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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Evaluation of some non-toxic thiadiazole derivatives as bronze corrosion inhibitors in aqueous solution 2008
Modelling the removal of mercaptans from liquid hydrocarbon streams in structured packing columns 2008
Influence of chemical structure of the repeating unit on physical properties of aromatic polymers containing phenylquinoxaline rings 2008
Research Concerning Formation, Characterization and Recovery of Lignin Polymeric Deposits in order to Get Some Lignin-phenol-formaldehyde Resins 2008
Chemically Modified Polysulphones with (N-phenacyl and N-alckylacetate)-4,4 '-Bipyridinium Bromide Derivatives as Pendent Groups 2008
Poly(amidehydroxyurethane) Templated Fe(3)O(4) and Ag Nanoparticles Galvanostatic Assay Synthesis 2008
Poly (maleic anhydride-alt-vinyl acetate) Conjugates with Alkylating Agents: II. Organotropic Effects and Antitumoral Activity 2008
Study Concerning Some Elasticity Characteristics Determination of Composite Bars 2008
Dielectric Properties of Gamma Irradiated PP/TiO(2) Nanocomposites 2008
Researches of High Frequency Welding Process Validation for Same Polymers 2008
Determination of New Equations for Torque when Drilling in Polimeric Materials 2008
Pedological stratification effect of corrosion and contamination products on Byzantine bronze artefacts 2008
Spectral Absorption of Unpolarized Light Through Nano-Materials in the Absence of a Magnetic Field 2008
Synthesis and antimalarial activity of new amino analogues of amodiaquine 2008
Micro-raman spectroscopic investigation of external wall paintings from St. Dumitru's Church, Suceava, Romania 2008
Attenuated total reflection micro FTIR characterisation of pigment-binder interaction in reconstructed paint films 2008
New alkoxo-bridged mixed-valence cobalt clusters: Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties 2008
The interaction between the spin transition and a crystallographic phase transition in the spin-crossover compound [Fe(bbtr)(3)](ClO(4))(2): Nucleation, formation of domains and fluctuations 2008
Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic ordering in the Gd(3)Fe(5)O(12) Ising ferrite with garnet structure 2008
Magnetically induced Freedericksz transition and relaxation phenomena in nematic liquid crystals doped with azo-dyes 2008
Effect of large volume injection of hydrophobic solvents on the retention of less hydrophobic pharmaceutical solutes in RP-LC 2008
Magnetic nanoparticles impact on tumoral cells in the treatment by magnetic fluid hyperthermia 2008
Separation of U(IV) and U(VI) species by means of ion-exchange resins of the DGA-, TEVA- and UTEVA-type 2008
Radon concentration levels in dry CO2 emanations from Harghita Bai, Romania, used for curative purposes 2008
Investigation of nitrogen-doped TiO(2) thin films grown by reactive pulsed laser deposition 2008
Investigation of Neolithic ceramic pigments using synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction 2008
Interface-stabilized phases of metal-on-oxide nanodots 2008
One-step preparation and surface activation of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for bio-medical applications 2008
New reinforcing technique of alumina coatings on steel substrates 2008
Laser cleaning of 18-th century parchment polychrome inscriptions 2008
The antioxidative activity of riboflavin in the presence of antipyrin. Spectroscopic studies 2008
Synthesis of metal-containing polymers via ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP). Part II: Polymers containing transition metals 2008
Hybrid metal (gold)-inorganic (silica) nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, and spin-labeling 2008
A fluorescence approach of the gamma radiation effects on gramicidin A inserted in liposomes 2008
Removal of azo dyes from aqueous solution by coagulation/flocculation with strong polycations 2008
Fabrication of 3D metallic micro/nanostructures by two-photon absorption 2008
Time dependent diffusion in partially filled porous glases 2008
Nanostructured isotactic polypropylene-TiO2 systems 2008
Magnetic behaviour of europium ions in bismuth-borate glass matrix 2008
Semiconductor photoelectrodes for solar of splitting water 2008
Thermal decomposition study by DTA-TG-MS of cerium[III] acetylacetonate used as ceria thin film precursor 2008
Preparation and characterisation of TiO2 thin films with special optical properties 2008
Comparative study of hybrid nanostructures of polymer-magnetic nanoparticles 2008
Preparation and structural characterization by XRD and XAS of the supported gold catalysts 2008
Study of porphyrin cromophores as sensibilisators for photovoltaic solar cell 2008
Preparation by dip coating method and characterisation of WO3 thin films 2008
Synthesis and characterization of new functionalised pyrrole copolymers 2008
New electrode materials based on functionalized polypyrrole 2008

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