour of photonic crystals for sensors applications 2008
Thiocyanate and fluoride electrochemical sensors based on nanostructurated metalloporphyrin systems 2008
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from liquid hydrocarbons using a spray-pyrolysis method 2008
High crystallinity multi wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by inductive heating CCVD 2008
Effect of the introduction of gadolinium ions in Boro-tellurite glasses 2008
Polypyrrole - porous silicon nanocomposites 2008
Revealing nanoscale structural TEM/HRTEM. Application on ferroelectric ordering by PMN-PT relaxor ferroelectric 2008
Spectral investigations on niobium and rare earth activated yttrium tantalate powders 2008
Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of highly disperse zinc sulphide powders 2008
Synthesis and physical-chemical study of sandwich-type heteropolyoxometalate with dinuclear vanadium clusters 2008
Structural investigations of some transitional metals with hystidine as ligand 2008
Melt growth of pure and Mn(2+)-doped KPb(2)Cl(5) single crystals 2008
On the sensing gas properties of titanium dioxide films 2008
Compositionally induced ferroelectric-relaxor crossover in Ba(Zr,Ti)O-3 ceramics 2008
Dielectric properties of the (1-x)BiFeO(3)-xBaTiO(3) multiferroic ceramics 2008
Laser - BNSiO2 Ceramics Interaction: simulation of the energy deposition on dielectric wall surfaces in Hall thrusters 2008
The effect of the additives and sintering temperature on the structure and humidity sensitivity of a spinel ferrite 2008
Gas sensing properties of samarium substituted lithium ferrite 2008
Effect of nitrogen addition on morphology and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co-Ni granular films 2008
ZnO Thin Films for Cantilever Coatings: Structural and Mechanical Properties, Observations of Photoplastic Effect 2008
Effect of deposition temperature and radiofrequency discharge power on mecanical properties of nitrogenated amorphous carbon 2008
On the electronic transport properties of some new esters of n-(p-nitrobenzoyl)-d,l-phenylalanine in thin films 2008
EPR and magnetic behaviour of some borate glasses containing DY2O3 2008
FTIR spectroscopic study of Gd2O3-Bi2O3-B2O3 glasses 2008
Characteristic properties of manganese doped aluminum nitride films grown by pulsed laser deposition 2008
Spring-block type models for crack propagation in glass plates 2008
Numerical simulation for the current density of p-n like-type solar cells 2008
Internal reflection influence on the multiple quantum well solar cell efficiency 2008
A novel kinetic Monte Carlo method for epitaxial growth 2008
Synchronization of multi-mode pulse coupled stochastic oscillators 2008
Beyond the icosahedron: A density functional theory study of 14-atom germanium clusters 2008
Kinetic studies for the esterification of acetic acid with epichlorohydrin over an anion exchange resin catalyst 2008
The Role of Degreased Vitis Vinifera Seeds on the Oxidation of Coffee Lipids 2008
Corrosion Process of Incoloy-800 in High Pressure and Temperature Aqueous Environment 2008
Systematic Studies Regarding the Introduction of a New Product in the Flow of Drinking Water of an Atypical Surface Source 2008
GIS-based Surface Water Monitoring System and Modelling for Conservative and Reactive Pollutants, Applied on the Upper Basin of Olt River 2008
Physico-chemical and Bacteriological Characterization of the Soil Types from Various Altitudinal Vegetation Zones in Parang Mountains 2008
Multisensor for Clinical Analysis with Impact on Public Health Evaluation 2008
The Influence of the Inorganic Species on Oxidative Degradation of 4-chlorophenol by Photo-Fenton Type Process 2008
Effect of Berries Extracts on the Oxidative Stability of Silybum marianum Oil and its 20% Oil-in-water Emulsion 2008
The Investigation of the Neopluramycin - DNA System by UV-visible Spectroscopy 2008
Synthesis and Characterization of Some Phthalic Acid Derivatives Precursors for Phthalocyanine Chromogens 2008
Determining the Concentration of Some Heavy Metals in Olt River. The Impact of the Heavy Metals from the Waste Waters from Rm. Valcea Chemical Plant over Natural Emissary River Olt 2008

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